16-31 January 2014

Table of Contents

Here’s how the 26/11 probe was scuttled? 1

Cartoon (MG/Yusuf) 1


Issue / Opinion

Time Congress cemented its relationship with Muslims  (Dr Javed Jamil) 2

It’s Modi’s ‘story’, not history   (Sumit Paul) 2

    Indian Mujahideen: A Constant Scapegoat (Sumit Paul) 2

Whose Money Is This? (Sumit Paul) 2



Police inspector shoots 14-year-old boy in his mouth  (Mohamed Iqbal ) 3

Jains get minority status 3

Muzaffarnagar: what you can do  (Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan) 3

White Paper on Terrorism 3

Cost of the Indo-Naga War 3



Malegaon Urdu book fair breaks sale records  (ummid.com) 4

Primary education should be in Urdu: Rahman Khan  (ummid.com) 4

Battered gang-raped minor waits for 20th surgery - and justice! 4

Bhagva Dahshatgardi  released (Ehtesham Ansari) 4



Muslims to reconsider their political options: JIH    5

RSS fishing in troubled waters  5

Lecture and debate on RSS and Muslims 5



Painful Path to Justice: Travails of Zakia Jafri    (Ram Puniyani) 6 

Open Letter to the U.P. CM  6



SC orders states to probe acquittals  7

Reservation to Jats kills Mandal: Ilyas Azmi 7

Pragya gets clean chit in Joshi murder 7

The footmarks of the dragon that entrapped the innocent in its dungeon (Mustafa Khan) 7



Major Charges Against Modi in Gujarat Riots case    8 



UP Govt Forces Demographic Change in Muzaffarnagar  9



Court martial of Machil killers welcomed            (Afsana Rashid) 10

200 killed during 2013     (Afsana Rashid) 10

Implementation of UN resolutions demanded (Afsana Rashid) 10

Fatwa for re-marriage of “half-widows” (Afsana Rashid) 10

Muzaffarnagar refugee camps being uprooted by SP Govt bulldozers 10



Indian Premier & Media (Nilofar Suhrawardy) 11

Pradeep Sharma files Police Complaint against Narendra Modi, Amit Shah & others in Snoopgate  (Mukul Sinha) 11

“FIR against Teesta, attempt to derail Jafri’s protest petition against Modi” 11


Men & Women In News

Farooq Shaikh  (A. G. Khan) 12

Ishrat Ali Siddiqui 12


Special Report

New team takes over at Mushawarat after elections 13

Who Killed Karkare? best-seller at Malegaon book fair  (Excerpted from a report in ummid.com) 13

Manisha gets the Mukundan Menon Award 13

Muzaffarnagar delegation meets U.P. CM 13


Community News

Jharkhand’s 592 madrasas recognised        14

After 13 years Namaz resumed in Mohoba’s Shahi Masjid 14

Diploma course in Urdu journalism started in IIMC               14

Career counselling of Muslim children in Orissa                 14

Minority students do not benefit much from Azad Foundation                        14

Vocational courses to make students self dependent                          14

Modernised Madrasa earns international recognition                    14

Hospital neglect kills Anwesh Ali                14

Inscription of goddess on 5-rupee coin resented by Muslims           14

Inter college for minorities to be set up in Greater Noida           14

Haj Committee to return excess money    (N. A. Ansari) 14


Community News

Darul Uloom’s 2-day meeting concludes                   15

All India Institute of Unani Medical Sciences to be set up                  15

Dowry death in Saharanpur                       15

Vanzara evades court attendance                  15

Six real sisters married simultaneously in a single function                   15

Action to be taken against govt offices occupying Awqaf lands in Maharashtra   (N. A. Ansari) 15

Snoopgate prompts enquiry commission       15

“Mauni” Namo breaks silence         15

Abu Faisal arrested by MPATS        15 

Four SIMI activists arrested  15

Two more arrested in Maharashtra  15

Police advised to learn Urdu to talk politely    15



Can a Breakthrough Be Made in Palestine-Israel Peace Negotiations?   (Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh) 16



Hedonism in Dubai, starvation at refugee camp   (Khalid Amayreh ) 17

Whatever Became Of Western Civilization? 17



Democracy and Human Rights imperiled in the Muslim World  (Karamatullah K. Ghori  ) 18

Eirekat’s belated admission (Khalid Amayreh in Occupied Palestine ) 18


Books from Pharos Media, publishers of MG 19


Islamic Perspective

Legalising homosexuality would be curse (A. G. Khan) 20

SaaeeN Baba (Shakeel Shamsi) 20



Book: Islam Without Extremes, Author: Mustafa Akyol, Publisher: Norton, Pages: 352, Price: $25.95 (Matthew Kaminski) 21

Riot of colours 21 


MG Classifieds 22


Rejoinder / Opinion / Letters

MG (Dr Mohamed T.) 23

Please stop MG  (Qamer ) 23

Photographs of Modi in MG     (Farooq Abdul Gaffar Bawani) 23

Modi   (Mukul Dube) 23

Dowry   (M Naushad Ansari) 23

Why has Muzaffarnagar failed to prick national conscience?   (J. S. Bandukwala) 23

Muslim education is not on secular party's agenda (S. Haque) 23

Political Choices for Muslims   (Ghulam Mohiyuddin) 23

Sanctity of the swearing-in     (Dr Mookhi Amir Ali) 23

Thoughtless Vijay Diwas  (Farooq Abdul Gaffar Bawani) 23

Save Parsi Community   (Madhu Agrawal) 23

Is rejection of Islamic Banking a symbol of democracy?  (S. Haque) 23

Advani and Modi  (Mukul Dube) 23

Congress takes Muslims for granted    (S. Haque) 23

A chief minister causing crimes (S. Akhtar) 23

Muzaffarnagar riot victims (A. Hameed Yousuf) 23

Kejriwal should be guarded (Dr Mookhi Amir Ali) 23

Abortion Law Against Science (Isabel Costa) 23

A Message for Rahul Gandhi (Dr Mookhi Amir Ali)  23

Muslims Must Support Arvind Kejiriwal (Dr AH Maqdoomi) 23



Charity Alliance (Registered trust, Zakat India) 17

Idarah Al-Hasanaat (Rampur) 17


Qur’an – A verse a day 22

Kaanti (Weekly and Monthly) 22

Taarikh Tadween Sunnat – Islamic Studies Academy (Pvt.) Ltd. 22

Urdu Book Review 22

India’s first and only Scientific and Informative Urdu Magazine 22


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