• Gujarat Elections and Padmavati movie controversy — Struggle between Secular and Talibani Hindus

    With an awful record of governance in Gujarat for over two decades, and not even the Muslim card to play with, BJP strategists are gambling on invoking the falsified account of a historical Bollywood movie, 'Rani Padmavati'.

  • Gujarat Elections: Litmus Test for Modi & Rahul!

    A key factor responsible for a better performance of Congress may be the party leader Rahul’s campaign proving to be more energetic than before. It seems he has finally come to grips with what Indian politics demands

  • Padmavat was Jayasi's fictitious spiritual conduit

    The unnecessary controversy regarding Sanjay Leela Bhansali's film Padmavati must be seen and understood against the backdrop of Persian mysticism, spirituality and poetry to get a comprehensive picture of the whole issue. The ...

  • National dish debate — a case against Khichdi, for Idli-Dosa

    I don't understand who are those overenthusiastic people who want to make khichdi the national dish of India? First of all, khichdi is not an Indian or even a sub-continental dish. It came to India 2200-2500 years ago from China. Asiatic So...

  • Allama Iqbal was world's first Global Citizen

    'Vatanparasti se badhkar bhi ek jazba hai aur woh hai insaaniyat ka. Mujhe nahin lagta ki insaaniyat ko kisi mulk ki had mein qaid kiya jaa sakta hai.

  • How Camus deftly combined oriental and occidental philosophies

    French existentialist Albert Camus' 104th birthday falls on November 7. Recently, French political and news magazine Le Point suggested that Camus, who extensively studied all six schools of oriental philosophy, must have got a take-of...

  • The RSS Must Come Forward to Serve Abandoned Mother Cows

    Throughout country farmers are abandoning un-productive cows (which cannot be milked) which were disposed in animal bazaars earlier. It is the direct fall out of RSS/BJP leaders' project of HOLINESS OF THE MOTHER COW. After violent attacks ...

  • Will BJP construct Ram Mandir at Ayodhya?

    It is a million dollar question why BJP is not constructing Ram Mandir at Ayodhya. Will it construct Ram Mandir before 2019 Lok Sabha election? This is a quite natural question as well as curiosity, as BJP is in power in both Centre & UP wi...

  • Name-dropping is also an art

    I just came across Katherine Mansfield's sage advice to all name-droppers in all countries, communities and continents: 'Name-dropping is a sheer art. A name-dropper will hardly be caught if s/he drops the name of a celeb...

  • Political Agenda of Communal Drive!

    According to calculations of politicians in power, tapping on the religious nerve of the people will arouse their emotional fervour and divert attention of people from economic, social and other issues troubling them.

  • Human brain gets drawn to mediocrity!

    Some neurologists like Kendell, Forsyth and Sharpe at Illinois University in the US have recently concluded that an average human brain actually gets drawn to mediocrity and lowly things. This is really interesting, but is not exactly a brand-n...

  • Wah, Taj!

    The unmistakable stamp of Islamic architectural style and the grandeur could never be emulated or replicated by a single Hindu king.

  • The Quite Darkness

    Knock, Knock “Who‘s there?” “Hunger” “Hunger who?” “Santoshi hai?” &ldq...

  • Is Hindu Rashtra Unnecessary? India Became Hindu Raj in 1947

    How indistinguishable the Congress ideologically is from the BJP was the theme of the main edit page article written by French scholars Christophe Jaffrelot and Gilles Verniers in the Indian Express on October 5.

  • Modi’s Drive: Image Promotion!

    Modi and his supporters are trying all strategies possible to return to power in 2019. Their agenda is devoted to create greater hype about Modi’s image. Modi himself has devoted greater attention to promoting his image than actually ensuring impl...

  • Modi's India gallops to own bullet trains while existing railway is falling apart; and other such stories

    We are talking of smart cities when those traditionally structured ones are getting submerged and flooded. Whoever could have ever imagined that cities like Chennai, Mumbai, Srinagar or even the suburbs of New Delhi would get flooded

  • Nature abhors a vacuum and what follows is always better

    'Nature abhors a vacuum and dislikes a void,' Franz Kafka wrote and extended this statement while translating Roman poet Ovid. 'Poornam prakriti parivarnam' (Nature's essence lies in completeness), said Ashtavakra in his uni...

  • No proof Rogingyas indulge in crime in India, let alone terrorism

    Why is this government insensitive to the plight of these Rohingya when Sri Lankan Tamil refugees have been given refuge in the southern locales of the country and the Tibetan refugees have been officially housed.

  • Why Would A Rabbi Risk His Life For Prophet Muhammad?

    Ibn Ishaq, the earliest biographer of Prophet Muhammad, relates an amazing story about Rabbi Mukhayriq, a wealthy and learned leader of the tribe of Tha’labah, one of three Jewish tribes that had lived in Medina for centuries

  • The R plus M combination too much for the Sanghis!

    R for Rohingya refugees! M for Musalmans! And this combination seems enough for this right-wing Sarkar of the day to add the choicest prefixes of the day: ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Indian Mujahideen, Jihadists and whatever else gets scribbled along the sark...