• An open reply to Modi's open letter

    Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat wrote an open letter to citizens of India on 13 September 2011, in it he resolved to fast for three days from, Saturday, the 17th September 2011, starting a movement of "Sadbhavana Mission." Here is a reply...

  • Rooting-out Corruption is Good, but Parallel Government is Injurious to Democracy

    Democracy by its very nature is inefficient. The system of checks and balances is an impediment to quick solutions of long festering social problems. Simplistic and draconian solutions against an evil are easy to understand and support. Anna Hazar...

  • Beware of a Jewish invasion of India

    It is time the world should recognize and acknowledge a Jew as a Jew, first and last. World should acknowledge the tremendous good Jews, individually and collectively, contributed to mankind in practically every facet of human existence, especi...

  • Godhra judgment — Women's association stands by its report

    The godhra decision is very disturbing. The All India Democratic Women's Association had given a report on the riots in March 2002 itself.

  • “All Hindus are not terrorists...”

    Swaminathan Aiyar is a senior columnist at The Sunday Times of India. He wrote an article “Terrorism is not a Muslim monopoly” in his paper on Jul 23, 2006. Much water has flowed down the bridge, but the hangover of all ‘terro...

  • The forgotten past

    Babar invaded Delhi in AD 1526 and defeated Ibrahim Lodhi and enthroned himself as the emperor of Delhi. His full name was “Muhammad Zahiruddin Babra”. He ruled India from 1526-1530. Babar was succeeded by his son “Naseerud-di...

  • Since when has terror lost its colour?

    It was only when the slain ATS chief, Hemant Karkare, going against all odds, unearthed the huge syndicate of Hindu terror network, that involved serving as well as retired army officers, prominent sadhus and swamis and lo, a young Sadhvi too, did...

  • Letters to the editor (16-31 January 2011)

    MG I am a regular reader of MG. and wait for the MG very eagerly. Because MG is the only magazine boldly speaks about the problems of muslims in a natural way. i get peace by reading the authentic articles and feel proud to be a subscriber....

  • Paralysed Investigating Agencies

    Arushi & Hemraj murder mystery and the shoddy investigation report of elite investigating agency looks more like a Bollywood film plot. An ideal masala for a commercial movie [notorious film-maker Kamaal Rashid Khan is reportedly working on it].

  • “Follow the money trail” – Deep Throat’s advice to Indian Muslims

    Muslims in India have been going around with the begging bowl for the last 60 years while all Brahmin-led political parties - Congress, BJP and CPI (M), have been looting public money in an organized institutionalized manner. The cat is out of the...

  • Indian Secularism: majoritarian playground?

    Do the investigating agencies world over probe cases on the basis of ‘Assumption or Presumption' or this special privilege is bestowed upon only on the Indian Agencies who, in many a case have actually acted like ‘Hindu Agencies’? Whether it is Ka...

  • Rishtey mein Lord Ram hamare baap lagte hain?

    ...Then, rishtey mein Babar is also daddy dearest to Hindus, no? And most certainly Emperor Akbar? After all, he was married to Jodha bai and used to rock the cradle with Krishna’s idol, at least that is what they showed in Mughal-e-azam. So, if y...

  • Geelani as CM of Jammu & Kashmir

    Gandhiji felt, the alienaton of Muslims should be addressed by appointing Jinnah as Prime Minister of United India

  • The emerging threat of “Patriotism”

    There was a time when patriotism used to be the last refuge of a scoundrel. Now, with India’s maturing and world renowned democracy, it seems, scoundrels have become the last refuge of patriotism. Great expectations stemming from over con...

  • Was CWG a Congress-BJP "common wealth" partnership "game"?

    Much expected Income-tax raids on prominent BJP leader Sudhanshu Mittal and his family-members in context of XIX Common Wealth Games (CWG)-2010 raises doubt about corruption-game in CWG-2010 to be a "family-business" between certain l...

  • Ayodhya: Where 1=2

    On what grounds can any judgement go in favour of a makeshift structure? What is the basis for it? Aren’t people evicted for forcibly occupying land? Aren’t slums bulldozed?

  • Indian Muslims move on! What?

    Indian Muslims move on! What does that suppose to mean?

  • The Mainstream Terror — Time to look beyond 'saffron terror'!

    This has not happened in 63 years after independence in our secular republic.It isn’t too late to show us the true colours of an India that needs to unite.

  • Physician Heal Thyself — Tackling Islamophobia and anti-Islam forces

    We don’t need to help Islam and serve it as much as we should help and serve ourselves with the help of Islam

  • Syed Shahabuddin: the most misunderstood politician

    The misunderstood leader, politician, intellectual, activist