• Rahul Gandhi makes sense

    Congress is unable to make inroads because of the near absence of a visibly strong band of workers and also because of the negativity spread about the party and its leadership. Rahul Gandhi is not taken seriously. Why?

  • Rohingya Crisis: Let Humanity Prevail!

    The wars, imported civil wars, invasions and riots are the illegitimate weapons of the strong. Terrorism is the illegitimate weapon of the week. The weapon may be illegitimate but the grievances are often if not always genuine. If the world wit...

  • Gauri Lankesh's murder and militant atheism

    Just the way Dabholkar, Pansare and Kaburgi were killed for their anti-Hindutva stand, intrepid journalist Gauri Lankesh's voice was also silenced by those who don't want the voices of dissent to be heard. We're living in ...

  • India: A country that has 'gods' in jails

    The unprecedented violence following Ram Rahim Gurmeet's arrest and the ongoing stupidity cause one to ask, are we really civilised and sane? The clownish babas and their ever increasing clout will soon engulf the whole country. That such a...

  • A Critique on Supreme Court's Verdict on Instant Triple Talaq

    Different reactions to the Supreme Court verdict illustrate the proverbial incident when a group of blind persons touched an elephant, and each one of them described it according to the animal’s organ he had touched. Let me also sum up my...

  • Talaq Judgement: Muslim Women A Play Thing In Communal Politics?

    Intentionally or unintentionally on the part of their Lordships, the situation created by their judgement is fraught with politics, even though only one percent of Muslim women who have escaped talaq-talaq-talaq have reasons to rejoice.

  • Supreme Court’s suo-motu marriage with Triple Talaq

    The political drama in the name of triple talaq will do more harm to India by overtly moving towards the homogeneous hegemony of an ideology which assassinated the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi.

  • India’s Centennial in 30 years: Greatness through Knowledge-based Industry is within reach

    As we approach the hundredth anniversary of India independence, let us remind ourselves of our key strengths: a can-do spirit, a composite pluralist society, a democracy and a secular nation.

  • Signs of the Times — U.P. CM Yogi should go

    Yogi's government is accountable for these Gorakhpur deaths. Also for the callousness that followed… He should not manage to get away by hoodwinking the people, telling them that an inquiry is on!

  • BJP-RSS are playing full time games against Muslims, no need to apologise

    Let’s stop being apologetic to the sarkar of the day! Let’s stop giving long and short explanations to their lop-sided accusations and allegations... There seems no end to their bullying strategies.

  • What Does this Story say about the 70th Anniversary?

    This is a true story. I am revisiting it with a purpose, so that it collides head on with the nation’s 70th anniversary celebrations. Absolute, undiluted joy on this occasion would require total amnesia of that which accompanied independe...

  • Ahmad Patel Barely Survives to Keep Sonia’s Rahul Hopes Alive

    Parties fight to advance their mission or when parties face adversity. The Congress fights when chosen leaders are in trouble. A reversal for Ahmad Patel in Gujarat would have been an enormous loss of face for Sonia.

  • Saira Bano & Dilip Kumar; Ustad Dagar; Why does Uttarkhand have so many Langurs?

    It was obvious that Dilip Kumar hated this intrusion, and in chaste Urdu he said that I should have come only and only with a prior appointment, and they being so very busy here in New Delhi, did not have the time to say even a word.

  • Pope Francis’ efforts to promote inter-religious unity: A lesson for current day India

    In mid July 2017, the Interfaith Coalition for Peace organized a talk at India Islamic Cultural Centre (IICC), New Delhi by Prof. Father Michael Calabria, Director of the Centre for Arabic and Islamic Studies at St. Bonaventure Universityof USA...

  • Palestine: Loving resistance calls us to dare more than words

    We begin this issue with wise words from an apostle of peace- Mahatma Gandhi. It was 78 years ago when Mahatma Gandhi called on the Jews to abandon military domination and work, instead, towards peaceful co-existence based on good will. It is s...

  • Hardcore Right-wing might prevailing; Who will take on China?

    New Delhi: I try and avoid going for meets, seminars and conferences on the prevailing situation in the Kashmir Valley and also the grim realities facing the Muslims in India. The ‘why’ to this is rather simplistic: everyone is well...

  • GST: Have Uniform tax on Accumulated Wealth, not on Income and Expenditure

    Having a uniform tax at the national level is a welcome move. But the problem is that the world philosophy of Taxation based on taxing Income and Expenditure rather than accumulated wealth is so much tilted in the favour of the rich that it end...

  • Racism and slavery in India: Clubbing exclusiveness

    Delhi Golf Club is in the news for not giving entry to a lady, Tailin Lyngdoh, from Meghalaya because she was not properly attired. In other words, her attire was not in sync with the club's sartorial protocol.  This reminds me of ...

  • Not In My Name — Beware when the faceless citizen resists tyranny

    If tyranny comes, can freedom be far behind?

  • My sweet memories of Eidul-Fitr

    My Muslim lady professor of Urdu, who guided and assessed my M. Phil and PhD thesis on Urdu poet Raghupati Sahay Firaq Gorakhpuri's poetry at Islamabad University, Pakistan, still sends me Eidee and new clothes.