• Quran and Bible on Homosexuality

    Almost all religions with few exceptional orders express severe detestation for homosexuality. Faced perhaps with their receding popularity, only a few denominations of Christianity and Hinduism have tried to reconcile with the modern approach ...

  • When the Establishment hounds activists and fails flood victims

    Instead of focusing on the disasters taking place in the country, this government chooses to hound activists and academics. As though by hounding and shutting them, the country’s problems will be resolved or rectified.

  • Worse than Emergency!

    Targeting an ‘outside’ enemy or ‘another country’ is a clever, though manipulative ploy used by authoritarians when their own leadership is in disarray or when they fail in governance.

  • Divisive politics in India: Operation ‘Provoke Muslims & Christians’

    During the last seventy one years since India became independent its sovereignty has been considerably strengthened, internal peace has been well maintained, enormous multifaceted developmental works have occurred ceaselessly and India’s ...

  • Since Burqa Has No Quranic Injunction, Why Annoy Host Societies?

    From day one we should have declared ourselves a Hindu state. This would have obviated the need for an unsettling, double-distilled Hindu Rashtra or Hindu Nation.

  • Thoughts on the Independence Day

    The freedom struggle was not just for political freedom. It was not merely to dislodge foreign rulers and install our own. It was also for social and economic change and for a life of peace and dignity to all citizens.

  • Imran Khan, a gentleman cricketer will deliver a gentleman PM?

    Let's see and hope that the 'gentleman cricketer' would also become a gentleman PM and set a good precedent the way he set an exemplary precedent as a fiercely competitive but gentleman all-rounder during his cricketing days.

  • Deciphering the Muslim Indians' Silence

    Shivam Vij has written an excellent piece on the silence of the Muslim Indians in his article “Their silence is not helping Indian Muslims – they must speak up and be heard”. A thought-provoking article with so much of ground ...

  • Strategy and Conscience: Subverting Elite Power So We End Human Violence

    Given the overwhelming evidence that activist efforts are failing to halt the accelerating rush to extinction precipitated and maintained by dysfunctional human behavior, it is worth reflecting on why this is happening. Of course, you might...

  • “Muslim” Meal On Air India To Protect Hindus From “Halal”

    On an Air India flight from London the hostess walked down the aisle taking orders for dinner. She leaned over and asked almost conspiratorially. 'May I serve you your Muslim meal now?'

  • Poison of Communalism: Its Source, Nature and Wayout

    Presently some, so called, secular organizations are objecting the communal designs and calling the Muslims by their side. It is out of compulsion, rather of earnestness.

  • A lesson in humility from Dada Vaswani

    The best quality that he had was the complete absence of pontification. He never evinced condescending attitude towards anyone and met all with love and immense cordiality. He was humble to a fault.

  • People Versus Established Order: Contradiction Sharpens In New York And Elsewhere

    Does the stunning victory of a 28-year-old Latino bartender in New York last week over a 10-term Democratic lawmaker bear any resemblance to AAP’s victory under a political novice, Arvind Kejriwal in February 2015. He thrashed Narendra Mo...

  • Remembering Guru Dutt with killings in Kashmir and lynchings elsewhere

    Guru Dutt was a little too sensitive, a little too different, and a little too passionate cum humane for the Bollywood world. So obviously how could such an emotionally sensitive man survive long in Bollywood or just about anywhere!

  • Was Emergency in India akin to Hitler’s Regime?

    On the eve of 43rd anniversary of the Emergency, which was imposed on the country in 1975, BJP has come out strongly condemning the event, has issued half page advertisement and Modi said that it was imposed to save the power of a family. There...

  • Modi’s Political Gamble!

    By promoting communal touch, Modi is placing the very 'secular' mask he had donned as a part of his 2014-campaign at a grave risk. Can he afford to do so?

  • Kashmir: betrayed by both BJP and PDP

    BJP’s political games writ large in the Kashmir region soon after its pull out from the PDP coalition government in J&K. In fact, to go a step backwards , it was more than obvious the BJP-PDP pairing was more of a mismatch yet power h...

  • Visiting countries alone does not raise status, Mr. Prime Minster!

    Hopefully, sooner than later, the forces of power will return to sanity and allow India to remain a truly secure and secular country recognizing religious morality preached by the religions but not discriminating on the basis of religious identity.

  • Why did Jean Paul Sartre turn a believer prior to his death?

    This might sound shockingly upsetting to the legions of admirers of the doyen of Existentialism or Western Alienation but to quote T S Eliot from his 'Burnt Norton': 'Humankind cannot bear very much reality.' We indeed can't...

  • The Myth of Modi Wave

    The so-called Modi Wave in 2014 was nothing but an anti-Congress wave generated by the corruption charges against the UPA government. Anna Movement galvanised the masses. The two leaders who cashed in on this wave were Arvind Kejriwal and Naren...