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Muslim girls’ backward march in Kanpur
By Nusrat and Ahmad Rasheed Sherwani

From the results for the year 2001 it is gathered that 3854 Muslim girls from Muslim educational institutions of eastern and central Uttar Pradesh, in addition to Kanpur, appeared for Metric Board examinations out of which 2748 i.e. 71 percent and 182 i.e. 5 percent passed in 1st division. In three Muslim girls institutions of Kanpur Shareef a total of 824 Muslim girls appeared out of whom 381 i.e. 66 percent passed and only 4 i.e. o.5 percent stood first division. In no other Muslim institution of the whole region or district the pass percentage or first divisioners of girls is so dismal as in Kanpur Shareef. Why is it so? It is now for Muslim intellectuals or religious leaders of Muslims of Kanpur Shreef to explain the reason if they so wish.

Last year, out of thirty-six Muslim institutions of eastern and central Uttar pradesh, excepting Kanpur, 2935 Muslim girls appeared in Matric and 1666 i.e. 57 percent passed and 92 i.e. 3 percent were first divisioners. The number of passed students increased from 1666 last year to 2748 this year i.e. more than 65 percent, but in Kanpur Shareef the number of Muslim girls in the same examination this year decreased from that of last year. Why? Because during the year in which the pass percentage of Muslim girls in other places increased from 57 percent to 71 percent this year, during the same year the pass percentage of Muslim girls in Kanpur Shreef decreased from 66 percent to mere 46 percent. Why? It is repeated here that Muslims of Knapur who are concerned with the education of their sons and daughters should find out the reasons of this decline and enlighten us. We shall be thankful to them.

But also see the ratio of first divisioners. The number of Muslim girl students in places other than Kanpur who passed in first division in matric increased from 92 last year to 182 this year i.e. almost double. In Kanpur, however, their number decreased from 10 last year to 5 this year i.e. only half. The ratio of first divisioners in other places increased from 3 percent to 5 percent. But in Kanpur this ratio decreased from 2 percent to 5 percent. Now the intellectuals of Kanpur should calmly think over these facts if they are at all eager to think about the education of their dear ones.

Results of two comparatively smaller Muslim girls institutions are not bad. Last year seventeen Muslim girls had appeared in Matric Board examination from Muhammadia Bunker Niswan School. This year there were twenty-nine who appeared. This represents an almost seventy percent increase. Pass percentage has improved from 76 percent to 90 percent. That means the number of students who have passed has doubled from thirteen to twenty-six. First divisioner has increased from zero to one i.e. 4 percent. There is improvement on all sides. This institution has now been upgraded and recognised as a Higher Secondary School. It is expected that this institution will progress further and education of Muslim girls will be promoted, Insha Allah!

However, Faiz-e- Aam Niswan Inter College has not made any progress. The number of Muslim girls appearing from this school has decreased from 36 last year to 25 this year. Pass percentage has also gone down from 67 percent to 64 percent i.e. the number of students who passed has been reduced from 24 last year to 16 this year which is almost two-thirds. The number of first divisioners has also been reduced from 3 (8) percent last year to only 1 (4) percent this year. That means all-round decline and fall. But even then, the result of Faiz-e-Aam Niswan College cannot be called a bad one. But it is surprising that this institution could not get recognition as a higher secondary school even in twenty years. Only God knows as to when it will be able to get this recognition.

In Kanpur the oldest, biggest and most famous Muslim girls institution is Muslim Jubilee Girls Inter College from where 770 Muslim girls appeared for Matric Board examination this year but only 339 i.e. 44 percent passed and only two i.e. almost ¼ percent (or 1 in 400) could pass in first division. Last year 35 out of 534 passed and 7 i.e. 1 ½ percent could attain first division. This year though the number greatly increased but the number of students who passed was even numerically reduced. Similarly the number of first divisioners also decreased from 7 to only 2. Ratio of first divisioners also decreased from 1 ½ percent to ¼ percent this year. The educational position of this old Muslim Girls College has very much gone down (at least at the level of Matric Board examination). Are the Muslim scholars and intellectuals of Kanpur, specially the parents of girls of this college at all concerned and worried at this state of affairs? It appears as if no body in Kanpur Shareef has time to devote his attention towards this falling educational standard which is a very serious matter. Most of the members and office bearers of the college governing body are important and respectable personalities of Kanpur. These important and resourceful people do not appear to have either time or worry about this sorry state of affairs. Then at least the Guardian-Teacher Association or parents of Muslim girl students, if they enjoy some power and authority, must do something to improve the position.(Translated from Urdu)

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