• BJP Ideology and Future of Scientific Enterprise in India

    The Bharatiya Janata Party and its leaders, who are currently ruling and dictating the direction of scientific research and development, putting things in the reverse gear.

  • WHO KILLED ANKIT SAXENA — a new pattern of Hindutva terror?

    Was Ankit linked with Bajrang Dal? Perhaps, not directly--but Deepak, Ankit's friend, is known as a Bajrang Dal member. Locals say Deepak even has a case registered against him--but this could not be verified as the Police Station refused to co-op...

  • India too needs a ministry of loneliness

    Now that UK has appointed the country’s first ever ‘Minister for Loneliness’, I’m certain the political lot here will be thinking in terms of setting up a ministry along the same lines.

  • Indian Vs Pakistani chhole-bhatoore

    Recently, a Pakistani Urdu daily carried a light-hearted article written by a culinary expert, who loves to gorge on Indian delicacies. He wrote that one gets to relish the tastiest chhole-bhatoore in Pakistan, esp. in Sahiwal (southern Punjab,...

  • Reflecting On Rahul Gandhi And Cow Belt – With Eyes Closed

    The new Congress President, Rahul Gandhi in his new Hindu avatar, swam into my ken, wearing an unconvincing janaeu over his jacket and temple hopping with frenetic frequency.

  • Dr King Jr. was indebted to India's philosophy of nonviolence

    A day after Dr Martin Luther King Jr's assassination on April 4, 1968 in Memphis, US, a team of doctors and sleuths of FBI found a piece of paper in his wallet. Inscribed on that piece of paper were two quotes. One of Gautam Buddha and...

  • India: Right-Wing political goons on the prowl everywhere

    The fact is that fascist forces are worried and apprehensive: What if Rahul, Akhilesh, Tejashvi, Hardik, Alpesh, Jignesh, Chandrashekar and other budding leaders come together.

  • Will Urdu be exiled from India?

    Recently, Urdu poet Gauhar Raza wrote an article in a premier English daily. He ruefully mentioned in the article how on Delhi metro, a man was harassed because he was carrying an Urdu book! A year ago, in Delhi, a few young artists were forcib...

  • India: Muslims are unsafe under BJP rule

    What good is this commission for the Muslims and also for the other minority communities of this country? The majority of its members were seemingly handpicked by the BJP-RSS.

  • Leaving behind a rather turbulent year

    The year passing by has heaped much pain on us, on our nerves, on all our sensitivities. A rather turbulent year. News reports of killings, violence, torture, rapes, molestations and injustices have been on …an ongoing feature.

  • The last week of the year is the time of introspection

    Someone aptly said that the last week of the year, beginning from December 25 to December 31, is a time of deep introspection and assessment of how the year has been thus far, rather than indulge in mindless revelry and merriment. Agreed, looki...

  • Gujarat: Sonia Gandhi’s political gamble!

    Gujarat assembly elections have delivered nothing short of a political bombshell to the party in power and key leaders. Of course, BJP was not prepared for such a fight.

  • Mother of All Paradoxes: Muslims Indispensable For The Hindutva Project

    Even token visits to Muslim enclaves in the walled city or Juhapura were taboo for Rahul. The trick obviously worked. It drove the Hindutva think tank to distraction. They began to invent dark conspiracies with Pakistan.

  • India under Hindutva: there is light at the end of the tunnel

    Even as we sit dissecting the actual losers or winners in the Gujarat elections, few aspects hit. For one, the 2002 pogrom stood so very dimmed as though in these fifteen years we seem to have forgotten those killings and rapes...

  • Exit Polls: The Blaze of Superstition

    Even if Congress wins in Gujarat it will not make a difference to the ongoing nexus of neo-liberalism and communalism. The chief minister will not be able to get along with RSS-BJP. See Nitish Kumar in Bihar.

  • Jerusalem: A moment of reckoning

    A summit is the top of a mountain. In diplomacy, a summit is a meeting of the top persons of countries–presidents, kings or, at the minimum, prime ministers. At the extraordinary session of Organisations of Islamic Conference (OIC) in Ist...

  • Modi, why did you kill our boys?: Gujarat poll survey

    This time it is going to be different. Modi has messed up big-time. He is going to be punished. The survey below was built by talking to more than 10,000 respondents. I posted the first, 'guerrilla opinion poll' in October 2017.  ...

  • Finding positivity around December 6 Anniversary

    Secular Indians have displayed no inhibitions in thousands gathering with anti-communal posters, banners and other signs in different parts of the country. They have used Facebook, WhatsApp and other means to spread their messages.

  • Left, Right, Centre? Or Does AAP Defy Simple Definitions?

    I probably move in the wrong circles, because nobody I know has a good word for the Aam Aadmi Party. You mention AAP and they begin to whine. This is not the response I get from neighbourhood drivers, other workers and their friends. There is a...

  • Hadiya: no one has the right to separate a married couple

    Imagine, in this day and age, an educated adult woman is pleading to be united with the love of her life - her husband. Why do we have to punish her! Why? Simply because she fell in love with a Musalman?