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Community News

9. millat degree college
11. they are same everywhere

New Delhi: Delhi Urdu Academy members are up in arms against the present secretary Mansur Usmani. They have alleged that Usmani is working in a political and anti-constitutional manner. They have demanded the chief minister of Delhi Shiela Dixit to remove him from his post, otherwise all members of the governing body will quit the Academy.
In a letter sent to the chief minister the members have asked her to remove the secretary as she had herself assured to do so in an earlier meeting. It stated that instead of mending his ways the secretary has become more autocratic and his behaviour has become humiliating. 

Rampur: The comment of the local MLA, Nawab Kazim Ali Khan, that ISI is ‘active in Rampur city and adjoining areas’ has received flak from all corners. The MLA has claimed in a letter to the union home minister LK Advani that ISI is very active in the densely populated areas of the Muslim dominated city. He also accused that ISI agents have taken shelter in the erstwhile princely state. 
Local leaders are up in arms against the son of the former Nawab of Rampur late Mikky Mian and the member of the Lok Sabha, Noor Bano. People have asked the MLA to substantiate his allegations. 

Hilsa: The district administration of Nalanda is not following the orders of Bihar Minority Commission Chairman Sohail Ahmed Khan and Bihar Sunni Waqf Board Chairman Nehaluddin Khan against the capturing of the Muslim graveyard by communal forces in Hisla subdivision of Nalanda district. Though the state government has announced to measure the Muslims graveyard property and lay the foundation for its boundary wall; the district administration is not taking any positive step in this connection. 
According to the sources Sohail Ahmed Khan and Nehaluddin Khan have instructed the D.M, Nalanda to free graveyard property from the illegal occupants. But due to non co-operation of the district Magistrate, the Government officers have neither prepared the list of Muslims graveyard nor the measurement report. It is the result that many graveyards of Islampur Block such as Mir Ghiyas Chak, Boli Bagh, Burhan Nagar, Dhamuli, have been captured by communal forces. The most regrettable matter is that false cases are being lodged against those Muslims who raise voice against such illegal capturing of the graveyards.

Kishangunj: History bears the testimony that the rise and fall of the nation depends on education. But it is a matter of deep regret that Muslims haven’t realized this truth. It is the call of the day that they prepare themselves to face the world. It could only be possible through acquiring knowledge-education.
Akhlaqur Rehman Kidwai, the former Governor of Bihar and Bengal expressed above thoughts in an educational seminar organized by Abdul Matin Salfi; the chairman of Tauhid Educational Trust. Addressing the audience, Kidwai said that Maulana Abul Kalam Azad was the first Education Minister of free India who introduced IIT. Let the Muslims not feel themselves inferior to others because they have ability to be overcome draw backs. 
Mr. Zafar Saifullah, former cabinet secretary presided over the seminar. Addressing the audience he said that the intellectuals should take interest in establishing educational trusts. In the end Dr Akhlaqur Rehman Kidwai laid the foundation of educational training centre with the co-operation of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Educational Foundation (AFSAR ALI) .

New Delhi: Ghalib Institute organized the inauguration of its recently published books on 26 June at Aiwan-e-Ghalib. Lt. Governor Vijay Kapoor inaugurated the function. 
The trustee of the Ghalib Institute introduced the books that were to be inaugurated on the day. Eight books that were to be inaugurated included Yadgarnama of Qazi Abdul Wadood. He said that were the people like Qazi and Hafiz Mahmood Sherwani not born, the language would have been in its infancy. He thanked the compilers of this Yadgarnama, Prof. Nazeer Ahmad, Prof. Mukhtaruddin Ahmad and Prof. Shameem Ahmad Qasmi. He also introduced other books, Afkar-e-Ghalib, Talash-e-Ghalib, Ghalib Bibliography, Naqsh-Hae Rang, Zauq Ek Mutalea and Momin Ek Mutalea. The former governor of Bihar, Dr Ikhlaqur Rahman Qidwai said that the poetry of Ghalib reflects the human sentiments. 

Mumbai: The Maharashtra government has given green signal to the police to prosecute Samajwadi party’s city president Abu Asim Azami in connections to his anti national remarks in a public meeting at Mastan Talab in the city. But he and his party has decided not to pull out of the government of the Democratic Alliance. Samajwadi Party supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav who was visiting the cyclone hit city accompanied with Abu Asim Azami said that his party will not withdraw the support from the Maharashtra government to defeat the communal forces.
The SP supremo questioned the logic to prosecute Azmi as he has already been arrested once in the same case. According to him it was totally unwarranted. 
It is commonly believed that Abu Asim has been made scapegoat to balance the prosecution orders of the Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thakre who was accused by the Sri Krishna Commission of inciting people during the Bombay riots during 1992-93. No action has been taken against Thakre so far whereas Azmi was arrested for allegedly making anti-national remarks that he claims he never made.

Gorakhpur: The people who are using the term Islamic terrorism are least acquainted with Islam, it was stated by well known Muslim media personality Prof. Muhammad Ahmadullah Siddiqi. He felt that this problem has aggravated by lack of knowledge of Islam as well as lackluster attitude on the part of Muslims to educate others about Islam. Dr Siddiqi felt that Muslims do not give due importance to the media. He added that it is the mode that creates public opinion and helps create an image about everything. He added that Muslims do not accord due importance to this mode of information and knowledge.
Dr Siddiqi who is a faculty in the University of Western Elias is on a tour of the sub-continent to participate in seminars and workshops in different universities in the region. He said in a press meet that 95 per cent people of the US do not know anything about Islam and whoever knows it knows about the Islamic terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism.

N Delhi: Jamiatul Ulema-e Hind has condemned the recent visit of the home minister and foreign minister to Israel and has also condemned the statements made by the ministers there. The detailed statement sent by the office of the Jamiat said that these sorts of statement have jeopardized the long held relations between India and its natural allies in the Arab world. 
The statement said that the atomic co-operation between India and Israel and alliance on the terrorism front is against the long held tradition of our country. It added that by shaking hand with an untouchable country in international fora for more than half a century we are risking our relations with our tried and tested allies. The statement said that the questions being raised by Arab countries on this is justifiable.
The Jamiat has also condemned the statement of the foreign minister Jaswant Singh in Israel when he said that the cause of not strengthening ties with Israel was strong Muslim vote bank in India. 

millat degree college
Mubarakpur (Azamgarh): This town has been a pioneer in the field of theological education, but on the front of modern education it drew blank untill a short time ago. To be true the girl education was thought to be a taboo in the town that attracts thousands of boys from across the country for theological education. And the few people who wished to give modern education to their daughters got deterred by lack of educational facilities for women. The schools that provided education for girls did not confirm to the Islamic ethics.
To cater to this need people like Haji Md. Yunus Ansari, Haji Md. Ashhad, Haji Abdussattar, Dr Qamarul Huda, Dr Shameem Ahmad, Haji Shamsuddin and several other influential people founded a non-interest bank, Millat Fund on 15 July 1993. It solved economic problems of a number of people. After a short time it drew plans to establish modern educational institutions for girls. The plans for primary school, high schools, inter college and degree college was chalked out with the help of eminent academicians. 
On 19 July 1996 the foundation stone for the Millat School was laid in Mohalla Katra of the town. Within a few months the building was completed and the school opened for students. The standard of education improved very fast. Within two years it was recognized as girls high school by Allahabad Board. The school gave excellent result. The minimum result never went down below 80 per cent. This year too 81 per cent girls have passed the exams. Islamic ethics are strictly followed in the campus. The Islamic education is a must here.
This all has encouraged the management beyond any limit. Now they are trying to fulfill their long cherished dream of establishing a degree college for girls. They have chalked out comprehensive plan for it. The management has contacted Poorvanchal University of Jaunpur and Shibli College of Azamgarh. An agreement is to be signed shortly that will pave the way for it. 

Aligarh: Aligarh Muslim University student community is full of questions. Whether the educational standard of the past will return? Will the lawlessness be curbed in the campus? Will the normalcy return in the campus? All these questions are yet to be unanswered. Students have great expectations from the new vice chancellor M Hamid Ansari. 
The new vice chancellor has given his views on all these questions. He has also made it clear that the academic excellence and maintaining law and order in the campus are his first priorities. He is now trying to give new atmosphere to the campus so that the academic activities could go unhindered in the university. He is giving priority to solve lodging problems in the university hostels. The vice chancellor believes that by providing accommodation to each and every student their several problems could be solved instantly. Keeping this point in mind he has prepared extensive plan to overhaul hostels in the university.
He is also working toward building a different image than the outgoing vice chancellor Dr Mahmoodur Rahman. He is also trying to use discretion in a better way. He believes that imposing decisions forcibly annoys others and makes problem even worse. He believes that indiscipline is the greatest problem in the campus. He has tried to solve problems by changing provosts of several hostels to improve living condition in the campus hostels. 

they are same everywhere
Bhopal: Bhopal city has a distinction. Imams and muazzins in all mosques in the districts are paid by a semi-governmental committee, Masajid Committee. At the time of merger the accord signed between the govt. of India and Nawab of Bhopal Hameedullah Khan it was finalized that the Madhya Pradesh government will pay the monthly salaries of the imams and muazzins in the districts. For this purpose the govt. of Madhya Pradesh was to form a committee that will be financed by the state government. This semi government committee was to look after the mosques and pay the salaries of imams and muazzins and was answerable to the government. 
But the imams and muazzins in mosques coming under this committee have not been paid for the last five months. It has created severe hardships in their homes. It is not the first time when such condition arose. It has happened umpteen times in the past. Political parties make tall claims to attract 700 odd imams and muazzins during elections. But after elections they forget every such promise made by them.
The Masajid Committee is equally responsible for this state of affairs. Its slow process plays an important role in not releasing the amount of grants by the government. 

The Committee pays a mere Rs. 800 to imams and Rs. 650 to muazzins. A very meagre amount that can not satisfy their needs and it too being delayed for such a long period. For receiving next grant, the committee has to give report for the last grant. But the lazy officers in the Committee are rarely able to present it on time so it mostly gets delayed making life more terrible for imams and muazzins. 

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