• Propaganda obscures the realities of the Modi regime

    Wondering aloud: Is the Modi-Trump ‘friendship’ carrying a whole range of vested interests? Much in tune with the expansionist policies of America, the selling and buying of weapons, the role of the arms lobbies, export of warfare t...

  • Making of ‘the Underclass’: Urban India’s Muslim population

    Cities are built by people, and like people, cities tell stories. Across India’s urban landscape, in places like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Jaipur and even in cities where Muslims make a substantial portion of the population (around 20%) lik...

  • Blood becomes a hundred things: warning to the rulers of the day

    How does an upset or hurt or aggrieved citizen protest? If not through a letter, then how? In fact, letter writing is the most civilised cum traditional form of connecting to convey one’s thoughts and more along the strain.

  • Will Lynching in Bharat Be Called Vaddh (वध)?

    The Sangh’s obsession with vocabulary is not innocent.

  • Howdy Modi: Bypassing Travails Being Faced by India

    In Houston, America, a grand spectacle was created with Narendra Modi in presence of Donald Trump. The massive rally of nearly 50000 people cheered both the leaders. Both these leaders praised each other and criticized ‘Islamic Terrorism&...

  • Ill Wind For West: Houthis Hit Aramco, Netanyahu Wobbles

    Attack on Aramco, decline of Benjamin Netanyahu, departure of John Bolton from the White House are all honeyed music to the leadership in Iran. In April, Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, in a talk at New York’s Asia Society, was categorical:...

  • Muslim Engagement with RSS: Aggressive Intellectual Dialogue Needed

    There is a need of coming together of all religions to beat the internationally dominant atheistic forces of economics and politics. The need of engaging with RSS on the issues of morality.

  • No one to weep for the Kashmiris

    What if those poets were alive and around today, wouldn’t they have cried out through their verse; asking about the whereabouts of the over ten thousand ‘missing men’ of the Valley?

  • Modi Feted By Muslim Countries: For Indian Muslims “Umma” A Mirage

    “A prophet is not without honour, save in his own country.” This Biblical dictum would fit Prime Minister, Narendra Modi like a glove, because Indian Muslims continue to paint him in lurid colours while leaders of the global Ummah s...

  • Triple talaq law a curse for Muslim men and women

    All that is needed to imprison a Muslim man is to force or threaten or bully a Muslim woman into saying that yes her husband uttered ‘Talaq, Talaq, Talaq!’

  • Democracy at Stake with Kashmiris denied democratic rights

    So what if a majority of politicians and even people may appear to be strongly in favour of scrapping these two articles. Elementarily speaking, democratic principles are supposed to be based on democracy of the people, by the people and for the p...

  • Why Scale Walls When Two Constables Could Have Arrested Chidambaram?

    It was mounted as a TV extravaganza for the entire nation – and beyond – so that they would be in awe of the power of the State. It requires mastery of the electronic media for perfect choreography on such a scale.

  • Kashmiris are caged as India, Pakistan inch closer to war

    No, I did not ‘celebrate’ Eid. Didn’t have the heart to, when hundreds and thousands of Kashmiris are sitting in open and closed jails! Officially or unofficially detained or under house arrest or sitting under those clamp dow...

  • Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan on Zakir Naik—What Dr Khan actually said

    Here is the full text of the questions and answers of Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan given via emailto a journalist of  Free Malaysia Today on 18 August, 2019. Dr Khan gave these answers in his private capacity and as a leader of the Indian Muslim ...

  • Ladakhi Magic: Disappearance Of The Muslim Majority From All Discourse

    While the people groaned, princely dynasties of the Abdullahs luxuriated. I do hope Farooq will still have access to the magnificent golf course he built with such passion. Mufti Mohammad Sayeed’s dynasty was not far behind.

  • What 5 August spells for India’s Muslims

    It would be a gross mistake to see the 5 August happenings — in parliament and scrapping by presidential order of Article 370 — as yet another attack on Kashmiris alone.

  • Has anything changed this time with Highest number of women members of parliament?

    The 17th Lok Sabha has the highest number of women MPs elected in the 2019 polls. There are 78 women members of parliament now, the highest since independence. Are you expecting any changes to take place in your daily survival, just be...

  • Colombo Easter Massacre: Can Islamic Terror Be A Diplomatic Asset?

    Opinion in Colombo is divided on India’s role. One view is that New Delhi and Washington would join hands to impede the Chinese. Others believe it is not in New Delhi’s interest to have the strategically located island transformed into a US base.

  • How Battle Of Karbala Conditions Iranian Mind On Palestinian Issue

    Much to the discomfiture of Israel, Iran’s consistency on the Palestinian issue derives from these uncompromising belief systems. In other words, the principle of Palestinian rights is non-negotiable.

  • Indian Secularism Being Put to Test!

    Considering that Indian secularism stands out markedly at various levels, what can one say about incidents which appear to have been deliberately provoked to spread communal tension, including the recent one in Delhi?