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You can save MG from shutting down by subscribing for 3 years by paying Rs 1000. Please click the above link.  to find out how to pay by cheque or online.

But, if you too dont have the budget to take a 3 year subscription, here is the: 1 year subscription link at Rs 320. 


You can opt for cash on delivery within India of each issue. In Cash on Delivery each copy will cost you Rs 20. Rs 15 cost of newspaper and Rs 5 postage. Postman will delivery the copy and collect cash, hence someone should be at the address to attend the postman during the time your postman generally comes.


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What our subscribers say about the print edition

I have always been reading The Milli Gazette with great interest and find it very informative and enlightening.
Padma Bhushan Syed Zahoor Qasim, Former Member Planning Commission & Vice-Chancellor Jamia Millia Islamia
M.P. Wakf Board has become your subscriber. I went through your paper. It is very old but it's new for me. I find this paper is very useful for the Muslim people. 
Omar Farook Khatani, CEO, M.P. Wakf Board, Bhopal, mp_waqfboard[at]

The informative news, which was authentic and accurate, was of great importance to the nation and its people. Please keep it up. 
Nawab Mohammed Abdul Ali, Prince of Arcot, Amir Mahal, Royapettah, Chennai
The Milli Gazette is progressing well. Diversity of coverage shows that despite these difficult times, MG is successfully representing the Ummah. 
Arif Iqbal, Editor, Urdu Book Review, Delhi

I congratulate you on keeping MG really independent of any sectarian, religious or factional political interests. 
Prof. Iqbal A Ansari, Human Rights Activist, New Delhi

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1. The online edition is kept stale. Its lags the print edition by nearly two-three weeks. 
2. By subscribing to the print edition, The Milli Gazette, will be delivered to your doorstep every fortnight. Each issue is of 24 tabloid pages chock-full of news, view and analysis on the Muslim scene in India and abroad...
3. Reading a print edition is convenient and better.
4. Costs almost "nothing".
5. You will be supporting your own voice! We are a reader supported newspaper.
The print edition is masha Allah, very timely. Please note that the online edition is kept stale on purpose, so that our paid readers get MG first.