1-15 October 2009

Table of Contents


Hafiz Goose, Gander Modi, Different Sauce! (NM Sampathkumar Iyangar) 1

Leader of Free Gaza Boat Movement to visit India 1

Book smashes “Islamic terrorism” myth in India 1

Cartoon MG/Yusuf 1


Issue / Opinion

Call out the NIA! (Firdaus Ahmed) 2

Austere measures without the ouster of capitalism?  (Soroor Ahmed) 2



Batla House remembered 3

Zakatul Fitr distribution made more effective 3

Asif Mohammad Khan victorious in Okhla election 3



Frenchman stokes Hindutva hate (Vijay Prashad) 4

Hindu students break madrassa stereotypes 4

Discussion on Quds in Jamia Millia (NA Ansari) 4

Palestinian refugees protest against UNHCR 4



Kashmir Valley awash in liquor 5

Equality panel’s challenges (Mohammad Naushad Khan) 5

VHP plans rath yatra in November (Fahmi Rahmani) 5

Indian security - Israel knows better 5

China's Muslim uyghurs forbidden to fast 5



Meeting with RBI official over interest-free banking 6

Azamgarh dharna on Batla House anniversary 6

Sohrabuddin encounter: AP police under SC scanner 6

RAW trained Pak Taliban militants? 6

Sychophancy is pastime of Bihar Muslim journos (Soroor Ahmed) 6



“Muslims should be given reservation by including them in OBC category” 7

PM's high-priority minority dist scheme runs aground in states 7

Interest-free micro credit best way to help the poor 7

Trial of Azamgarh continues (Haider Abbas) 7


Kerala Round-up: Fahmi Rahmani 8

AMU campus: Kerala appoints fast track officer 8

MECA demands special quota for backward women 8

Acquire land for development projects: Ahamed 8

Thousands attend mass prayer at Swalat Nagar 8

Controversy over American iftar party 8

Fake encounter: Jamaat for state government intervention 8

IUML offices attacked in Kasaragod 8



Ishrat Jahan: Murder in cold blood (Ram Puniyani) 9

India will be a Hindu state in 30 years 9

Giving respectable position to Bhagwa brigade is deplorable 9



Gujaratround-up: Abdul Hafiz Lakhani 10

Focus now on Sadik Jamal’s encounter 10

Encounter case team gets six more officers 10

New twist in Sohrabuddin encounter 10

No house for Muslims in West Ahmedabad 10

Saffron rule in Gujarat cricket too 10

Gujarat State on Trial for extrajudicial killings 10

Ranjit Devraj 10


Human Rights

Conditions for reconciliation with justice do not obtain in Gujarat 11

Former employee wins case but embassy not keen to honour Indian law 11

High Court’s support of clean chit to Delhi Police challenged in Supreme Court 11

Accused in CRPF camp attack acquitted by High Court 11



Maharashtra Assembly Election, 2009 (Syed Shahabuddin) 12

Ishrat Jahan murder: an open letter to the PM (Prof. Iqbal A. Ansari) 12


Special Reports

Partition-Jinnah debate: don’t demonize Jaswant Singh (Firoz Bakht Ahmed) 13

RSS and BJP script farwell of Adavni (Mohammad Naushad Khan) 13


Jammu & Kashmir

Dateline Srinagar: Afsana Rashid 14

Bail to Shopian accused 14

Death in custody 14

Workshop of RTI 14

J&K woos investers 14


Rejoinders / Opinion

News from Modi jail (Khalid Shaikh, Md Ziyaullah Khan) 15

Has not Hijrat become compulsory? (S. Akhtar) 15

Diminished US President lectures to the world at UN (Ghulam Muhammed, Syed Sultan Mohiddin) 15

9/11 still haunts Muslim world (Md. Ziyaullah Khan,) 15

One day NHRC would express apology (S. Haque) 15

Say no to genetic food (Sankara Narayanan) 15


Newsmakers 16


Special Reports

An evening with a “terror mastermind” (A.Suneetha) 17

AWMELA holds awareness program for Swine Flu (Salman Sultan) 17

Sale of children by father 17

Cartoon M/G 17



Political Iftars: just a farce? (Nilofar Suhrawardy) 18

Conclusion of (p 1) 18


Community News

Supreme Court upholds right to grow beard 19

Objection to AMU being described as a community refuge 19

Urdu, Hindi, English dictionary 19

CDs of Johnny Foster sent to many VIP and VVIPs 19

Rs 10 lakh for Imam Ahmad Raza Library 19

Hindu students in Bihar Madrasas 19

Vice Chancellor launches the official AMU website 19

Land offered to AMU for Bihar Campus 19

Islam not synonymous with terrorism: Shabana 19

Nobody can be legally compelled to sing patriotic song 19


Community News

JIH to contest in Maharashtra elections 20

Only 14 Muslims in Cong-NCP first list for Maharashtra 20

Darul Uloom's fatwa against Vande Mataram invites threats and action 20

Religious Madrasas Board to set up University 20

Compensation to Bhagalpur riot victims 20

Newspapers more reliable than channels 20

Conditions normal in Sangli 20

Qur’an exhibition at Salar Jung Museum 20


Community News

Build trust relationship with minorities: PM 21

Too many cancer patients in Mewat district 21

A rare manuscript of Qur'an in Azamgarh's village 21

Demand for Urdu Pradesh 21

Ahmad to represent India at Saudi university's inauguration 21

Kerala will host global Islamic finance conference in Oct. 21

Essay writing competition 21

National meet on the status of Muslims 21

367 Urdu and English newspapers being published in J & K 21

Churches constitutes forum in Karnataka 21

Muslim groups meet 3rd Front in Maharashtra 21


Community News

Rs 30 lakh reward for memorising Qur'an 22

Communal violence at Jumatul Wida Namaz 22

Inauguration of Kashmiri language dictionary 22

Namaz and iftar in temple 22

Jinnah' advice to Kashmiris 22

Government plans three universities for minorities 22

AMU Students' Grievance Committee 22



Algerian kids falling prey to Jewish ‘organ harvest’ 23

Containing the Iranian ‘Threat’ (Yamin Zakaria) 23

Hundreds of Chinese working in Saudi Arabia embrace Islam 23

Dutch MP: Fine women for wearing headscarf 23

Military officials at Bagram are caught on tape urging US soldiers to evangelize in the Muslim country 23



My flower to Bush, the occupier—The story of my shoe (Mutadhar Al-Zaidi) 24

World's talented workers opt to leave USA 25



How Israel’s nuclear arsenal endangers us all (Jeff Gates) 25



Pakistan: A country for sale? (Karamatullah K. Ghori) 26



Perpetual grief over September 11th (Ramzy Baroud) 27

An open letter to President Obama (V. A. Mohamad Ashrof) 27

Our struggle is against those who invaded our homeland 27

US staged 9/11 attacks: Charlie Sheen 27



Pseudo-messianic movements in contemporary South Asia (Mushtaq ul Haq Ahmad Sikandar) 28

Sir Syed's vision of India and its people (Mohammad Naushad Khan) 28

Book on India’s Islamic period 28


Islamic Perspectives

Health guidelines from Qur’an & Sunnah - i (Shahid Athar, MD) 29


MG Classifieds 30



MG (Salman Sultan, Prof. Iqbal A.Ansari, S. Akhtar, Hony. Secretary) 31

Charity Alliance (A Rasheed Qureshi) 31

Partition: Eight Muslim parties were against partition (G. Hasnain Kaif) 31

Shoot-at-sight order (Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi) 31

Chidambram’s advice to Delhites (Sandeep Jalan) 31

Sheer hyprocrisy by the U.S. (Syed Sultan Mohiddin) 31

A solo talk of Ramzan (Yasir PV) 31

Twit but don’t mock (Md Ziaullah Khan) 31

An honest admiration (Bharatram Gaba) 31

Rahuls trip to UP laudable (Dr Maqdoomi) 31

In Bihar’s sushashan (S. Haque) 31

Landmines in Bosnia-Hercegovina are still a problem (Kevin Beck) 31



Zanzibar University 3

Idafa Investments Private Limited 3


Kaleem Kawaja 6


Kanti Weekly / Kanti Monthly 20


A Practical Approach to the Arabic Language 22


Voice of Kashmir 24


Idarah-e-Al Hasanaat Rampur 25


India’s first and only Science 30

All India Talimi wa Milli Foundation 30

Free Online Health Consultation 30

Urdu Book Review 30


Did you pay Zakat for your business? 32

Bearys Institute of Technology (BIT), Mangalore 32