1-15 January 2011

Table of Contents


Hindutva Communal-Terrorism: The Enemy Within (Amaresh Misra) 1

Under NIA, ATS nose, Hindutva terrorists roaming free (Pankaj Shukla) 1

Cartoon MG/Yusuf 1


Issue / Opinion

For Congress, Islam out, Hindutva in! (Ghulam Muhammed) 2

Wikileaks: a blow to the regimentation terrorism (Mustafa Khan) 2



Right to Education Act to safeguard minorities (AG Khan) 3

Digvijay’s dramatic disclosure about Karkare (AG Khan) 3

Peace posture unmasked: fangs bared (MG News Desk) 3

VHP reiterates Ram Mandir resolve, Mahant Gyandas says VHP a collection of fraudsters (MG News Desk) 3

Sunni Waqf Board appeals against Ayodhya Verdict 3



Systematic attacks against Christians 4

Supreme Court disciplines truant Bar Councils (MG News Desk) 4

Shiv Sena becomes licensing authority (MG News Desk) 4

Kashi temple banned for non-Hindus (MG News Desk) 4

Andhra govt ready to apologise over Makkah Masjid blast excesses (MG News Desk) 4

Excerpts from the ATS chargesheet in Malegaon case 4

India the ninth most corrupt country in the world: survey (MG News Desk) 4

Hindutva forces plan Mandir strategy (MG News Desk) 4

Islamic banking to appease Muslims: RSS (MG News Desk) 4

Parsis await Planning Commission clearance (MG News Desk) 4



Show cause notice to AMU (AG Khan) 5

Controversial questions send lecturer to jail 5

SIMI’s Munir Deshmukh in Bhopal police custody 5

No justice in Modi’s Gujarat (Farooq Abdul Gaffar Bawani) 5

American and Hindu “bomb” to rule the world (Alok Mehta) 5

Vinita Kamte on 26/11: Mumbai Police is hiding truth (Tarique Anwar) 5



Azam back, melodrama follows (AG Khan) 6

Has LeT taken a new identity? (AG Khan) 6

BJP overlooks as RSS and Congress lock horns over Hindu terror (Mohammad Naushad Khan) 6

Advani & Co. should be tried for sedition (Haider Abbas)



US used Bollywood too 7

Cablegate propels Congress missile (AG Khan) 7



Varanasi blast: Saffron involvement must be probed (Syyed Mansoor Agha) 8



Sunil Joshi murder: silencing the mastermind (AG Khan) 9

Wikileaks on Indian Muslims 9

Sons of Babur: Search for Indianness (AG Khan) 9

Muhammad Azharuddin elected as new SIO National President 9



Terror threat means harassment for Gujarat Muslims (Abdul Hafiz Lakhani) 10

Teesta may be called for probe (Abdul Hafiz Lakhani) 10

Complaint against riot cases lawyers! (Abdul Hafiz Lakhani) 10

Rally in support of accused Swami! (AH Lakhani) 10

Modi-Rahul word war over saffron terror (AH Lakhani) 10

How America looked at Gujarat in 2007 (Abdul Hafiz Lakhani) 10


Human Rights / Terrorism

NHRC in J&K: dismal record (AG Khan) 11

Chargesheet filed in Hyderabad blast (AG Khan) 11

Amit in tight corner over Tulsi encounter (AG Khan) 11

SC lets off 3 in RSS office attack case (MG News Desk) 11

Like Nazis, BJP kills Muslims: Digvijay (MG News Desk) 11

ISI: mistaken identity (MG News Desk) 11

Use of torture to extract confession, anyone surprised? (The Asian Human Rights Commission) 11



Why Can’t Hemant Karkare’s Death Be Politicised? (Farzana Versey) 12

Minorities in India (Kazi Vakil Ahmed) 12

Digvijay Singh’s statement on RSS terrorism 12



Ayodhya Verdict, Temple and Indian Nationalism (Ram Puniyani) 13

Rights group refutes Gehlot on compensation to riot victims (Mohammad Naushad Khan) 13

UP sanctions prosecution of Varun (Mohammad Naushad Khan) 13



Manufacturing “News:” To Win Muslims? (Nilofar Suhrawardy) 14

How Iran saved India – in 1994 (Iftikhar Gilani) 14

Babri Masjid demolition: 18 years of apathy (Syed Manzar Mehdi) 14


Jammu & Kashmir

Dateline Srinagar: Afsana Rashid 15

Valley erupts over Moharram restrictions 15

Congress leader bats for azadi 15

Protests on human rights day 15



Maulana Marghoobur Rahman (1914-2010) (Manzar Imam) 16


Special Reports

T.N.’s burqa-clad woman shows the way (Shafee Ahmed Ko) 17

Muharram in Faizabad (Manzar Mehdi Faizabadi) 17

TCN awards Afroz Sahil & Bihar Anjuman (Tariq Anwar) 17

Cartoon MG/Yusuf 1


Community News

Nizam’s assets in Haramain 18

Muslim Personal Law Board to file appeal 18

Short-term courses for women launched 18

Readymade minars for mosques 18

Graduation Ceremony at Bukhari Aalim Arabic College 18

Encroachment of graveyard land at Noida 18

Eyes on Saharanpur Waqf properties 18

Communal disharmony averted 18

M.P. to provide 56,000 scholarships to minorities 18

50,000 unemployed in the Valley 18

Urdu Day in Hijaz 18

186 tie knot in group-wedding ceremony 18

Ali Sena demonstrates at Home Ministry 18

Shia Personal Law Board’s proposals to Waqf Committee 18

Imam Organisation discuss problems of Delhi Imams 18

Encroachment of graveyard and Karbala land 18

UP government halts Kalam’s pet project in Amethi 18


Community News

Intn’l Seminar on Sheikh Ali Hujweri 19

SBI to open accounts with Urdu signatures 19

Awadh Nawab’s descendents demand hike in pensions 19

IEleven Muslim children working as bonded labour rescued 19

Women make flowers bloom in barren land 19

Programmes on Sir Syed’s birth anniversary 19

Film on Sir Syed 19

Maulana Azad Library Golden Jubilee celebration at AMU 19

“Urdu Day” celebrated in Bulund Shahr Girls College 19

Only 5124 Urdu teachers qualified for merit list 19

Urdu poetry in Japanese language 19

Maulana Mufti Taqui Usmani’s book on history released 19

Employment awareness campaign launched at Bidar 19

N.M. Rashid’s birth anniversary at AMU 19


Community News

Iran’s stand on Kashmir irks India 20

Interlocutors to come out with roadmap soon 20

“Roadmap only for troop withdrawal”: Geelani 20

Congress minister pleads for Kashmir “Azadi” 20

Indian Welfare Society’s charity drive 20

SC seeks report on rehabilitation of Kashmiri migrants 20

Bangalore to host Urdu conference and Mushaira 20

117 Muslims recruited in Maharashtra Police 20

47 Hajis had a narrow escape near Madinah 20

Weavers face starvation threat 20

Premji Foundation gadgets in Bengal schools 20

FIR against Saamna 20

29 Muslim students succeed in KVPY competition 20


Community News

Rajasthan creates Minority Affairs Dept 21

Fatehpuri Masjid: facelift plan on the anvil 21

Strive for nation-building: Milli Council 21

Taj Mahal likely to be lost forever 21

World Heritage City race: Ahmadabad beats Delhi 21

Historic Mosque demolished in Saharanpur 21

Hazrat Nizamuddin facelift at a snail’s pace 21

Dr. Haneef returns to Australia for compensation claims 21

VP stresses need for concerted action to curb terror 21

‘High Tech’ mobile launched 21

Adham Khan’s tomb suffers neglect 21

Rahman in Oscar race again 21

After Karkare’s death, ATS halted Malegaon probe (Soumittra S Bose’s) 21

No visas, Int’l Qirat competition in Bhopal cancelled 21


Community News

Torture rampant in J&K: Red Cross 22

Lecturer arrested for setting controversial question paper (Afsana Rashid) 22

J&K govt implicating innocents: PDP (Afsana Rashid) 22

Promo of first Kashmiri feature film (Afsana Rashid) 22

Pataudi on court pitch 22

And, (as if) God did not create women 22

Dhaula Kuan rape brings disgrace to Mewat Muslims 22

Israeli Ambassador’s remarks irk Muslims 22

Harmony restored in Kanpur 22

Mandir demolition foiled by protesting mob 22

Askari Masjid-Gurudwara dispute: administration gears up 22

AMU campus in jubilant mood: strike called off 22

Notice issued to Urdu poet for criticising Modi 22

Sectarian clash in J&K’s Bandipura 22



Western Civilization Has Shed Its Values (Paul Craig Roberts) 23

Holocaust Compensation Row (spiegel.de) 23

Top Israel rabbis: Don’t sell property to non-Jews (Amy Teibel) 23

Obama To Netanyahu: "You win" (Alan Hart) 23



Cables Belie Gulf States’ Backing for Strikes on Iran (Gareth Porter and Jim Lobe) 24

US Cable Hints at Israeli-Palestinian Cooperation 24



WikiLeaks: Cables reveal U.S. military role in Muslim world (Shashank Bengali) 25



Will the departure of Holbrooke make an impact on Afghanistan? (Karamatullah K. Ghori) 26



An exercise in Understanding the Qur’an, Book: An exercise in Understanding the Qur’an, Author: Irfan Ahmad Khan, Publisher: Association for Qur’anic Understanding, USA, Pages: 216, Price: Not mentioned, ISBN: 978-1567447736 (Dr AG Khan) 27

A guide to RTI, Book: Suchana Ka Adhikar (Hindi), Author:     Afroz Alam, “Sahil”, Publisher:  Jama’at-e-Islami Hind, (community & social wing), Jamia Nagar, New Delhi, Year:      2010, Price:      Rs 30, Pages:   142 (AG Khan) 27


Islamic Perspectives

Quranic Concept of ‘Ibadah (Prof. Zafarul Islam) 28

An opening for the empowerment of women (Ghulam Muhammed) 28

How Islam is the solution? (Abdul Hannan Siwani Nadwi) 28


MG Classifieds 29


Rejoinder / Opinion / Letters

MG (Ishfaq Ahmed, Asif K.M, Afzal Ali Shah, Syed Abubaker Maliki, Masood Mohd. Khan, Farooq Abdul Gaffar Bawani, A K M Pulikal, Abdur Razzaque) 30

Babri Masjid case and Shari’at (Syed Shahabuddin) 30

Who Killed Karkare? (VT Rajshekar, S. Akhtar U. Patel) 30

Digvijay Singh on Karkare (Amaresh Misra, Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi) 30

Omar Khalidi (Syed Shahabuddin) 30

Conviction of Binayak Sen (Justice Rajindar Sachar) 30

The saga of ND Tiwari (Kausar Fatima) 30

Qur’an based theory of Prof. P.A. Waheed (Mohammad Azam) 30

Saffron Terror: Aseemanand the monster of Gujarat (Nazneen O. Saherwala) 30

Day dreaming (A. Hameed Yousuf) 30

Abdul Wahab ‘Naaz’ Nahtori (Shakeel Ahmad Frank) 30

Ramjanmsthan mandir is in Ayodhya (G. Hasnain Kaif, Faheemuddin) 30


Rejoinder / Opinion / Letters

Co-incidences of 6 December (S. Haque) 32

Religions teach love and brotherhood (G. Hasnain Kaif) 31

Consult Qur’an (S.A.U. Patel) 31

Muslim society must look in own society (S. Haque) 31

It is futile to expect justice (Fayaz Ahmad Naidkhai) 31

Know the Mughal emperors, know them well (Y.R. Pathan) 31

Judiciary (Syed Sultan Mohiddin, S. Haque) 31

Arrest the culprits (Shafaque Alam) 31

Why 300 dalits want to change religion (S. Haque) 31

Allah’s warning?! (Sultan A. Patel) 31

Khap panchayat and human rights (Farhana Siddiqui) 31

Ram Rajya is welcome (Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi) 31

VVIP security causing death (Madhu Agarwal) 31

The PM and the PAC (Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Mohd. Ziyaullah Khan) 31

Middle East crisis (Syed Sultan Mohiddin) 31

Richard Holbrooke (Ghulam Muhammed) 31

Live-in relationships (Shafaque Alam) 31




Idafa Investments Pvt. Ltd. 3


Kaleem Kawaja 6


Kanti Weekly / Kanti Monthly 20


Taarikh Tadween Sunnat (Islamic Studies Research Academy) 21


Idarah Al-Hasanaat (Rampur) 25


Free Online Health Consultation 29

Urdu Book Review 29

India’s first and only Scientific and Informative Urdu Magazine 29


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Bombay High Court taking note of Who Killed Karkare? said, “there are some issues raised in the book that the State should answer.”32