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New Dalit Journal

On January 13 2002, ‘The Dalit’, a bimonthly on dalit issues, was informally launched at the Bhopal Conference (a two-day follow-up to Durban WCAR organised by Chandra Bhan Prasad in collaboration with the Madhya Pradesh Government). Prominent dalit and pro-dalit intellectuals/activists from across the country -- some 250 of them including Nandu Ram, S.K. Thorat, Kancha Ilaiah, Ruth Manorama, Gail Omvedt -- were present at Bhopal. The 100 copies that Dalit Media Network took to Bhopal got sold out in half a day; and we got 70 annual subscriptions.

What follows is a brief note on the jour nal which you could print out and paste on notice-boards and prominent places where it might elicit responses. Here is a brief note on The Dalit that needs to be publicised in ‘traditional’, ‘modern’ and ‘postmodern’ ways.
DALIT MEDIA NETWORK, which has been bringing out the Tamil monthly ‘Dalit Murasu’ for six years, has come out with an English journal called, simply, ‘The Dalit’. The journal, a bimonthly, was informally launched at the Bhopal Conference (a two-day follow-up to the Durban WCAR conference organised by Chandra Bhan Prasad in collaboration with the Madhya Pradesh Government) on January 13 2002.
This is to solicit subscriptions and contributions for ‘The Dalit’. First, to let us give you an idea of what is in store:
1. Dr Ambedkar, Chandra Bhan Prasad and Dara Gopi on the absence of dalits in media.
2. Jangam Chinnaih on how it feels to be a Dalit researcher in SOAS, London.
3. Chandra Bhan writes a letter: “Dear Non-Dalits”
4. Kancha Ilaiah tires to convince OBCs that Ambedkar is their liberator too.
5. An extract from Jotiba Phule’s ‘Gulamgiri’
6. Gail Omvedt makes a case for Kasyapa Matanga as an ancient dalit hero
7. An article on Burakumin, the untouchables of Japan
8. A fact-file on the Durban WCAR
9. Dara Gopi on why the Andhra Pradesh chief minister Chandrababu Naidu’s temple-entry and inter-dining agenda is inherently flawed
10. An interview with R.Thirumavalavan, leader of Dalit Panthers, Tamil Nadu
11. CR Bijoy reports on how the C.K.Janu-led Adivasi-Dalit Action Council wrested a deal of land for adivasis from the Kerala government; also a profile of Janu
12. A photo-essay on state terrorism in Sankaralingapuram, Tamil Nadu 
13. The caste of cricket: An exclusive article where Boria Majumdar rummages history for dalit cricketers; also, a hard look at Lagaan’s dalit by Siriyavan
14. Yoginder Sikand documents R.S.Adil’s dalitist quest for a liberation theology in islam; plus, a look at dalits of Pakistan
15. We introduce to readers the ‘Literary Ambedar’ and present him as the forerunner of modern dalit literature.
16. ‘Untouchable Spring’: An exclusive translation of the first chapter of G.Kalyan Rao’s novel in Telugu, with a related essay by Ambedkar on beef-eating
17. Ravikumar argues how while dealing with dalit human rights, we have to redefine our understanding of ‘culture’ and ‘literature’ (Translated from Tamil)
18. Notice-board: Here we list relevant books, events, films…

The 60-page journal is attractively produced with photographs and specially commissioned illustrations by dalit artists. Single issue Rs.20 and annual subscription Rs.150 (for six issues, including postage. For outstation cheques add Rs. 15). [Foreign subscriptions US $20.] Subscriptions DDs/ cheques must be in the name of ‘Dalit Media Network’. We are not yet a registered publication, so donations are welcome. You could also send us a select ‘mailing list’ of those who are likely subscribe.
Address for sending subscriptions/ correspondence:
'The Dalit' Dalit Media Network
E-21, TNHB Anna Main Road
KK Naga, Chennai – 600078
Ph: 044-3716688/ fax: 4741188

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