1-15 November 2010

Table of Contents



Indian democracy buried justice in the grave of a mosque (Avinash Pandey) 1

Cartoon MG/Yusuf 1


Issue / Opinion

Merchants of Babri (Ma’soom Muradabadi) 2

Belief, Indian Society and Law (Abdul Hannan Siwani Nadvi) 2

Judgement is not in consonance with Constitution or justice (Sandeep Pandey) 2



Babri verdict: open sesame for BJP (AG Khan) 3

Reply to petitions on ‘plot’ to kill Hemant Karkare: Bombay high court 3

Quote Unquote (Tehelka magazine) 3



Rahul equates free RSS with banned SIMI (Mohammad Naushad Khan) 4

Hindutva zealots to recruit 10,000 guerrillas in M.P. 4

Jama Masjid firing: no breakthrough yet 4

Muslims perform Hindu’s funeral 4

Excerpts from the ATS chargesheet in Malegaon case 4

6500 communal riots in the past 9 years with more than 2200 deaths 4

Sunil Joshi murder: right-wing criminal held 4

VHP leader spew venom in Hyderabad 4

MPs' criminal records lost in inter-dept volley 4

Shah’s bail plea rejected 4



Hashim Ansari’s efforts to ensure peace in Ayodhya (Manzar Mehdi Faizabadi) 5

“Muslim claim would lie even if all Muslim plaintiffs withdraw” (Haider Abbas) 5

Kalbe Abid, Sadiq, Jawad and Babri Masjid (Haider Abbas) 5


Babri Reactions

Constitutional Gymnastics: vandals became victors (AG Khan) 6

Court’s verdict on Babri Masjid (NA Ansari) 6

Shia Personal Law Board in favour of arbitration in Ayodhya case 6


Babri Reactions

Reactions on Ayodhya judgement (NA Ansari) 7

Politicians out to milk the controversy (MG Desk) 7

After fake encounters, armymen fake RDX (Mohammad Naushad Khan) 7

104 armymen punished for violation of human rights 7

Two Kashmiri boys arrested while pasting posters in Delhi 7



Tehelka joins Kerala’s Great Terrorist Hunt (Sudeep K S & Bobby Kunhu) 8

Ayodhya’s two choices: peace or perish (AG Khan) 8



Kashmiri migrants are rotting in Pakistani camps (Issam Ahmed) 9

Conflict Zone and Role of Voluntary Sector (Mushtaq Ul Haq Ahmad Sikander) 9

Mental and psychological pressure on the people of Kashmir (NA Ansasri) 9

Corrupt bureaucracy finds Kasmir a paradise 9



Muslim votes made ineffective in Modi’s Gujarat (Abdul Hafiz Lakhani) 10

Modi’s shaastriya discourse on shastra (Abdul Hafiz Lakhani) 10

PIL against EVM used in Gujarat (Abdul Hafiz Lakhani) 10

Modi manipulates Media (AH Lakhani) 10

Destruction of records unfortunate (AH Lakhani) 10

Ex-CM cries against extortion in Gujarat (Abdul Hafiz Lakhani) 10

SIT is not ready to probe Isharat case 10


Human Rights / Terrorism

The Terror Industry: Hoaxes [Unlimited] Corporation (AG Khan) 11

Missing explosives: black gold 11

Court martial against Purohit yet not initiated (AG Khan) 11

US agencies ignored warnings before Mumbai terrorist attack (WSWS.org)  11



Maulana Wahiduddin’s views on Babri (Ghulam Muhammed) 12

Babri: seeking fresh verdict - pros and cons (AG Khan) 12



Saffron terror finally exposed — top RSS gun Indresh Kumar main plotter (AG Khan) 13

Ajmer blast timeline 13



Communal Conflict & Amicable Settlement (Nilofar Suhrawardy) 14

Elegy of Ummat-e Marhooma (Zafarul-Islam Khan) 14

Jama Masjid firing : No convincing clues yet (AG Khan) 14


Jammu & Kashmir

Dateline Srinagar: Afsana Rashid 15

Omar Abdullah raises uncomfortable questions 15

Security forces claim more victims 15

Separatists in jails 15



Dr Abdussabour Shahin (1928-2010) 16


Special Reports

The Youngest Animator (Syed Sujeel Ahmed) 17

FEED offers scholarships to disabled 17

Tamil youth invents hybrid bike 17

A Muslim-owned caterer offered 1.6 million meals during CWG 17

Cartoon M/G Yusuf 17


Community News

Eye treatment camp in AMU 18

Taameer 2000 at AMU 18

“Jilani more a spokesman of Muslims than a lawyer” (Manzar Mehdi Faizabadi) 18

Congress banks on Muslim-Yadav formula in Bihar (Mohammad Naushad Khan) 18

Public dicussion on Social Security and Right to Food 18

Study-Struggle-Serve-Students for social change 18

Sir Syed’s 193rd birth anniversary (Faisal Mohammad Khan) 18

Chargesheet fails to mention Isharat as LeT suicide bomber 18

Amar sorry for not objecting to Mulayam-Kalyan friendship 18

New SIT for Isharat case (Abdul Hafiz Lakhani) 18


Community News

Phasing out of Haj subsidy from next year 19

Only about 40 percent of minority funds spent in UP, Orissa and Manipur 19

Request for AMU centres from other states 19

Supervisors for expediting implementation of minorities welfare schemes 19

Hindus and Christians to contest on Muslim League tickets 19

Apex Court’s ‘no’ to interfere in Haj policy 19

125-year-old Fateh Kkan left for Haj 19

Kerala polls: guidelines for Muslim women 19

Karkare must be awarded Bharat Ratna 19


Community News

Security seat in UN with a price tag 20

Police feverishly in search of terrorists 20

Team for investigation into Malegaon’s Bhikoo Chowk blast 20

Unani Tibbi Congress elects office bearers 20

RSS proposes to divide J&K into 3 parts 20

Salaries of Punjab Waqf imams and muazzins increased 20

No restriction on Musilms practising Yoga 20

“Indian Mujahideen”: court notice to police 20


Community News

Ensure SIT probe to be above suspicion 21

SIT to move the Supreme Court in Godhra cases 21

No to unequal opportunities 21

India-Israel love irks Aiyar 21

Two days Seerat Seminar at Darul Musannefin (Salman Sultan) 21

India sees shift in China’s policy on Kashmir 21

Young Muslims in India plan own Personal Law Board 21


Community News

Jamia’s minority character will be restored: PM 22

Inauguration of Sahara Urdu e-newspaper and e-magazines 22

Yugal Kishor Shastri’s press briefing (Nadim Ahmad) 22

Two bombs found in Baroda 22

‘Dead’ terrorist arrested in Mumbai 22

Supreme Court rejects Purohit’s bail plea 22

Custody deaths in Modi’s Gujarat: gaurav tarnished 22

Babri Demolition could have been prevented: Ahmadi 22



Israeli forces test ethnic cleansing scenario (Jonathan Cook) 23

How propaganda is disseminated: WikiLeaks explains (Glenn Greenwald) 23



A letter to Tony Blair from his sister-in-law (Lauren Booth) 24

Lauren Booth converts to Islam 24

Mumbai Attack Involved CIA & ISI (David Bolwell) 24



The War On Terror (Paul Craig Roberts) 25

Gentiles exist only to serve Jews: Rabbi (Jonah Mandel) 25



Americans are talking to the Taliban, at last (Karamatullah K. Ghori) 26



An extraordinary work on Islam, Book: The Truth about Islam: A Historical Study, Author        : Lakshmeshwar Dayal, Publisher: Anamika Publishers, Ansari Road, Dariyaganj, New Delhi – 110002, Year: 2010, Pages: 292, Price: Rs 700, ISBN: 978-81-7975-325-5 (Dr AG Khan) 27

Ahmadabad (1411-1817): Environmental Facets of A Medieval Urban Centre, Book: Ahmadabad (1411-1817): Environmental Facets of A Medieval Urban Centre, Author: Dr. Shaukat Ullah Khan, Edition: First, 2007, Pages: 365, Publishers: Institute of Objective Studies, New Delhi, Distributors: Genuine Publications & Media Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi 27


Islamic Perspectives

Origins of Madrasah Education in India (Prof. Zafarul Islam) 28


MG Classifieds 29


Rejoinder / Opinion / Letters

MG (Syed Shahabuddin, Tajwer Sultana, Dr. Mohammed Abul Khair, Prof. Juzer Bandukwala) 30

Indian Muslims are spineless (Ehmed Shefiq) 30

Ayodhya verdict (Ghulam Mohiyuddin, Ghulam Muhammed, Kaleem Kawaja, S Haque, K P Prakasam, G. Hasnain Kaif, Simply Indian, Dr. Mookhi Amir Ali, G. Hasnain Kaif, Shrinivas Rao Sohoni, Atiq Khanm, Fazal Mohammed I. Patel) 30


Rejoinder / Opinion / Letters

Ayodhya & Kashmir (Shagufta Kalim) 32

Open Letter to Rahul Gandhi on Kashmir (Mukhtar Ahmed) 31

Kashmir Interlocutors (Dr Mookhi Amir Ali) 31

Investigations in Sohrabuddin encounter (Razi Ashraf) 31

Aziz Burney (Shakeel Ahmad Frank) 31

State terrorism (S. Akhtar) 31

Dr. Zakir Naik (A.M.A. Pira) 31

Benefits of smiling (Sultan A. Patel) 31

Bhagwat on Terrorism and Hinduism (Mushtaque Madni) 31

Imam Bukhari assaults journalist (Farooq Abdul Gaffar Bawani) 31

Flag bearer of Sushashan held with Rs 8.10 lakh (S. Haque) 31

Whither Muslim leadership (Dr Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi) 31

Shabana Wasim, name yet to be recognised (S Haque) 31

Nitish and NDA (Muhammad Ziyaullah Khan) 31



Idafa Investments Pvt. Ltd. 3


Kaleem Kawaja 6


Kanti Weekly / Kanti Monthly 20


Taarikh Tadween Sunnat (Islamic Studies Research Academy) 21


Idarah Al-Hasanaat (Rampur) 25


Free Online Health Consultation 29

Urdu Book Review 29

India’s first and only Scientific and Informative Urdu Magazine 29


Ram Janmabhoomi banaam Babri Masjid 32

Who Killed Karkare? (Urdu, Hindi, English and Gujarati) 32