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Urdu lovers worried in U.P.
By Masood Hasan

Urdu lovers of Urdu are disgusted and worried in Utter Pradesh over the shabby treatment meted out to them. They vent their ire by staging a day’s hunger strike in Lucknow protesting against the indifferent attitude of the State Government in the State. They deplored the BJP led Government in the strongest terms for the present state of affairs in regard to Urdu.

The Urdu lovers and intellectuals lambasted the BJP government for the ill-treatment and blamed it for not paying attention to their grievances and to their institutions. They are of the view that due to apathetic attitude of the Government, the rich and common language is being trampled in the state.

A memorandum containing their demands was submitted to the Chief Minister Mr. Ram Prakash Gupta urging him to stop the undue interference in the constitution of the Urdu institutions particularly the Utter Pradesh Urdu Academy.

The controversial appointment of the chairman of the Urdu Academy by the Secondary Education and Language Minister, in the Gupta Ministry Dr Nepal Singh has not only sent shock waves among the intellectuals and Urdu lovers but he had compelled them to launch a do or die battle against the Government.

The most shocking decision of the Minister for Language was that he had terminated the membership of the two heads of Departments of Urdu at Lucknow and Benaras universities by accommodating the heads of department of Allahabad and Kashi Vidyapeeth in the executive Board. The fault of these two heads was that they had opposed the move of Dr Nepal Singh who wanted to subvert the model constitution of the Urdu Academy.

The membership of Dr Anees Ashfaque head of Department of Urdu in Lucknow University and Dr Qamar Jahan head of the Department of Urdu in Benaras University had been terminated from the executive board of the Urdu Academy which had clearly violated section 2 (11 to 15) and 3 (30) of the Academy. The memorandum called upon the chief minister to intervene and reinstate their membership.

In sharp contravention of section 9 (1) of the constitution of the Urdu Academy, the Minister for Language Dr Nepal Singh, appointed Mr. Shahiuddullah Khan as the chairman of the Utter Pradesh Urdu Academy who is a political figure and general secretary of a political party. Mr. Shahiuddullah Khan had unsuccessfully contested the Lok Sabha elections on the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) symbol and later he left the party to join the JBSP;

The Constitution of the Urdu Academy states that the chairman of the Academy should be a litterateur of repute. But Mr. Shahidullah Khan is not a literary figure nor a Urdu poet. He is only political leader.

The Urdu lovers have also urged the chief minister to draw your attention towards Urdu Directorate which was set up for promotion of Urdu language but the Directorate has become crippled. They urged the State Government to take co corrective measures soon to revive it. They also made a fervent appeal to him to provide all the required facilities for its promotion.

Prominent among those who sat on dharna were Sibte Mohammed Naqvi, Dr Ashfaq Mohd Khan, Dr Malikzada Manzoor Ahmad Yousuf Sirsavi, Dr Ismat Malihabadi, Dr Akhtar Yazdan, Qamar Agha, Irfan Siddiqui and Mr. S Ahmad Abbas.

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