1-15 July 2010

Table of Contents


Poetic Justice From Prosaic Nitish (Soroor Ahmed) 1

Dangerous signs ahead (Zafarul-Islam Khan) 1

Cartoon MG/Yusuf 1


Issue / Opinion

Mockery of Ideals (M. Burhanuddin Qasmi) 2

Commonwealth Games: distorted priorities (Mani Shankar Aiyar) 2



Condemnation of Israel’s attack on aid flotilla continues (NA Ansari) 3

Zakir Naik’s entry into UK banned (NA Ansari) 3

Who Killed Karkare? in Marathi 3

Margao to get graveyard within six months (Mohammad Naushad Khan) 3



Hindutvites behind Mecca Masjid blast 4

‘The RSS does not support anyone involved in terrorism’ 4

75-year-old hung from tree, tortured by cops 4

Enough attractive opportunities in media 4

Half of PM’s pet projects are incomplete in J&K 4

PMO gets papers and mags worth 12 lakh 4



Modi’s tactics in projecting himself as Muslim-friendly backfire (NA Ansari) 5

“The govt should open its eyes to Hindu terrorism” 5

How Insecurity Advisor scuttled peace (Zafarul-Islam Khan) 5



Communal elements threaten religious freedom: Iyer (T. Riyas Babu) 6

What are we learning from Israeli security experts? (Sayeed Hameed) 6

Two surprising news about RSS 6



Dharshana TV: a new voice for Kerala Muslims (T. Riyas Babu) 7

Kashmiri separatists reject PM’s talks offer (NA Ansari) 7

‘Money for death’ attempt foiled in Kupwara (J&K) 7

Attacks on Christians 7



Discontent over judicial interventions in personal laws (Haider Abbas) 8

Overtly IM, covertly AB (Salman Sultan) 8



Roadblocking Expansion of AMU (N. Jamal Ansari) 9

BJP fumbles, allies virtually on the edge (Mohammad Naushad Khan) 9



Practice of bigamy is prevalent more among Hindus (Masoom Muradabadi) 10

How Privacy Vanishes Online (Steve Lohr) 10

Modi is soft on Naxals, hard on Muslims (Abdul Hafiz Lakhani) 10

More trouble for Guj. police over Kauserbi (Abdul Hafiz Lakhani) 10

Disturbed areas bill gets nod 10


Human Rights / Terrorism

Advertisement of those who shun publicity: RSS and its catch 22 (Mustafa Khan) 11

Batla encounter: NHRC relied only on police version (Majid Jahangir) 11



India’s police are its worst enemy (Basil Fernando) 12

‘A majority of the police force is biased’ (Vicky Nanjappa) 12

Kashmir’s serial killings (Tuba Naqash) 12



Kashmiriyat Revisited (Ram Puniyani) 13

Sangh dominates Orissa schools (Prashanti) 13



Kashmiri Muslims Need Justice, Not Bullets (Nilofar Suhrawardy) 14

Bhopal verdict: a cruel joke (Anis Ahmad) 14

Urdu Media viciously attacks Israel (Malik Asghar Hashmi) 14


Jammu & Kashmir

Dateline Srinagar: Afsana Rashid 15

Prime Minister fails to enthuse confidence 15

Survey shows preferences across Kashmir 15



Nirmal Singh Kalsi (Prof. Harbans Lal) 16

Usman Ghani ‘Aadil’ (Nadeem Siddiqui) 16


Special Reports

Falahuddarain holds annual Sirat conference (Showkat Nanda) 17

Shahabuddin felicitated in Washington DC (Kaleem Kawaja) 17

Cartoon M/G Yusuf 17


Community News

One killed in communal riot in Noida 18

Rahmani Foundation to start chartered accountancy course 18

Raza’s painting sold for record price of over Rs 16 crores 18

Judge of Babri Masjid’s special court transferred 18

Anjuman Taraqqi-e-Urdu to agitate against Delhi govt 18

“Reservation against Islamic principles”: Kalbe Sadiq 18

Muslims must focus on education for better future 18

AP Waqf Board CEO arrested for accepting bribe 18

8,500 Bangladeshis in UP 18

Justice MY Iqbal sworn in as the CJ of Madras HC (T. Riyas Babu) 18

Gujjar kids are worst victims of child labour in J&K 18


Community News

J&K Congressmen held as fidayeen! 19

Urdu University’s polytechnic courses 19

Masjid and madrasa demolished in Lucknow 19

Human Rights Commission and fake encounters 19

Jaswant Singh on Jamia and Batla House 19

Delegation’s meeting with detainees in Jaipur’s jail 19

Progress sans Identity is a sheer loss 19

Government to implement more minority welfare schemes 19


Community News

“No Just World without partnership against imperialism” 20

MIECT scholarships to Muslim student 20

Afzal Guru Case: Sharp Reaction In Kashmir 20

Christian Council’s consultation with Muslim & Dalit leaders 20

JIH workers hurt as CPM activists attack meeting 20

IM ban ploy to harass Muslims: ex-SIMI chief 20

Career Guidance Seminar (2010) 20


Community News

Haryana Wakf Board starts engg college 21

Raj Thackeray gets Quran as birthday gift 21

Loan Waiver Scheme for Christian converts 21

Unidentified graves found in J&K 21

Stop medals for murder in J&K (Afsana Rashid) 21

India’s rich getting richer 21

Islamic banking and finance website launched 21



The Real Threat Aboard the Freedom Flotilla (Noam Chomsky) 22

Israel will fall in 20 years: CIA report 22

Israel’s barbaric attack on Gaza aid flotilla exposed Arab political, military and moral bankruptcy (Latheef Farook) 22



The new media lingo: terror, terror, terror... (Robert Fisk) 23

Looting the victims of the Raid on the Gaza flotilla (Stanley Heller) 23

America’s “War on Terrorism” by Chossudovsky 23



Iran hangs American mercenary 24

Swedish dockworkers boycott Israeli ships 24

Malaysia calls for emergency UN session on “Flotilla crime” 24

Erdogan: Hamas is a resistance movement 24

Israel is racist state 24



Terrorism: made in the USA (Sheldon Richman) 25

War Crimes Suit Filed Against Barak, Livni in Belgium (Aljaazera.net) 25

Israel’s secret prison wing sparks uproar 25



A New dawn on the ME horizon (Karamatullah K. Ghori) 26



The Three-Thousand-Year Battle for Palestine (Aisha R. Masterton) 27

A Journey of Faith - Because the spirit is more important than the body (Mirza Yawar Baig) 27


Islamic Perspectives

Ulama – a strategy for change – iii (Yawar Baig) 28

Hijabi women are ambassadors of Islam (Tayseir Mahmoud) 28


MG Classifieds 29


Rejoinder / Opinion / Letters

MG (Abdussalam Falahi) 30

Hindi Newspaper (Mohammed Azam) 30

Sides of the border (Dr Mookhi Amir Ali) 30

Muslims can’t afford to lose AMU and JMI! (Manzar Imam Qasmi) 30

Condemn the Israeli terrorism (Mohammed Azam) 30

900 Gandhi’s went on six boats.................. (Raja Chemayel) 30

Modi’s false claim over Muslims exposed (Farzana Nigar) 30

Fatwa and media publicity (Mohd Ziyaullah Khan) 30

Hijab differentiates pious and poisonous attraction (Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom) 30

Faulty census (Syed Imteyaz Husain) 30

Shame on you, Mr. Momin (Farooq A. Gaffar Bawani) 30

Terrorism redefined after Col. Purohit and Sadhvi (Mohammad Ziyaullah Khan) 30

Ban on IM (Dr. Javed Akhtar) 30


Rejoinder / Opinion / Letters

Ban on Dr Zakir Naik and role of Muslim Journalists thereof (Ahmad Kashmiri) 31

Surrogacy: shameful and immoral (Ghulam Muhammed) 31

Former CJI Ahmadi unfairly targeted (Syed Khurshid Anwar) 31

Too-lenient-verdict on Bhopal gas tragedy (Shafaque Alam) 31

Don’t blame Rajiv Gandhi (Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi) 31

Stop CBI becoming his masters’ voice (Madhu Agarwal) 31

Faith upon Indian Judiciary eroded (S. Haque) 31

President’s visit to China (Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi) 31

Practical order by High Court Judge (Subhash Chandra Agarwal) 31

Five crore row (Mookhi Aamir Ali) 31

Grave threat to the mankind (G. Hasnain Kaif) 31

NIC has appointed some dividing members (Mohd Ziyaullah Khan) 31

Rajapaksa paving way for turmoil in Lanka (Hem Raj Jain) 31



Idafa Investments Pvt. Ltd. 3


Kaleem Kawaja 6


Kanti Weekly / Kanti Monthly 20


Taarikh Tadween Sunnat (Islamic Studies Research Academy) 21


Voice of Kashmir 24


Idarah Al-Hasanaat (Rampur) 25


Free Online Health Consultation 29

Urdu Book Review 29

India’s first and only Scientific and Informative 29


Announcement IDB Scholarship Programme (2010-11) 32