16-30 November 2009

Table of Contents


“The King is Naked” (Mushtaque Madni) 1

Community up in arms against OBC quota in JMI 1

Cartoon MG/Yusuf 1


Issue / Opinion

Vande Mataram: facts and fiction (Shyam Chand) 2

“Mahatma” Obama: Will He Stop Killing Innocent Afghans? (Salman Sultan) 2



Encyclopaedia of Islamic Jurisprudence released (Nadim Ahmad) 3

Dating tips from Hamdard (Wakf) (Mazin Khan) 3



"Madrasas responsible for terrorism": Adityanath 4

Madrasas encouraging terrorism: Bhagwat 4

Why should Modi apologise, asks RSS chief 4

RSS Chief wooing Muslims again 4

Interfaith meeting on role of religion in construction of society 4

Lecture on interfaith dialogue (NM Salih) 4

Many Hindus in terrorist and Jehadi organisations (NA Ansari) 4



Meat traders strike over: future uncertain (Mohammad Nuashad Khan) 5

Jamiat Ulama’s 30th Conference 5

Seminar on Maulana Ziauddin Islahi (NA Ansari) 5



Babri Masjid and the murky politics of UP - i (Haider Abbas) 6



Concern over Israeli plans to demolish Al-Aqsa (Haider Abbas) 7

RSS-BJP: post-poll after-shocks (Mohammad Naushad Khan) 7

Egypt offers exclusive trade zone to India (NM Salih) 7



“Love Jihad” Canard Exposed 8

Petition demands withdrawal of term 'Love Jihad' 8

Yasir murder case: HC orders life for six 8

Vakkom Moulavi commemorated 8

Jama'at-e-Islami women's wing to contest polls 8

Quota for backward classes in women's reservation 8

Azmi attacked for taking oath in Hindi 8

Hindu youth in Lashkar-e-Toiba module8

One more case of fabrication 8

Ranbir's fake encounter: four more cops arrested (Majid Jahangir) 8



Unholy Alliance using “Love Jihad” fiction (Ram Puniyani) 9

Dalit Muslims & Christians ignored 9



Gujarat round-up: Abdul Hafiz Lakhani 10

Ghosts of Gujarat Massacre Haunt Modi 10

Haj Flights from Surat next year 10

Islamic Microfinance - the way to economic empowerment

(Tameemuddin Humble) 10


Human Rights

Human Rights violation of Muslims in jails 11

Appeal to release Muslim prisoners11

SC moved for custodial death compensation 11

Ending Police Impunity11



Central Madrasa Board must be opposed (Syed Shahabuddin) 12

Pew Report on global Muslim population (Ghulam Muhammed) 12


Special Reports

Why cases of murder during Babri Masjid demolition were suppressed?

(Sheetla Singh) 13

“Kandhamal victim was ritually sacrificed” (Ajaya Kumar Singh) 13


Jammu & Kashmir

Dateline Srinagar: Afsana Rashid 14

Movement for Kashmiris languishing in jails 14

Hurriyat’s Call to Improve Ground Situation 14

PM calls for Centre-State Dialogue 14

Ban on Mobile Phones 14


Rejoinders / Opinion

US Security myths shattered (Ghulam Muhammed, Safiya Sameena, Muhammad Salahuddin) 15

The mess in Palestine (Safiya Sameena, Sandeep Ghiya, Raja Chemayel) 15

Vande Mataram (K. M. Shareef, K.P. Prakasam, Dr. Mookhi Amir Ali, Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani) 15

Unequal compensation (S.A.U. Patel) 15

Pakistan takes the Bush option that demostrably failed (Ghulam Muhammed) 15



Mahmood Hashmi — Protagonist of Modernity (Manzar Imam) 16


Special Reports

HWF felicitates 750 meritorious Muslim students of U.P.  17

Nexus in Margao blast bigger than perceived (Mohammad Naushad Khan) 17

Cartoon M/G Yusuf 17



JUH-Fatwa: Needless Stir (Nilofar Suhrawardy) 18

Masterminds of bomb blasts in the eyes of Police (Manzar Mehdi Faizabadi) 18

Dr Syed Abdul Mannan (Mohammad Himayatul Muqeet Siddiqi) 18


Community News

Sixty thousand Kashmiris refused passports 19

Exhibition of Arabic books 19

Essay competition on Qur'anic teachings 19

Training centres on Bihar's pattern for Muslim girls in Delhi 19

Mosque under construction destroyed in NOIDA village 19

Four Muslims inducted as ministers in Maha Govt. 19

Scholarships to 50 lakh minority students 19

Priorities of Islamic Movements must change: SIO seminar 19

Global terrorism requires unbiased action (Mohammad Naushad Khan) 19


Community News

Tactics to Ignite Communal Tension 20

Mecca Masjid firing: term of inquiry commission extended 20

Six AMU students suspended for misconduct, indiscipline 20

Muslim face of Shiv Sena 20

Study literature to become good lawyer and judge 20

AP: Haj Committee selects Khadim-ul-Hujjaj 20

Manipur: 'Chalo School' campaign held 20

Historic Jama Masjid a step away from new look 20

Campus Front of India holds National Students Convention 20


Community News

Ministry puts focus on Muslim women 21

Fatehpuri Masjid's minarets are old and pose danger to life 21

Durga obscures Ram at Ayodhya 21

Special incentives for Maharashtra Muslim students 21

Sherwani returns from Finland 21

PFI Marathon for National Public Health Campaign in Goa 21


Community News

Govt Scholarships: students harassed 22

Na'at collection Naghmaat-e-Firdaus released 22

Islam the complete way of life: Karakunnu 22

Ban on government advertisements to Urdu newspapers 22

Five Children kidnapped from Bihar Madrasa 22

Minority panel notice to DDA regarding Rohini Masjid land 22

British Muslim delegates to visit India 22

Communal tension erupts again in Bhilwara 22

Masjid Committee secretary to return overpayment 22



Abbas admits failure of the peace process (By Khalid Amayreh) 23

Kaaba gold door maker passes away 23

Islamophobia caused shootings at Fort Hood (Hector Carreon) 23



Israel’s right to exist? (Alan Hart) 24

India opposes Goldstone report 24

Taliban decline US offer of 6 provinces for 8 bases (Aamir Latif) 24 



US shields Israeli war criminals (SM Mohamed Idris) 25



Afghanistan-Pakistan: between the rock and a hard place (Karamatullah K. Ghori) 26



Iran’s nuclear theater meant to divert attention (Ramzy Baroud) 27

Fort Hood homicide: US Muslims react with grief (Abdus Sattar Ghazali) 27

UN endorses Goldstone report on Israeli war crimes 27



Book: Who Killed Karkare? - The real face of terrorism in India (Mohammad Zeyaul Haque) 28

Book exposes India’s real terrorists 28



Malegaon blast (2006) 29

Conclusion of (p. 28) 29

A direct witness disregarded by the IB 29

What will happen to Malegaon 2008 case? 29


MG Classifieds 30



MG (Musaddiq Mubeen, Sharif Ali, Imran Khan) 31

Dahej - Killings Indian Muslims & their Assets (Khusboo Siddique) 31

The Mufti is not right 31

Maoists and Marxists (Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, A Hameed Yousuf) 31

AMU (Abdullah Khan) 31

Peace conference in Mumbai (Mohd Salahuddin) 31

Inhuman carnage in Pakistan (Mohammed Sadullah Khan) 31

Attack on Abu Asim Azmi (A Hameed Yousuf, Sandeep Ghiya, Mohammed Sadullah Khan, Mohd. Salahuddin) 31

Muslim reservation: Congress’ fake manifesto (S. Haque) 31



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Kaleem Kawaja 6


Kanti Weekly / Kanti Monthly 20


A Practical Approach to the Arabic Language 22


Voice of Kashmir 24


Idarah-e-Al Hasanaat Rampur 25


This 26/11 dont you want to know the truth? Who Killed Karkare? 32

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