• Congress President Who Sought United India To The Bitter End

    Sunday, November 11 happens to be Maulana Azad’s birth anniversary, forgotten this year as it has been in the past. The Maulana is an inconvenient name to remember at a time when Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel towers above every national leader.

  • The communal bias of UP CM takes new expression

    Yogi Adityanath, Chief Minister of UP, seems to be on the name changing spree. In his latest move he has changed the name of Allahabad to Prayagraj. Prayag is the meeting point of rivers and since this famous city is the meeting point of Ganga,...

  • Ayodhya-Card & Media Coverage!

    Undeniably, all attempts are being made to exploit the Ayodhya-card by politicians linked with saffron brigade. Politically speaking, media coverage received can guarantee publicity but not electoral success!

  • Newspapers are here to stay, digital media notwithstanding

    That was an amazing story but equally frightening for us. For some unresolved demands with the media group owners, the newspaper hawkers in Guwahati decided to boycott their routine work in February 2014. I still remember, for five continuous d...

  • For BJP, business as usual

    Only last month RSS sarsanghchalak Mohan Bhagwat had, in a series of lectures, given a clear indication that the Sangh was moving away from its aggressive and highly divisive Hindutva stance. He said the Sangh did not want mukt, but yukt Bharat...

  • Ayodhya fear!

    When humane values are given great importance in any society, fear along any line, particularly religious, is not expected to prevail. Sadly, it still does in practically all parts of the world, including India. What is this suggestive of? No, ...

  • A homage to—vegetarian—Jalaluddin Rumi

    'Shadeed-az-kwa nee ast munazin/Ya rafeer ul-qist amnazeer/Choon ke ast shadaaz raftam ke azdaan/Wahen ul-khirama, za dizt'un bu'azir'? (I've existence and I value it so much/So have all the beings on earth and...

  • Off to polls

    On September 8, BJP president Amit Shah virtually sounded the war bugle at a “closed-door” meeting of the party executive (reported by the press). Shah, in his typical, aggressive and impolite style declared that the opposition&rsqu...

  • In Pieces: the Right to Peace

    On Thursday 20 September, four people were killed in Maryland, US in a workplace mass shooting spree; it was the third workplace shooting in the US in less than twenty –four hours. Earlier that day in Uttar Pradesh, India killed two men i...

  • Nine Eleven Matters!

    Nine eleven matters because on this date in 1906, Mahatma Gandhi launched his non-violent resistance campaign at a historic mass meeting in Johannesburg South Africa. It was the birth of a new movement ‘Satyagraha’ - the relentless ...

  • Quran and Bible on Homosexuality

    Almost all religions with few exceptional orders express severe detestation for homosexuality. Faced perhaps with their receding popularity, only a few denominations of Christianity and Hinduism have tried to reconcile with the modern approach ...

  • When the Establishment hounds activists and fails flood victims

    Instead of focusing on the disasters taking place in the country, this government chooses to hound activists and academics. As though by hounding and shutting them, the country’s problems will be resolved or rectified.

  • Worse than Emergency!

    Targeting an ‘outside’ enemy or ‘another country’ is a clever, though manipulative ploy used by authoritarians when their own leadership is in disarray or when they fail in governance.

  • Divisive politics in India: Operation ‘Provoke Muslims & Christians’

    During the last seventy one years since India became independent its sovereignty has been considerably strengthened, internal peace has been well maintained, enormous multifaceted developmental works have occurred ceaselessly and India’s ...

  • Since Burqa Has No Quranic Injunction, Why Annoy Host Societies?

    From day one we should have declared ourselves a Hindu state. This would have obviated the need for an unsettling, double-distilled Hindu Rashtra or Hindu Nation.

  • Thoughts on the Independence Day

    The freedom struggle was not just for political freedom. It was not merely to dislodge foreign rulers and install our own. It was also for social and economic change and for a life of peace and dignity to all citizens.

  • Imran Khan, a gentleman cricketer will deliver a gentleman PM?

    Let's see and hope that the 'gentleman cricketer' would also become a gentleman PM and set a good precedent the way he set an exemplary precedent as a fiercely competitive but gentleman all-rounder during his cricketing days.

  • Deciphering the Muslim Indians' Silence

    Shivam Vij has written an excellent piece on the silence of the Muslim Indians in his article “Their silence is not helping Indian Muslims – they must speak up and be heard”. A thought-provoking article with so much of ground ...

  • Strategy and Conscience: Subverting Elite Power So We End Human Violence

    Given the overwhelming evidence that activist efforts are failing to halt the accelerating rush to extinction precipitated and maintained by dysfunctional human behavior, it is worth reflecting on why this is happening. Of course, you might...

  • “Muslim” Meal On Air India To Protect Hindus From “Halal”

    On an Air India flight from London the hostess walked down the aisle taking orders for dinner. She leaned over and asked almost conspiratorially. 'May I serve you your Muslim meal now?'