• Increasing Divisiveness: Modi Sarkar’s Communal agenda

    The coming to power of Modi in 2014 gave a signal to the so called fringe groups that now it is their Government and they can get away with their hate speeches and action with ease. It was a total uninhibited show by the RSS Combine as for as s...

  • Dark clouds over India and Gaza

    With fascist powers controlling the world and our subcontinent, each day brings along news that hits the very soul, but May 15 was particularly bad; loaded it was with depressing news. One after another. First the numbers of Palestinians killed...

  • Fascists in full control, nothing shocks in India now

    And when I had asked the namazis why do you pray in the open, in the midst of the afternoon heat and sun, they told me, “Where are masjids in Gurugram? Only two mosques! And we are not permitted by the administration to construct any mosque!

  • Tagore's Gitanjali is influenced by Deewan-e-Hafiz

    Tagore didn't know Persian. But his father Maharshi Debendranath Thakur did. He could read and write Persian and would sleep with Hafiz Shirazi's Deewan-e-Hafiz (Compilation of Hafiz's poetry) on his bedside.

  • The situation in Kashmir is becoming intolerable

    The mess is getting compounded in the Kashmir region. The situation has been getting worse in these recent years, ever since PDP joined hands with the BJP to rule the state. One of those thoroughly mismatched combinations which Mehbooba Mufti i...

  • Jinnah: An avoidable controversy

    An avoidable controversy over Mohammad Ali Jinnah has caused tension in the campus of Aligarh Muslim University and in Aligarh town. If not resolved soon it may take shape of a communal strife.

  • Is just garlanding of portraits is honoring Ambedkar?

    This 14th April the 127th birth anniversary of Bhimrao Ambedkar was marked by a heightened celebrations of the occasion by most of the political formations but more so by BJP. The Prime Minister Modi while paying tributes to Babasaheb...

  • Change from within requires empathy

    When the sense of empathy is emaciated, the individual takes on the character of murderer. Groups or govts 'are able to' commit murders of children and/or rape of women because they cannot become those children and women to experience their feelings.

  • Unnao and Kathua – An Anatomy of Rape of the Collective Conscience

    Rape is being nonchalantly used as a weapon of war against minorities – the same way it was used as a weapon to contain the African slaves and Jewish prisoners of war.

  • A virtuoso's priceless gift --- Today is Yehudi Menuhin's birthday

    "The violin, through the serene clarity of its song, helps to keep our bearings in the storm, as a light in the night, a compass in the tempest, it shows us a way to a haven of sincerity and respect." Yehudi Menuhin Listenin...

  • India's new normal: rape of forms, of psyches!

    Yes, today, fascism seems so well seeped in, that even little girls can be raped and gang-raped by men connected to the very system.

  • Judge Loya case: Lack of political focus on RSS gave CJI the opportunity to dismiss petitions!

    I have read the judgement by CJI dismissing an independent inquiry in the Judge Loya case. It is a revelation.  The judgement skirts the major issue of the mysterious circumstances in which Judge Loya died. Instead, the focus ...

  • Belittling Nehru’s Legacy will Harm India’s Democracy

    Last few years there is a concerted attempt on the part of the ruling BJP to ignore and undermine the legacy of Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minster of India, the architect of Modern India. In the international meets his name is deliberate...

  • Dr King had a 'prophetic premonition'

    April 4, 2018 was the 50th year of Dr Martin Luther King Jr's martyrdom. He was assassinated by James Earl Ray, a white supremacist, on April 4, 1968 in Memphis, US. It's said, and also endorsed by Dr King's wife Coretta Scott ...

  • Ebbing away of sporting spirit is the reflection of a universal moral crisis

    'Ebbing away of the cricketing or sporting spirit is the reflection of a universal moral crisis,' wrote the legendary cricket scribe Ray Robinson of Australia in an article in 1981 when Trevor Chappell of Australia bowled underarm to wi...

  • Indian Muslims in search of a new Gandhi

    Being religious along with being a secular patriot is not only a possibility but rather a phenomenon that forms the basis of our Indian history. We don’t need to choose one but need instead to try to be both!

  • Ramachandra Guha, Sadly

    The discourse of 'modernity' has now been fully appropriated by the majoritarian communalists who use it as a stick to beat Muslims with, as seen in the case of triple talaq.

  • BJP’s Political Ego punctured in UP & Bihar!

    Paradoxically, BJP’s defeat also marks its failure to analyse the key factors responsible for its victory from UP last year in the assembly elections as well as in 2014 parliamentary elections.

  • BJP’s Forays in North Eastern States and anti Minority Agenda

    From last couple of decades one is coming across the pamphlets, leaflets and other material containing the propaganda that Christian missionaries are converting the people at rapid pace; the examples mostly given have been...

  • Communist Liberals, Sadly, Islamophobic

    Majoritarianism is a grave threat to the secular fabric of India and Muslim conservatism is an offshoot of this same Hindutva Majoritarianism; not vice versa.