Press Statements

  • Mushawarat calls for delinking poverty survey and caste census, adding Muslim baradaris

    President of All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat wants caste census to be conducted after making necessary logistical & administrative preparations. Wants all caste groups & sub groups & caste-like formation like Muslim baradaris to be included.

  • Police has no place in a University

    New Delhi (8 May 2011): About ten students of Jamia Millia Islamia have been sitting on hunger strike since yesterday (7th May 2011) demanding that they be allowed to sit for their annual examinations. While one may concur or disagree with the ...

  • AIMMM on killing of Osama: US must stop supporting Israel

    The AIMMM takes this opportunity to remind the US authorities that judged from repeated statements of Osama Bin Laden, his basic grievances was America's/West's blind support to Israel against the Palestinian people.

  • Justice Sachar statement on Libya

    Former chief justice of Delhi High Court, head of the Prime Minister's high level committee on Indian Muslims has issued the following statement on the barbaric NATO-American strikes on Libya beyond the UN mandate.

  • India would have been a better place without Sathya Sai Baba

    De mortuis nihil nisi bene, they say, say nothing but good of the dead. But I think Sathya Sai Baba’s case qualifies for an exception. Too great is the damage that he did to India.

  • SIO Short Film Competition, “Education in India” Call for registeration

    Announcing 'Education in India' Short film competition for all Students & Youths of India. We are inviting you to make a short film that reflects the theme 'Education in India'. The competition is open to innovative, entertaining, intelligent and ...

  • Present Bhaskar Rao Report on Mecca Masjid police firing in AP Assembly

    On Friday, 18th May 2007, the RSS terrorists planted bombs at historic Mecca Masjid and immediately after the bomb blast, a group of communal minded policemen started firing on the people who were helping the injured people in the blast.

  • Call for research papers on “Paid News and Indian Journalism”

    We all know that Paid News has cropped up as one of the greatest threats to Indian journalism and the related socio-political fabric. While previously an individual journalist or two occasionally used to implant stories on monetary allurements ...

  • All India Muslim Forum On the Western Intervention in Libya

    Lucknow (20 March 2011): Chairman, All India Muslim Forum has issued the following statement:  I can anticipate the disastrous consequences of this Western intervention in Libya. However, it was inevitable, and even Gaddafi is on record to...

  • Indian Muslims condemn western military campaign against Libya

    New Delhi (20 March 2011): Prominent Indian Muslim leaders issued the following statement today: While we reject and condemn the autocratic Gaddafi regime's murder of protesting Libyan civilians and we support the struggle of the Libyan peo...

  • Muslim Apex Body condoles Arjun Singh's demise

    New Delhi (5 March 2011):  The Working President of the All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat, Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan said here today that the sudden death of the Congress stalwart Shri Arjun Singh has come as a painful shock to the Muslim c...

  • Foreign military intervention in Libya unacceptable : Indian Muslims

    New Delhi (4 March 2011): Muslim organisations in a joint statement have expressed their deep concern about the reports of a possible military intervention in Libya by America and NATO.

  • With Arjun Singh's demise, communal harmony and secularism orphaned

    The news of the death of Mr. Arjun Singh has come as a shock for the civil society of India which was always richly benefitted by the visionary guidance and pluralistic ethoes for which Mr. Arjun Singh stood for several decades.

  • On the Assassination of Shahbaz Bhatti, Minister for Minority Affairs, Pakistan

    New Delhi: 2nd March 2011:  The brutal assassination of Mr. Shahbaz Bhatti, Minority Affairs Minister of Pakistan in Islamabad today is a cowardly act perpetuated by forces which are bent to terrorise minorities across Pakistan and silence...

  • Call for entries — Essay Writing Competition 2011

    Idarah Ulum Al-Qur’an invites students, intellectuals and scholars to a National Level Essay Writing Competition. Successful participants will be entitled to cash award and certificate.

  • JTSA on Jamia's Minority Status: Unresolved issues

    The following statement of Jamia Teachers' Solidarity Association was released at a meeting on 2nd February 2010, slightly more than a year before Jamia Millia Islamia was granted minority institution status and has been signed by several t...

  • AIMMM urges government to amend 1988 Jamia Millia Act urgently

    New Delhi, 23 February 2011, Mr. Syed Shahabuddin, President of All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat has issued the following statement: The All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat sincerely appreciates & welcomes the finding, though belated...

  • All India Milli Council expresses reservations on Godhra Verdict

    New Delhi, Feb. 22: The All India Milli Council has expressed reservations about the judgment by special court on Godhra train attack. In a statement AIMC General Secretary Dr Mohammad Manzoor Alam said here today that the report was largely based...

  • IOS's Shah Waliullah Award-2010

    INSTITUTE OF OBJECTIVE STUDIES Cordially invites you to attend the ceremony of Shah Waliullah Award-2010 On "Contribution to Hadith Literature" to be presented to Professor Taqiuddin Nadwi (Founder a ...

  • Kolkata Student Union Elections: SFI attacks Islamic org cadre

    21 February 2011 (Kolkata): Hooligans belonging to the Students' Federation of India (SFI) camp exhibited their muscle power in the Students’ Union Election today at The Derozio Memorial College, Rajarhat.