16-30 November 2012

Table of Contents

Back from “Gujarat”: Faizabad fires extinguished but wounds of hearts yet to be healed (Manzar Mehdi) 1

“IB chief suppressed Rajiv’s assassination video” 1

Cartoon (MG/Yusuf) 1


Issue / Opinion

An Agenda for Indian Muslims (MJ Khalid) 2

Ghazal Massacred By Accent  (Sumit S. Paul) 2

Who betrayed the victims of Gujarat 2002? (Iqbal Qureshi) 2



Communal riots in and around Faizabad (NA Ansari) 3

Press Council investigates the attack on Urdu newspaper in Faizabad riots (NA Ansari) 3

White Paper on Terrorism: calling out readers & researchers (Zafarul-Islam Khan, Editor, The Milli Gazette - edit@milligazette.com) 3



Swami killing & Kandhamal riots: Notices to 55 people (Aaliya Khan) 4

Rise in suicide rates in India (Aaliya Khan) 4

A Tale of Two Cities (Yunus Chitalwala) 4

BJP high command does not exist: Govindacharya 4

BJP, Bajrang Dal activists intercept cattle trucks  4

Proposals invited for special centers at Madarsas 4



As elections approach, riot erupts after riot (NA Ansari) 5

Symbol of Communal Harmony in Faizabad Attacked (Sandeep Pandey) 5

It is shameful that the CM didn’t visit Faizabad riot victims: Rihaai Manch (Aaliya Khan) 5



Caste politics: hidden agenda of Samajik Samrasta (Ram Puniyani) 6 

Hindu radicals attack Pastor and warn against future worship (Aaliya Khan) 6

NIC: 50 years on  6

No RSS stronghold at Amarnath: Geelani  6

New Bill Banning Manual Scavenging 6



Fact-finding report on Hyderabad youth’s suicide 7

Why no dialogue between Christians and Muslims? (John Dayal) 7



Anti-Terror Convention demands justice (Abdul Bari Masoud) 8

U.P. riots: time to act, Mr. Chief Minister (Mohammad Shahid) 8



We the People of “Hindu Rashtra” (Mushtaque Madni) 9

Why Ravana Went Wet This Dusshera (Badri Raina) 9

A case for Reservations to Muslims (Obaidullah Nasir) 9

Cartoon (MG/Yusuf) 9



Riots in Zanskar over conversions (Afsana Rashid) 10

Convention against AFSPA and SPA (Afsana Rashid) 10

J&K HC verdict on talaq (Afsana Rashid) 10

Permanent facilities at Amarnath (Afsana Rashid) 10

RSS behind Anna and Kejriwal 10

Shocking HR abuse in J&K 10



Rahul, Only A Congress Leader? (Nilofar Suhrawardy) 11

Demystifying the Dreaded Marriage Registration (Tahir Mahmood) 11

United not to unite (Rasheed Ansari) 11


Men & Women In News

Dr. Abdul Haq Ansari (NA Ansari) 12


Special Report

JIH decries arresting spree of Muslim youths on concocted terror charges (MG Correspondent) 13

MIT innovation award for Jamia graduate 13

Jamia alumnus gets French PhD in Hybrid Electric Vehicles 13


Community News

Two-day Seminar on Qur’an 14

Haj Committee chairman arrested in Surat 14

Six riot-accused Muslim released on bail 14

Riot at M.P. town on Eid day 14

Principals of Rajkot schools arrested for opening on Eid 14

Kerala conspiracy: Muslims denied passports (AG Khan) 14

Vastanvi dubs Modi ‘zalim” 14

Dalits in Gujarat live in police fear 14

Sarah Rizvi becomes first woman DCP of Rajkot 14

British diplomacy to woo Gujarat investors 14

Karanj riots: innocents also arrested 14

Malwa region turning into “I.M. hotbed” 14

N.C.M. demands separate department for minority problems 14

EU divided over Modi 14


Community News

Behind-the-curtain talks on Babri 15

Urdu being taught to Hindi & English journos 15

New Court rep to probe illegal constructions in Jama Masjid 15

Present day Gujarat in no way a secular state 15

Gujarat HC finds minority welfare schemes “discriminatory” 15

Ketan Tirodkar likely to become crown witness 15

Jamia VC’s advice to Deoband and Nadwa on modern edu 15



The roots of Muslim discontent (FB Ali) 16

Israel PM repentant as Obama re-elected 16

When justice is tempered with mercy 16



Nato and the Middle East 17

Israel our number one enemy: Sudan 17



Whoever Wins the White House the News for Muslims is not Good (Karamatullah K. Ghori) 18

Gaza will not be liveable by 2020: UN 18

No to Jerusalem visit under Israeli occupation: Pope 18


Books from Pharos Media, publishers of MG 19


Islamic Perspective

Sixty tips from the Qur’an 20



Book    : Saiyid Hamid: A Relentless Reformer, Author  : Mohammad Aleem, Publisher  : Gloriord Publications, New Delhi,               [available from Pharos Media / Milli Gazette], Pages   : 168, Price       : Rs. 395, Year: 2012, ISBN   : 978-81-923065-0-6 (Mohammad Zeyaul Haque) 21


MG Classifieds 22


Rejoinder / Opinion / Letters

Milli Gazette (S. Akhtar, Rehana Rangwala) 23

AMU centres (Syed Khurshid Anwar) 23

Media nexus with scamsters exposed? (S. Haque) 23

Foreigners' issue in Assam (M. H. Rahman) 23

Stop exploitation of women (G. Hasnain Kaif) 23

Child Marriage (Mohd Ziyallah Khan) 23

Karnad And Naipaul (Dr A H Maqdoomi, Mukul Dubem) 23

Venereal diseases in our country (G. Hasnain Kaif) 23

What a coincidence (S. Haque) 23

Timid Muslim leadership is real problem (S. Haque) 23

Fasih Mahmood & media (S. Haque) 23

Communal riots and terrorism (S. Haque) 23

Awekening call for Ummah (S. Haque) 23

Has Urdu media lost courage? (S. Haque) 23

Gujarat Elections and Minorities (Maqdoomi) 23

Modi and media (Mohd Ziyaullah Khan) 23

Ideals of Ramayana still relevant says Belamgi (Maqdoomi) 23



Idarah Al-Hasanaat (Rampur) 17

Qur’an – A verse a day 22

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