1-15 November 2014

Table of Contents

Bhagalpur Riots, 25 years later (Dr. Suresh Khairnar)   1

Cartoon (MG/Yusuf) 1


Issue / Opinion

Indian Muslims not radicalised because Western Radicalism did not hit India? (Dr Javed Jamil) 2

Congress Decline Continues (Dr Mohammad Manzoor Alam) 2

Secularism & Indian Muslims (S.M.Pasha) 2 



Fake confessional statements obtained by ATS from arrested Muslim youths: MCOCA court   (N. A. Ansari)  3

Temple’s idol breaker arrested   (N. A. Ansari) 3

New York Times takes note of

Hindutva’s diabolic plan for South Asia 3



No formula on Ayodhya Mandir-Masjid presented by Shankaracharya, claims Maulana Khalid Rasheed (MG News Desk)  4

Small Modi rally costs over Rs 1 crore (MG News Desk)  4

New outfit holds legal aid workshop (MG News Desk)   4

Stinking roads, overflowing dumps   (MG News Desk) 4

US Federal Court allows AJC, Gujarat victims to challenge Modi immunity US State Department letter to US Justice Department conveying Government of India’s request to apply immunity for PM Modi: 4

Mumbai Engineer Arrested for Allegedly Planning Terror Attacks 4

SEBI cautions against terror outfits (Aaliya Khan) 4



New turn in Meerut lady teacher’s case: allegations of rape, conversion made under pressure; claims she faces danger from family members     5

Linguistic minorities deprived of education in their mother tongue  (N. A. Ansari  )    5

Who’s Afraid of India’s Meek Muslims?  (Aijaz Zaka Syed)   5



The Congress is a headless party (M. Burhanuddin Qasmi) 6

Social Justice Minister should be in tune with Modi (Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood)  6

Muslims as Scheduled Caste: Kundu Committee 6



Missionaries engaged in converting poor Muslims   7

Jammu’s Dussehra a good example of communal unity and mutual cooperation  7

RSS mouthpiece suggests Nathuram Godse should have killed Nehru instead of Gandhi   7

Echo of Burdwan (Parwaz Rahmani) 7



The Pain of Backward Muslims  (Irfan Engineer) 8



The apathy of Muslims in confronting Gujarat 2002 genocide (Mustafa Khan) 9

Vision - A Critical Personality Trait for True Leaders (Junaid Tahir) 9



Eagerness to hold elections while flood victims suffer  (Afsana Rashid) 10

Elections in J&K (Afsana Rashid) 9



Modi-wave & Muslim vote (Nilofar Suhrawardy) 11

Mr. Modi’s next stunt  (Firdaus Ahmed) 11

The Canker of Caste-System (Sumit Paul) 11

Why just two Muslims won the Nobel for literature? (Sumit Paul) 11


Men & Women In News

SQR Ilyas new head of WPI    12

Prof. Ghulam Azam  12

honour for Dr. Rashid Shaz 12


Special Report

AMU holds its 62nd Annual Convocation 13

Exceptional young footballing talent: Mariya Khan  13

Sir Syed Day Celebrations at AMU (Tanveer Ahmad)   13

Cartoon (MG/Yusuf) 13


Community News

Madrasa graduates shine in Bridge Course  14

Reserved seats converted to general category     14

Demand to make Rampur’s Madrasah Aalia a central University  14

Nanawati Commission given extension for the 24th time   14

AMU scientists prepare bio-fuel from garbage   14

Notification issued for quota to Unani doctors in govt jobs   14

Demand for judicial enquiry into burning of student to death   14

Rules for giving of grants to madrasas amended in UP 14

Anjuman Taraqqi-e Urdu UP to honour Justice Suhail Siddiqi 14

AAP opens its minority cell 14

Maulana Azad National Skills Academy (N. A. Ansari) 14


Community News

Sir Syed Public School in Jaula village 15

Muslim Rashtriya Manch active again in favour of RSS       15

Rashtriya Muslim Manch conference 15

HC on Karbala and Dargah Shah-e Mardan (N. A. Ansari)       15

Seventh International Islamic Book Fair  15

All India Essay writing competition in AMU  15

Police officer shoots man in custody    15



The US is a Leading Terrorist State: Chomsky  16

US weapons makers sense rising demand for air defense systems, tanks 16



What makes Israel so hell-bent on lumping Hamas with ISIS? (Khalid Amayreh) 17

Israel to vote on partitioning Al-Aqsa Mosque between Muslims and Jews  17 



Turkey is on Knife’s Edge on ISIS (Karamatullah K. Ghori) 18

India offers $4 million for Gaza reconstruction 18

Pak Hindus demand more rights, reserved seats and dual voting 18


Books from Pharos Media, publishers of MG 19


Islamic Perspective

The Best in the eyes of the Prophet  20

Concept of Jihad and Love (Dr. Iqtedar Farooqi) 20

Islam does not allow enslavement of civilian population 20



Book: Maulvi Mohammad Sulaiman Ki Adabi Khidmat, Author: Dr. Mohammad Kalimullah, Sir Syed Academy, Sajjad Colony, Purnea (Bihar) – 854301, Pages: 175 h/c, Price: 200 (The reviewer is assistant professor and media relations specialist at the Saudi Ministry of Higher Education. He worked earlier as an executive producer in ETV Networks. He may be contacted at asifanwaralig@gmail.com) 21


Family 22


Rejoinder / Opinion / Letters

MG (Jameel Ahmad Khan, Karamatullah Ghori) 23

Global Warming (Shaista Bano) 23

Madrasa banning girls  (S. M. Pasha) 23

MAEF (Omar Siddiqui) 23

RSS is biggest terrorist organisation (S. Haque) 23

Snoopgate  (Mukul Dube,,) 23

Cruelty of Army men in Hyderabad (AH Maqdoomi,) 23

Black money (Hem Raj Jain) 23

Islamic book fair (Hardhitter) 23

ISIS (M Ghazali Khan, Shafquat, Aijaz Zaka Syed, Hasan Jowher,) 23

Hussian no, Ramani yes (Farhan) 23

Who pollutes Ganga? (S. Haque) 23

Swachch Bharat Abhiyan: RSS and BJP plan to belittle Gandhi (Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai) 23

Shiv Sena (Hem Raj Jain,) 23



Zakat Foundation of India 7

Charity Alliance  17

Halal Food Authority 17


With best compliments from Kaleem Kawaja (Washington DC) 24