16-30 November 2010

Table of Contents


Deadly Headley’s conquest of India (AG Khan) 1

Kanpur blast claims four lives, hushed up (AG Khan) 1

Cartoon MG/Yusuf 1


Issue / Opinion

Two years on Batla: where are the messiahs now? (Afroz Alam Sahil) 2

Freedom of speech in a Democracy (Mahajabeen Neshat Anjum) 2



Govt land in return of usurped waqf lands (N.A. Ansari) 3

Failure of minorities schemes due to lack of awareness (MG Newsdesk) 3

Delhi CM reviews (MG Newsdesk) 3

15-pt plan implementation (MG Newsdesk) 3

Special team begins probe into Marad massacre (MG Newsdesk) 3



JIH public convention discusses major issues of the Millat & Nation 4

Excerpts from the ATS chargesheet in Malegaon case 4



India vis-á-vis Pakistan on Kashmir (The Asian Human Rights Commission) 5

Kashmir Interlocutors: bouquets and brickbats (AG Khan) 5



Enemy Property: legal short curcuit (AG Khan) 6

Modi likely to go scot-free 6

JUH conference on Kashmir (Tarique Anwar) 6


Babri Reactions

Would Islamic jurists please stand up (Haider Abbas) 7

Aam Muslim and Babri: Jaaye to jaaye kahan? (Dr A R Mookhi) 7



Babri: secret parleys surprise many (AG Khan) 8

Insurgency simmering in Punjab (MG Correspondent) 8

Sikh-American helps combat Islamophobia (Everett Rosenfeld) 8



I have lost faith in Indian democracy: Azam Khan (Haider Abbas) 9

First Islamic fashion store in Kolkata (Appeal by Lucknow personalities Accept Ayodhya verdict) (Dr. M.I.H. Farooqi) 9



Gujarat riots: SC lifts stay on verdicts (Abdul Hafiz Lakhani) 10

Encounter case, voice sample recorded (Abdul Hafiz Lakhani) 10

Congress win despite solid Modi wave (Abdul Hafiz Lakhani) 10

Modi wedded to ideology of Gandhi killers (AH Lakhani) 10

Hero Teesta betrayed (AH Lakhani) 10

BJP to rule in ground zero–Godhra (Abdul Hafiz Lakhani) 10

SIT is not ready to probe Isharat case 10


Human Rights / Terrorism

Bomb blast & hidden hands (AG Khan) 11

Train blasts case: ATS story flops (AG Khan) 11

Raipur witnesses third blast of the year (AG Khan) 11

Why is the Malegaon bomb blasts case of 2006 still hanging fire? (Mustafa Khan) 11



ASI: Hindutva’s handmaiden (Omar Khalidi) 12

Paid News: PCI hides more than it reveals (Jagdeep S. Chhokar) 12

The old lady of Bori Bandar doth protest too much... (Ghulam Muhammed) 12



Whither Indian Constitution! (Ram Puniyani) 13

Arundhati faces BJP’s ire (AG Khan) 13

Lotus petals falling apart (AG Khan) 13



Ayodhya & today’s Indian! (Nilofar Suhrawardy) 14

AFSPA and unsolved massacres in Manipur (Anjuman Ara Begum) 14

Babri dispute: do not repeat past mistakes (Baseer Ahmad Khan) 14


Jammu & Kashmir

Dateline Srinagar: Afsana Rashid 15

Delhi interlocutors in Valley, boycotted by separatists 15

Restrictions keep life disrupted 15

Hurriyat signature campaign 15

Valley restaurants shut down 15

Pak not satisfied with Valley protests 15

Militant activities in the Valley 15



Rahul Sharma: daring and sincere officer of Gujarat police (AG Khan) 16

mufti Mohammad Shoeb Islahi (Mohd. Shahid Azmi) 16


Special Reports

Ajmal is a big name in the global perfume market (M. Burhanuddin Qasmi) 17

Grand international mushaira in Washington (Zafar Iqbal) 17

Cartoon M/G Yusuf 17


Community News

Attempt to repeat Chittisingpura (Gurteg Singh) 18

Jamia students campaign for Sachar implementation (Tarique Anwar) 18

Metro victim Mehjabin meets CM Sheila Dikshit 18

Kashmiri tortured, stripped in Kolkata prison (greaterkashmir.com) 18

Ilyasi to address Canada Parliament 18

Appointment of Urdu teachers on contract basis 18

Maulana Asrarul Haque Qasmi discharged from hospital 18

Gujarat Govt challenges SIT, moves SC 18

Fresh NHRC guidelines on police encounters 18

Kerala political developments 18

JMI organize orientation programme for madarsa teachers 18


Community News

Kerala to probe US survey 19

India-Israel joint venture capital fund 19

Solar energy to illuminate Ajmer Dargahs 19

Amit Shah forced to leave Gujarat 19

Reviving 1857 through letters 19

“High Court handed over the key of Ram Mandir to Muslims” 19

Nizam’s Palace to be converted into hotel 19

JUH building 370 houses for flood victims 19

Diploma holders eligible as teachers 19


Community News

Waqf claims Humayun Tomb 20

Equal importance to all faiths: Moily 20

Empower or abolish us: Haj Committee 20

Ladakh cloudburst children rescued 20

JIH conf. in Jaipur 20


Community News

JIH’s Muslim political party in the offing 21

Admission in AMU’s Murshidabad and Malappuram centres 21

Jamia Milla Islamia celebrates its 90th foundation day 21

Raj ATS exposes Gujarat connection in blasts (theindianawaaz.com) 21

Muslim girls Inter College at Sant Kabir Nagar village 21

Muslims do not gain from votebank politics: Modi 21

PM asks RBI to look into Malaysian Islamic banking model 21

AMU's MD Degree recognised by MCI 21

Sohrabuddin encounter linked with Popular Builder firing 21

Jamia alumnus wins National Award for best editing 21


Community News

Headley’s disclosures 22

Bomb blast anniversary: prayers for the victims 22

Muslim officer in charge of Srinagar-based Corps 22

What is the justification of central & state minorities bodies 22

Remembrance of ‘Spy Princess’ Noor Inayet Khan 22

Ten percent reservation for West Bengal Muslims 22

Promotion of distance education NCPUL 22

Hurriyat leaders unhappy over Indian ulama’s comments 22

Mukesh Ambani’s skyscrapper rises on waqf land 22



Bible does not legitimize the occupation of Palestine: Vatican (Salim Nazzal) 23

The root cause of suicide terrorism is occupation: study (Abdus Sattar Ghazali) 23

Train to serve Mecca pilgrims 23



“We Need War to Solve the Economic Problems” (David S. Broder) 24

SLA, SLN take over lands of Muslims in Srilanka’s Trincomalee dist

(By International Crisis Group. Colombo/Brussels) 24

All terrorists Muslim?, think again (David Bolwell) 24

Israel Suspends ‘Dialogue’ with UK (Al-Jazeera) 24

Muhammad most popular name in UK 24



US-Israeli hand in Istanbul blast (english.farsnews.com) 25

Juan Williams is adding to anti-Muslim hysteria in America (Kaleem Kawaja) 25

Bush considered attack on Syrian facility: book 25



Obama’s visit to India has regional rumblings (Karamatullah K. Ghori) 26



Life under India’s Muslim rulers: Book: Ahd-i-Islami Ke Hindustan Mein Mu’asharat, Ma’ishat Aur Hukumat Ke Masa’il (Urdu), Author: Zafarul Islam Islahi, Publishers: Published by Islamic Book Foundation, New Delhi, Year: 2009, Pages: 200, Price: Rs 120 (Javed Khan) 27

Trail of Saffron Terror from Malegaon to Ajmer: Book: Malegaon to Ajmer, Editor: Ram Puniyani, Publisher: All India Secular Forum, Mumbai, Year: 2010  Price: Rs 100 Pages: 128, Available at: Institute for Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution, Mumbai; Tel. 022- 26149668, 26102089, 26135098 (AG Khan) 27


Islamic Perspectives

We have failed the spirit of Ramadan and Hajj (Afzal Ahmad Khan) 28


MG Classifieds 29


Rejoinder / Opinion / Letters

MG (Mohammad Azam, Ameen-e-Mudassar) 30

We are not second class citizens (M Naushad Ansari) 30

Elegy of Ummat-e Marhooma (S.M. Pasha, Mahrajuddin) 30

Syed Shahabuddin (Faheemuddin) 30

Kashmir (S.M. Pasha) 30

Arundhati Roy must be supported (Kausar Fatime) 30

Obama’s Visit (Shafaque Alam, Dr Maqdoomi) 30

Justified BJP criticism of US president Obama (Subhash Chandra Agrawal) 30

Saffron Terror (Mushtaque Madni) 30

No tobbaco campaign (Subhash Chandra Agrawal) 30


Rejoinder / Opinion / Letters

India and UNSC membership (Xavier William) 32

The cop should not have died (Dr Mookhi Amir Ali) 31

Media (Farzana Z Khan, Shayan Ghani) 31

Azam Khan’s offer (S. Akhtar U. Patel) 31

Betrayal of America (Hem Raj Jain) 31

Amazing facts of Numerology (Nazneen O. Saherwala) 31

Circumcision (Ziaul Khan) 31

Popular Front (Ramesh Nasidoo) 31

Scam after scam (Dr Mookhi Amir Ali) 31

Rahul Gandhi CM then PM (Shafaque Alam) 31

Sinful silence (Sultan A. Patel) 31

Pleasant is the morning (Shakeel Ahmad Frank) 31

Muslims under pressure (Yunus Chitalwala) 31

Ban Tips (Madhu Agrawal) 31

Vote for rioters? (M.K. Kumar) 31

India now slips down to 87th position on honesty index (Subhash Chandra Agrawal) 31

Babri (Fuzail Ahmad) 31

Ungrateful forgetting (Sultan A. Patel) 31

State secularism in the land of religions and mythologies (Ghulam Muhammed) 31



Idafa Investments Pvt. Ltd. 3


Kaleem Kawaja 6


Kanti Weekly / Kanti Monthly 20


Taarikh Tadween Sunnat (Islamic Studies Research Academy) 21


Idarah Al-Hasanaat (Rampur) 25


Free Online Health Consultation 29

Urdu Book Review 29

India’s first and only Scientific and Informative Urdu Magazine 29


Ram Janmabhoomi banaam Babri Masjid 32

Who Killed Karkare? (Urdu, Hindi, English and Gujarati) 32