1-15 March 2011

Table of Contents



Congress and BJP jostle for political upmanship (Mohammad Naushad Khan) 1

Sykes-Picot regime is falling down (Zafarul-Islam Khan) 1

Cartoon MG/Yusuf 1


Issue / Opinion

Paralysed Investigating Agencies (Yasir Bin Taiyab) 2

JTSA on fake encounters’ veteran Tyagi (Manisha Sethi) 2

Is causing a blast necessary for one to be a “terrorist”? (Abu Asim) 2



Brakes on the progress of Muslims in Gujarat (Sheesh Narain Singh) 3

Modi wins hearts of Bohra community (Abdul Hafiz Lakhani) 3

Deoband gets acting rector (NA Ansari) 3

Salma Ansari’s achievements (Mohammad Naushad Khan) 3

“Quote, Unquote” (Noam Chomsky) 3



Indresh killed Joshi: blast financer Bharat Bhai (Mohammad Naushad Khan) 4

Seven “terrorist” youths acquitted by court (NA Ansari) 4

Probe profiling of Muslims: Civil society (Mohammad Naushad Khan) 4

Excerpts from the ATS chargesheet in Malegaon case 4

I did not mean to insult Patil: minister 4

Seven lakh girls killed in womb every year in India 4



Middle East Conflict discussed at AMU 5

Karnataka high on communal riots list 5

Kerala govt to use Shariah-based fund for roads (MG News Desk) 5

Is real investigation of Malegaon 2006 blasts viable? (Mustafa Khan) 5



Demand to keep Urdu out of regional list (NA Ansari) 6

Sultan Bellari's murder case cracked (Mohammad Naushad Khan) 6

Jamia Millia is a minority institution (NA Ansari) 6

God's favour through service to man (NA Ansari) 6

Symposium on communal harmony (Mohammad Naushad Khan) 6

Godhra victims deserve our generous help (Zafarul-Islam Khan, J. S. Bandukwala, Syed Shahabuddin) 6



Seminar on Sirah literature 7

CBI challenges Lucknow Bench’s verdict on Advani & Co. 7

Communal riots in Raj. force Dalits to migrate 7

Riots in Gujarat continue unabated (Shesh Narain Singh) 7

Another Muslim party gets ready (Andalib Akhter) 7



Guru Nanak shrine in Baghdad lives on in memories (AFP) 8

Justice Sachar advocates uplift of backward Muslims 8

Abdul Hadi - Gandhi of Rajasthan (5 May 1926 — 6 November 2010) (Murad Ali Abra I.P.S. (Retd)) 8



RSS leader asks PM to protect Sangh leaders! (Shish Narayan Singh) 9

Probe by multiple agencies hampers investigation process (Mohammad Naushad Khan) 9

Centre-State cross-fire over Internal security at CMs meet (AG Khan) 9

SC vexed over Rajasthan govt’s inaction in illegal arms case (Mohammad Naushad Khan) 9

Missing SIM vital link to trace suspects (Mohammad Naushad Khan) 9

Mutalik held by ATS in Malegoan blast (Mohammad Naushad Khan) 9

Maha govt still undecided on AMU centre (ummid.com) 9

Joshi's murder: BJP corporator arrested (AG Khan) 9



Godhra judgement: justice compromised (Abdul Hafiz Lakhani) 10

Modi got a jolt at the hustings (Abdul Hafiz Lakhani) 10

Teesta hits out at Modi (Abdul Hafiz Lakhani) 10

Court reserves order on Bhoomi Pujan at HC premises (AH Lakhani) 10


Human Rights / Terrorism

On saying “Ram, Ram,” police stopped beating and administering electric shocks (NA Ansari) 11

When will UPA II shed its velvet glove treatment of RSS (Haider Abbas) 11

NIA’s breakthrough in Modasa blast probe (Vishwa Mohan) 11

Himayat Baig was picked up by ATS even before German Bakery blast (MG News Desk) 11



Indian Constitution and Hindutva (B.A. Desai) 12

The Burden of Secularism (Ali Khan Mahmudabad) 12



Muslims and the myth of Vibrant Gujarat (Ram Puniyani) 13



Godhra Verdict: Unanswered Questions! (Nilofar Suhrawardy) 14

Overhaul Abusive Counterterrorism Tactics: HRW (Human Rights Watch) 14

Accounts from “The ‘Anti-Nationals’” 14


Jammu & Kashmir

Dateline Srinagar: Afsana Rashid 15

Probe ordered against Army killing 15

Attempt to occupy hospital frustrated 15

People injured in renewed clashes 15

Stone-pelters are addicts: Police claim 15


Newsmakers 16

M. Rafeeque Ahmed gets Padma Shri Award (V. M. Khaleelur Rahman) 16


Special Reports

AMU students new team inaugurated 17

Ms. Rahila Khatoon the first visually-challenged research scholar 17

Yemeni ambassador to India 17

Young Ishan Hussain has big dreams 17

Cartoon MG/Yusuf 1


Community News

AIMF to contest 80 seats in Assam 18

RBI’s agreement with J&K: fears voiced 18

Kashmiri Pandits demand separate state 18

Lack of juvenile home makes minors criminals 18

CIC to CBI: make public its investigation report on RAW 18

Repeal AFSPA: UN rapporteur 18

Army sacks Muslim for second marriage 18

Keep an eye on Narmada Kumbh: Digvijay 18

Christians fear RSS Kumbh aimed to reconvert tribals 18

Sachar for Christians demanded 18

Mumbai blasts hearing from (March 29) (18)

India against sanctions on Iran 18

Khurshid promises to take care of detentions 18

All’s not well in Modi’s Gujarat 18


Community News

UPA, BJP opposes SC views on banned outfit (JKLF) 19

Pillai contradicts Congressmen on right wing terror 19

Sangh provoking communal tension in Husaipur 19

India rejects modernising offer of madrasas by Indonesia 19

‘Intelligence’ deficit admitted by retired officers 19

CBI to interrogate suspects in Ajmer blast case 19

AK-47 and explosives seized in West Bengal 19

Hashim Ansari moves SC against HC verdict on Ayodhya 19

Burney apologises and agrees to change his book title 19

Zafarul-Islam Khan lectures at Shanti Niketan 19

Ekta Yatra fetches BJP political dividends 19

HC directs government to pay enchanced compensation 19

Rs 21,000 to each BBA/BCA student of Deoband college 19

HC notice to police for civilian killings 19


Community News

Two-nation theory is a gift of Savarkar 20

Indian Muslims in Oman to support Vision (2016) 20

Muslim leaders’ guidance to Muslims for census 20

Practical steps needed for release of innocent Muslim youths 20

Sir Syed lecture at Tata Institute of Social Sciences 20

Ali Day celebrated at AMU 20

SC’s notice on Afzal Guru’s petition for transfer to J&K jail 20


Community News

Gandhi killers are real enemies of India 21

Madni’s bail application rejected 21

Attempt to give a minor clash communal colour 21

Road named after Sikandar Bakht 21

Gujarat far behind, Muslims most backward there 21

New lease of life for Chashma Building Girls School 21

Road in Delhi named after Ustad Hafiz Ali Khan 21

Pitiable condition of Urdu schools 21

Attack on Yasin Malik by Hindutvites disturbs Kashmir 21

J&K police interacts with stone pelters to fight social evils 21


Community News

RSS rejects trousers as dress code 22

Dr. Zakir Naik addresses Oxford Union via satellite 22

Seven candidates sponsored by ZFI successful in J&K 22

ZFI’s training programme for awakening among Muslims 22

ZFI’s training programme for awakening among Muslims 22

Darul Uloom plans fatwa management cell 22

90 % bunkars deprived of govts concessions and facilities 22

First Urdu Diwan of North India to be published soon 22

Magsasay winner Sandeep Pandey returns award 22

VHP against division of disputed land 22

Census deptt’s attitude vis-à-vis religion and language 22

Rahmani Foundation’s free IOL Camp 22

Performance of Maha’s ministry of minorities affairs in (2010) 22

Rift among state and central agencies hampers terror probe 22



The Future of the Arab World (Asghar Ali Engineer) 23

40 billion USD ‘missing’ from Iraq accounts (middle-east-online.com) 23

Eight metres high Portrait of Qaboos 23

Egypt requests freeze on Hosni Mubarak’s foreign assets (bbc.co.uk) 23



Islamophobia in Britain, a reality (Ibn Sibghat) 24

CIA Spy Davis Was Giving Nuclear Bomb Material to Al-Qaeda: Report (ANI) 24

Raymond Davis ‘was acting head of CIA in Pakistan’ (Reuters) 24



Chomsky: US supports stable dictators (presstv.ir) 25

The Veto and the Case for Impeaching President Obama (Alan Hart) 25



The New Arab Reality has no room for icons (Karamatullah K. Ghori) 26



An Islamic perspective on Jihad: The Truth about Jihad, Author: Yahya Nomani, Publisher: Furqan Publications, 90 B Hanley Road, London, United Kingdom, Translated and Edited by Yoginder Sikand, Year of Publication: 2010, Pages: 128, Price: Not Mentioned (Mushtaq Ul Haq Ahmad Sikander) 27

Facts vs. Beliefs: Today’s Ancient Warfare”, “Anti-Zionists: The New Heretics”, “How Israel Wages War in Plain Sight” (Jeff Gates) 27


Islamic Perspectives

Muslims in Eastern Societies (Zafarul-Islam Khan) 28


MG Classifieds 29


Rejoinder / Opinion / Letters

MG (Imran Bandhani) 30

Fantastic article by Ram Puniyani (Mohammad Azam) 30

Godhra verdict: Muslims faith in Judiciary eroded (Syed Sultan Mohiddin) 30

Clean chit to Modi? (Mohd Ziyaullah Khan) 30

Gujarat (Dr. M.H. Kidwai) 30

Shameless Muslims (S. Akhtar) 30

A goof up at Census? (Abdul Qayyum) 30

Hope from Wajahat Habibullah (S. Haque) 30

Great agitation against Allahabad Judgement (MA Haji Muhammad) 30

Religions teach love and brotherhood (G. Hasnain Kaif) 30

Was Jinnah secular or communal? (Ruby Naushad) 30

Corporate image tarnished by scams (Mohd Ziyaullah Khan) 30

Muslim gave India Jai Hind (S. Haque) 30

Rejoinder: Pasmandah MuslimsWho were responsible for India’s Partition (Syed Shahabuddin) 30


Rejoinder / Opinion / Letters

Didi’s bonanza offer (Shafaque Alam) 30

The Islamic law of deet (Dr AH Maqdoomi) 30

Muslim ghosts (S. Akhtar) 30

Burning of effigy of Godse (Faheemuddin) 31

PM on scam (A Hameed Yousuf) 31

Advani’s apology (Dr Mookhi Amir) 31

Corruption is India’s biggest enemy (G. Hasnain Kaif) 31

VVIP cells in Tihar jail (Subhash Chandra Agrawal) 31

SC asks Gujjars to pay Rs 2,000 millions as fine (Hem Raj Jain) 31

Judiciary and the Judges (Dr AH Maqdoomi) 31

Taking law in hands (Subhash Chandra Agrawal) 31

Who is guilty? (Shafaque Alam) 31

The citadel of Hosni Mubarak crumbled (Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Mohammad Azam) 31

Libya’s lunatic leader (S. Akhtar) 31

Seema Chishti, an Indian Express correspondent with a Muslim name (Ghulam Muhammed) 31

Who hides behind "Indian Mujahideen"? (Rezanno) 31

Iran (Dr Javed Jamil) 31



Idafa Investments Pvt. Ltd. 3


Kaleem Kawaja 6


Kanti Weekly / Kanti Monthly 20


Taarikh Tadween Sunnat (Islamic Studies Research Academy) 21


Idarah Al-Hasanaat (Rampur) 25


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