• Hindutva march deeply disturbs Indian Muslims

    It is distressing that Hinduism’s great eclecticism which propagates tolerance, pluralism, inclusiveness and a live and let live ethos has ceded ground to Hindutva.

  • Sufism is the kernel of Islam

      The recent bombing by a female IS supporter of the great Sufi shrine Sehwan Sharif in Pakistan, killing 72 innocent Sufis and injuring 150, is a stark sign that Sufi Islam is increasingly at the receiving end of religious fundamental...

  • Why Are American Muslims Not Protesting?

    This obviously brings up the question as to what is holding back the major Muslim organizations and their predominantly male leadership from taking lead in both types of rallies; the ones against the extreme right wing policies of President Trump ...

  • Education among Muslim Women

    History, with all its misgivings and qualms, has always fascinated me, specifically when it is beheld for gender equality and justice. When I first lay my hands on the history of progression of human civilization not so long back, it was specif...

  • How to protect and promote harmony of religions in India

    In the foreseeable future, religion will be a major source of conflict within and among nations. The possibilities of conflict are greater in India where different cultures and religions do meet. However, such clashes can be prevented if...

  • Hype about Muslim Vote in India

    Muslims are active participants in the Indian political process, from casting votes to holding high positions. But has religion always been the only or primary factor influencing their decision to vote?

  • Indian Muslims and forthcoming elections: “Hindustan ka Mussalman kisi kay baap ya daada ki jaaidaad nahin hai”

    Year after year the Muslim voters remained the vote banks of otherwise secular parties and remained afraid of demanding equitable development for their community. But starting in 2010 the Muslim voters adopted a pattern of strategic voting.

  • Musings on a new year

    'Welcome anything that's new.' Years ago I read this message on the back of a car in London. The words got embossed on the palimpsest of my mind. Human mind is always intrigued by the idea of newness. It gets excited as well as scar...

  • Relegating Ahmad Faraz to a Facebook poet

    Ahmad Faraz is one of the greatest poets of modern era and is bracketed with Firaq Gorakhpuri and Faiz Ahmad Faiz, known as the 3 Fs of Urdu poetry. While it's laudable that more and more readers, nay dilettantes, are becoming aware of...

  • Trolling Syndrome – Not Just a Namesake

    So, baby Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi will probably go down the annals of “troll history” as being the youngest person to land in a controversy. His offense – Ah just a namesake! So, what’s in a name, by the way? Ea...

  • United we stand #2

    Racial memory and historical antagonism are part of human life, but this does not have to determine all of our actions. We cannot live in the past, and cannot attribute all current developments to the past.

  • Mirza Ghalib was an iconoclastic believer

    Ghalib was a radical believer who went beyond the precincts of faith and worshipped, if he ever did, Allah in his own inimitable and impudent manner.

  • Triple Talaq and UCC: Treading the Devious Path

    We would be dwindling in the decoy of treading a devious path if we do not attempt to accentuate and establish the damage that male chauvinism has begotten today’s familial existence.

  • From King Faisal to Bashar al-Assad: Story of Muslims Rulers turned villains by International Players

    It is high time the Islamic World recognised the West’s strategy of turning Muslim heroes into villains. Muslims will have to reject the supremacy of the Big Powers.

  • National Anthem: Can Compulsions Elicit Respect?

    Ultra nationalism, while operating in the broad democratic setup, is an attempt to instill the values of dictatorial State.

  • What India can learn from Australia on domestic violence?

    One social parallel that can be drawn between two dissimilar countries like India and Australia is rampant family violence in both the countries. As Australia is fighting the menace vigorously, India can learn a few  lessons from it, givin...

  • Beef, Sufi Conference, Right Wing murderers, Kashmir — Signs of the Times

    Today, in 2016, young Kashmiri Muslims are getting targeted in several towns and cities of this country. Why are we silent on this? Why don’t we speak out? Why don’t the politicians take a stand on this?

  • Modi's statesman like Lahore trip: Must create mirror image at home

    Narendra Modi's stopover in Lahore to greet Nawaz Sharief's family is a diplomatic gesture displaying high form of statesmanship. Having now rubbed shoulders with almost every world leader of good significance and riding his aspirations...

  • The fascist onslaught on the idea of India and the secular backlash

    On October 12, Sudheendra Kulkarni, journalist and aide to former Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee, was forcibly painted black by Shiv Sena goons for attending the release ceremony of Pakistani politician Khurshid Kasuri’s book. Kulkar...

  • Signs of the times — Tell me why

    No, I’m in no mood to write a ‘tell- me-why’ series, though several whys are bothering me – Tell me why we are getting hoodwinked by the who’s who in today’s political set-ups; can’t we see through thos...