16-30 June 2012

Table of Contents


United in massacres and impunity (Mahtab Alam) 1

Murder Most Foul (Zafarul-Islam Khan) 1

Cartoon (MG/Yusuf) 1


Issue / Opinion

Why Only Article 370? (Mansoor Ahmad Ajazi) 2

How long will it take to establish Hindu Rashtra, Mr. Chidambaram? (Mushtaque Madni) 2



Deoband ulama meet the Prime Minister 3

Paramedical courses at AMU suffer from bureaucratic apathy 3

36% of Maharashtra’s prisoners are Muslims 3  



Women in J&K paid Rs 30 per month to clean toilets (MG News Desk) 4

Midday meal cooked in school with toilet water (MG News Desk) 4

Dalit families leave Haryana due to boycott (MG News Desk) 4

Delhi is the capital of missing children (MG News Desk) 4

Communal riot in Kosi Kalan (NA Ansari) 4

India to open cultural house in Tehran  4

Terror-accused killed in high-security jail 4



Reservation for minorities not unconstitutional: Mahmood (NA Ansari) 5

Babri Masjid: The story of crime # 197/1992 (Haider Abbas) 5



Anguish of Kashmir and the wayout (Ram Puniyani) 6

Truck with 20 tonnes of explosives goes missing in MP (MG News Desk) 6

India is moving towards a new police state 6



JIH to launch campaign against youths’ illegal arrests 7

Time to rethink Telengana (Kaneez Fathima) 7



Proportionate Muslim Reservation, or Ambedkar’s recipe (Syed Zafar Mahmood) 8

India must deliver on its rights commitments: Amnesty 8



China, India, Pakistan relations (Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan) 9



Interlocutors’ report evokes mixed response (Afsana Rashid) 10

BJP delegation visits Kashmir (Afsana Rashid) 10

Week of the Disappeared (Afsana Rashid) 10

Hurriyat developments (Afsana Rashid) 10



Modi & Gujarati Muslims (Nilofar Suhrawardy) 11

The Weak Must Not Expect Justice (Mohammad Zeyaul Haque) 11

Muslim Trump Card (Ghulam Muhammed) 11


Men & Women In News

Prof. Abdul Haq (Manzar Imam) 12


Special Report

Qateel’s murder stirs community, society 13

Cartoon (MG/Yusuf) 13


Community News

Urdu to be introduced in schools 14

Punjabi translation of the Qur’an released 14

Honesty of a riot victim rickshaw puller 14

“Muslims who want reservation should go to Pakistan” 14

Year-old debris of demolished madrasa removed by army (NA Ansari) 14

Government hospital to be built in Okhla 14

Raj. govt to provide land for AMU centre and set up 5 IITs 14

Apex Court to decide if man-made laws applicable to waqf 14

396 cases filed in Delhi, Darul Qaza, 387 settled 14

SC fines Gujarat govt. and a gorakshak 14

Valley Muslims saved Bhairav temple 14


Community News

Patient perseverance pays after 10 yrs 15

A family of 36 doctors 15

Dr. Shehrish 2nd Kashmiri lady to clear civil service exam 15

Twins’ tryst with misery 15

An alert Khalid averted a major tragedy 15

Entry in Guinness Book for strong memory 15

Muslims are less prone to cervical cancer 15

Court turns down Gopalgarh riot probe by NIA 15

NIA holds meet of ATS chiefs from across India 15

Delhi to set up res. school for SC/ST, tribal and minorities 15

Mosque in Raj. was demolished due to greed: report 15

Mamata scores point over Left on quota for Muslims 15

Islamic Banking workshop at Jamiatul Falah (Salman Sultan) 15

Death threats to Maulana Mahmood Madni and Shabnam Hashmi (NA Ansari) 15



Time to recognise the great injustice done to the Palestinians (M. Azhar Ali Khan) 16

US Among Highest Child Poverty Rates in Developed Countries 16

Israel Deploys Nuclear Weapons on German-Built Submarines  16



Zionism A Rebellion Against Judaism 17



Pakistan and U.S. are warring in nerves (Karamatullah K. Ghori) 18

The Great Book Robbery 18


Books from Pharos Media, publishers of MG 19


Islamic Perspective

Do women have less faith and less reason? (Asghar Ali Engineer) 20

The Prophet’s foster mother (Adil Salahi) 20



Book, film start debate in Bengladesh (aljazeera.com) 21

Book: Muslims in Indian Cities: Trajectories of Marginalisation, Editors: Laurent Gayer and Christophe Jaffrelot, Year: 2012, Publishers: C. Hurst & Co., Pages: 320, ISBN: 978-0-231-70308-6, Price: $40.00 21


MG Classifieds 22


Rejoinder / Opinion / Letters

MG (Umar Farooque, A Rashid Mijaki, Mohammad Azhar Ali Khan) 23

Muslim Brotherhood (Kodimirpal) 23

Jains are ‘Hindus’ in disguise (Dr. Sumit S. Paul) 23

Poverty cannot block success (S. Haque) 23

Antipathy towards democracy (Dr M. Hashim Kidwai) 23

Rahul Gandhi and Muslims (Faheemuddin) 23

Azam-Bukhari row (Syed Shahabuddin) 23

Muslim women (Nazneen O. Saherwala) 23

Indian Muslims in jails (Ghulam Muhammed) 23

Homosexuality (Dr M. Hashim Kidwai) 23

Maulana Azad National Fellowship (Abu Saleh) 23

The situation in Syria (John Dayal) 23

Riots return to UP (Suhail Reza) 23

Muslims need Dr. Aziz Indori (S. Haque) 23

Murder of Qateel in custody (Afzal Shah) 23

Sugar coated poison – 4.5% quota (S. Haque) 23



G.M. Banatwalla Saheb 3


The Gaya Muslim Girls’ Orphanage 5


Idarah Al-Hasanaat (Rampur) 17


Qur’an – A verse a day 22


“Perform-Progress or Perish” & “An Introductory Booklet on Career & Exam Guidance with PDP” (Alif Academy) 22

Taarikh Tadween Sunnat – Islamic Studies Academy (Pvt.) Ltd. 22

Kaanti (Weekly and Monthly) 22

Urdu Book Review 22

India’s first and only Scientific and Informative Urdu Magazine 22


Enlightens Allah’s Message – www.mostmerciful.com 24

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The Gaya Muslim Orphanage 24

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