• Why Scale Walls When Two Constables Could Have Arrested Chidambaram?

    It was mounted as a TV extravaganza for the entire nation – and beyond – so that they would be in awe of the power of the State. It requires mastery of the electronic media for perfect choreography on such a scale.

  • Kashmiris are caged as India, Pakistan inch closer to war

    No, I did not ‘celebrate’ Eid. Didn’t have the heart to, when hundreds and thousands of Kashmiris are sitting in open and closed jails! Officially or unofficially detained or under house arrest or sitting under those clamp dow...

  • Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan on Zakir Naik—What Dr Khan actually said

    Here is the full text of the questions and answers of Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan given via emailto a journalist of  Free Malaysia Today on 18 August, 2019. Dr Khan gave these answers in his private capacity and as a leader of the Indian Muslim ...

  • Ladakhi Magic: Disappearance Of The Muslim Majority From All Discourse

    While the people groaned, princely dynasties of the Abdullahs luxuriated. I do hope Farooq will still have access to the magnificent golf course he built with such passion. Mufti Mohammad Sayeed’s dynasty was not far behind.

  • What 5 August spells for India’s Muslims

    It would be a gross mistake to see the 5 August happenings — in parliament and scrapping by presidential order of Article 370 — as yet another attack on Kashmiris alone.

  • Has anything changed this time with Highest number of women members of parliament?

    The 17th Lok Sabha has the highest number of women MPs elected in the 2019 polls. There are 78 women members of parliament now, the highest since independence. Are you expecting any changes to take place in your daily survival, just be...

  • Colombo Easter Massacre: Can Islamic Terror Be A Diplomatic Asset?

    Opinion in Colombo is divided on India’s role. One view is that New Delhi and Washington would join hands to impede the Chinese. Others believe it is not in New Delhi’s interest to have the strategically located island transformed into a US base.

  • How Battle Of Karbala Conditions Iranian Mind On Palestinian Issue

    Much to the discomfiture of Israel, Iran’s consistency on the Palestinian issue derives from these uncompromising belief systems. In other words, the principle of Palestinian rights is non-negotiable.

  • Indian Secularism Being Put to Test!

    Considering that Indian secularism stands out markedly at various levels, what can one say about incidents which appear to have been deliberately provoked to spread communal tension, including the recent one in Delhi?

  • Lynchings characaterise the Modi era

    Announcing the Monster is a collection of more than sixty essays written on various aspects of the so-called ‘New India’ which we saw emerge after the May 2014 general elections.

  • Post Rahul, Party may splinter but something new is needed

    When Trinamool’s Mahua Moitra took Parliament by storm in her debut speech last month, a thought crossed my mind. In over two decades as Congress President could not Sonia Gandhi have sent a handful of young people to both the Houses who ...

  • The New ‘Emergency’!

    The country will never forget that infamous night of 25/26 June 1975, when the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had a state of emergency declared all over the country. During that dark chapter of the country’s history which lasted for a ...

  • Kashmir imbroglio gets worse but Modi has no plans for it

    Though the situation in Kashmir continues deteriorating but till date there is no clear indication of this Right-Wing government’s policy towards Kashmir. Yes, no signs of discussions and dialogues with the Kashmiris. Also, holds out the ...

  • Lynching is new normal in Modi's India

    There is complete anarchy spreading out, with the Right-Wing fascist forces coming up with just about any alibi to attack the Muslims of the country.

  • Rahul Gandhi’s Resignation will Help BJP

    The anti-Rahul campaign has certainly played its part in forcing a considerable percentage of voters to believe that nobody else but Modi can lead the country.

  • India – Pakistan ODI: Notes From Days When Cricket Wasn’t War

    This Sunday, 16 June, I look forward to being seated with friends in an arc around the TV set, ready to exult at the outcome of the Indo-Pak ODI at Old Trafford in Manchester. But two friends who have surprised me with their adoption of saffron...

  • Whither Secularism: Democratic Society and Minority Rights

    We are living in times where the social norms, the values of Constitution have been violated times and over again. The increasing atrocities on dalits, the lynchings of minorities in the name of Cow-Beef have changed the social equations in a d...

  • Tough times ahead for minorities under Modi and Shah

    It's not just the Muslims or the Christians who are coming up with the 'what next…will we be left to survive or is doomsday just round the corner for us?' Even sane voices from other communities are voicing their concerns.

  • Modi at Crossroads!

    The hard reality of saffronisation of Indian institutions and revision of academic literature to promote what is desired by the saffron brigade cannot be ignored.

  • Media Crawled During Emergency—Today is its Spine Straight?

    It is not a complaint but rather a reflection on the general state of play: in my 50 years of journalism, Narendra Modi happens to be the only Prime Minister I have never met.