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Show power through unity

Bijnaur: The sate president of Ittehad-e Millat Council, Dr Shafiqur Rahman Barq impressed upon the Muslims that unless they do not demonstrate their political strength, they cannot achieve their rights. He said this in Bijnaur where he reached after leading a caravan of Ittehad-e Millat Council (IMC).

A caravan of about a hundred people set out from Bareilly under his leadership on 21 December with the objective of creating awakening among Muslims. According to his plans, this caravan or group will tour different places in the state in order to unite Muslims and demonstrate their political power and strength to the government.

While addressing a meeting of Muslims, he said that whereas Muslims have made enormous contributions and sacrifices in the struggle and war of independence, no political party or government has given them any thing ever since independence. 

All political parties have used them only for getting their votes. He further said that Muslims have been exploited and befooled only because they are scattered at different places and have no compact area which would otherwise have made them strong and powerful. This they must demonstrate now. He expressed his resentment at Muslims being dubbed as terrorists and ISI agents and Madrasas as dens of ISI and terrorist activities and said that these are the excuses of defaming them and to deprive them of their rights.

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