1-15 June 2012

Table of Contents

Catching up with the SIT chief (Firdaus Ahmed) 1

Congress strategy: kick ‘em to get their votes (Zafarul-Islam Khan) 1


Issue / Opinion

Muslim votebank: myth or reality? (M. Ameen) 2

Human life remains as cheap as a bullet (Suhas chakma) 2



Muslim MPs meet PM, demand minority plan 3

After Karkare’s death, investigations into bomb blasts came to a standstill (MG News Desk) 3



Movement in Azamgarh to convert Shibli College into a university (MG News Desk) 4

Twenty-thousand rendered jobless after demolition of slaughter house (MG News Desk) 4

UP tops in fake encounters (MG News Desk) 4

Untested vaccines causing havoc across India 4

Kanshiram Zoo is now Ashfaqullah Khan Zoo 4

No divorce clause in Anand Marriage Bill 4

Govt plans watchdog to check misleading ads 4



Ghazipur women wait for liberation from manual scavenging (VB Rawat) 5

Aamir Khan focuses on life’s real issues 5



Politics over food habits (Ram Puniyani) 6

Attempt to fan sectarian differences in J&K 6

Deoband student still in Lucknow Jail after four years (MG News Desk) 6

Consultation on Interest- free microfinance 6



Draw the community out of its shell: new AMU VC (Aziz Haider) 7

Why media blacked out AIMPLB Conference (Asim Jalal) 7



Haj Subsidy: religious and constitutional aspects (Syed Zafar Mahmood) 8

Madrasa Education System in South Assam (Bazlur Rahman Khan) 8



Mohammad Yunus pioneer of agrarian reform (Mohammad Sajjad) 9



Hurriyat leader calls for dialogue to find solution (Afsana Rashid) 10

Valley hospitals a death trap for infants (Afsana Rashid) 10

Over 0.2 million orphans in Kashmir (Afsana Rashid) 10

Yasin Malik’s father dies (Afsana Rashid) 10

Where is Fasih Ahmad? 10

JUH holds 31st conference 10



Don’t Blame Indian Muslims (Nilofar Suhrawardy) 11

An open letter to SIT Chief Shri R.K. Raghavan (Asghar Ali Engineer) 11


Men & Women In News

Wahid Chowhan: Sir Syed of Sikar  12


Special Report

Istanbul World Political Forum (By our own correspondent) 13


Community News

Tipu Memorial Day 14

Ajmal’s Relief Package for Dhubri Families 14

US-based charity builds schools for poor Muslims in AP 14

SC’s notice to the central government against ban on SIMI 14

Question mark over intelligence gathering (Mohammad Naushad Khan) 14

Five-member committee to promote Muslim education 14

Ramdev supports reservation for Muslim, Christian Dalits 14

BJP MLA booked for inciting communal violence 14

BJP MLA Rathore held in Dara Singh encounter case 14


Community News

Release of Hindi translation of Laulaak 15

Raj. police not co-operating in Tulsi encounter case: CBI 15

No evidence of the 70 bullets fired during Ishrat encounter 15

Annual function of Milli Model School 15

Burmese refugees: Muslims appeal to the govt for intervention 15

RSS affiliates may go to court on TNC’s benefits to Imams 15

Century-old mosque demolished by Jindal mining group 15

Javed Jamil’s “Muslim Vision” released 15



U. S. Military Taught Officers: Use 'Hiroshima' Tactics for ‘Total War’ on Islam 16

India turns down Barak request to make official visit  16

Right-wing Americans thwarted peace accord: Olmert 16



Bush convicted of war crimes in absentia 17

Holocaust "The Greatest Lie of Modern Times":

Italian Daily  17



Obama Playing Politics with Afghanistan (Karamatullah K. Ghori) 18

Israelis seek EU passports amid existential angst 18

Israel peace accord 'dead and buried': Moussa 18

Tel Aviv spreads falsehood, deceptions against Iran: Israeli daily 18

Israel ex-security chief says leadership 'misleading public' on Iran  18


Books from Pharos Media, publishers of MG 19


Islamic Perspective

Religion is a unifying force (Zafarul-Islam Khan) 20



Book:   The Arab Spring, Author:          Ishtiyaque Danish, Publisher:     Pigeon Books, New Delhi, Pages:         199, Price:             160 (Mohammad Zeyaul Haque) 21

Book: Then We Were One, Fragments of Two Lives, Author: Fred A. Reed, Publisher: Talon Books, Pages: 294, Price:  $19.55. (M. Azhar Ali Khan) 21


MG Classifieds 22


Rejoinder / Opinion / Letters

MG (Shakeel Ahmad Frank) 23

The Muslim syndrome in U.P. Muslim politics (Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai) 23

Homosexuality (Khan Vellayani) 23

One crore baby girls killed during the last 20 years (G. Hasnain Kaif) 23

TADA, POTA, NCTC… (S. Haque) 23

Price of Partition (J. S. Bandukwala) 23

Blood drinkers in our country? (S. Akhtar) 23

Begging among Indian Muslims (Faheemuddin) 23

Plight of Muslims (G. Hasnain Kaif) 23

Blind, deaf and dumb? (S. Akhtar) 23

Mazharul Haque University, an orphan (S. Haque) 23

Right to Education (Mohd Ziyaullah Khan) 23

S.C. puts a seal on Muslim demand (S. Haque) 23

Arrest of Kafil Ahmad - Facts & Timings (S. Haque) 23

Anti-pathy towards democracy (Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai) 23

Muslim women in Gujarat (Nazneen O. Saherwala) 23

SIT and Modi (Mukul Dube) 23



Idarah Al-Hasanaat (Rampur) 17


Qur’an – A verse a day 22

Taarikh Tadween Sunnat – Islamic Studies Academy (Pvt.) Ltd. 22

Kaanti (Weekly and Monthly) 22

Urdu Book Review 22

India’s first and only Scientific and Informative Urdu Magazine 22


Enlightens Allah’s Message – www.mostmerciful.com 24

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Foodsmiths 24

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