• Wither Our Indian Muslim Leadership?

    Why were Muslims directed in Bijnor to vote enbloc for a candidate, who had at least eleven cases, pending against him in court — including cases of murder, rape and of involvement in riots.

  • Misleading Appeals — General Election 2014

    Some Muslim-looking 'leaders' have appealed, particularly to the Muslims, to come out of the vote bank era and to vote for Modi. Such misleading appeals will hardly affect a single secular-justice-loving voter.

  • Ministers Spend Most of 'their' Money Here During Elections!

    While a party may whine about lack of funds to build damaged roads or implement an approved scheme, it won’t shy away from being a money-spinner during these election campaigns.

  • Why I want to watch 'Shahid'?

    What I've gathered from my dispassionate friends, who've watched the movie, is that one ebullient lawyer Shahid Azmi (it's a true story) fights tooth and nail for Muslim youngsters, branded as terrorists, and gets them acquitted in many cases. He ...

  • Murderous Egyptian Bonapartes Pampered by Hypocrite Mentors

    It would be massacre and a bloodbath by any name, in any lexicon. Egypt’s besotted, power-drunk and murderous generals are on a relentless rampage. But the outside world is witnessing the orgy of bloodletting like mute spectators. Not onl...

  • Eid Mubarak

    Finally, our actions must make // Our wishes horses, so we ride // To embrace every one’s human need; // Let that be the gift of this year’s Eid.

  • Yet Another Scam

    By Yogesh Atal It did not surprise me a bit to know from the media about the bribe offered by a senior railway employee to earn a high position in the Railway Board. To be sure, this cannot be the first instance of its kind; and I fail to ...

  • Who sabotaged Shamshad Begum’s career?

    The death of Shamshad Begum saddened those who can relate to film music’s golden era. Her death also makes one wonder as to how far she could have gone had she enjoyed a smooth career sans the overwhelming interference of Mangeshkar siste...

  • Kill merchants of Sex before killing the rapists

    By Javed Jamil   In the wake of the Delhi gang rape case, I had written several articles stressing the need for uprooting the real cause of the rise in all sex-related threats including dangers to health and security of human beings. B...

  • No Muslim Lyricists Worth Mentioning?

    How can one be so biased and anti-Muslim? Even those who condemn Muslims will have to hail the contributions of Muslim lyricists.

  • Execution of Kasab: Expression of our frivolity

    Why can't we be more humane? The way people are rejoicing and expressing their joy, one wonders as to whether we're really civilised?

  • Some Thoughts on the Syed Kazmi Case

    Any Indian can be a victim of the high-handedness of the 'forces of law and order': but it has become clear, from the fact that people from minority groups such as Muslims and tribals are singled out and form the overwhelming bulk of those detaine...

  • Muslims & Rumours on Social Media

    At a time when our credibility and integrity are under attack from left, right and centre, we need to exercise greater caution. You can see people questioning our intelligence, mocking at us for being fooled by handful of fake images that are bein...

  • Let's say Assalamu Alaikum, Muslim India!

    In one word, the object [of Muslim India] was to compile a record for the next generation of the events and happenings of the last quarter of the 20th century.

  • Why the West hates Muhammad?

    The problem is not just the film. The problem is the hypocrisy and dual standards of the western world, especially America. They want others to observe limits but they themselves reserve the right to cross all limits.

  • Sanjiv Bhatt's Open letter to Modi on his Swami Vivekananda Yatra

    Mr. Narendra Modi, Some very evocative thoughts shared by my dear friend and practicing Gandhian, Mr. Shrikant Barhate from Wardha in Maharashtra, has inspired me to write this open letter to you. You have recently embarked upo...

  • Freedom of Expression or Freedom to Blaspheme?

    In this version of civilization, it is civilized behaviour to insult a religion. But it is uncivilized behaviour to protest against that insult. Does this make sense to you? It doesn't to me.

  • Blood-bath at Naroda Patiya

    We talk about conscience and humanity. But the entire vegetarian Gujarat with Hindu and Jain majority chose to keep mum.

  • Tactical Voting Strategy for Indian Muslims

    Now the issue is: what is the point of having a greater number of Muslim parliamentarians and legislators if they do not have strong Islamic convictions, but are ready to sell their imaan for a trifle worldly gain.

  • Samajwadi Party and Muslims

    Samajwadi Party and Muslims During pre-election campaign in UP the SP under the dynamic leadership of Supremo Mulayam Sangh Yadav went on promising for the implementation of innumerable schemes for the progress, betterment and upliftment of M...