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EDITORIAL: 16-31 May 2002

Gospel of hate calls for the apex court’s urgent attention

Since we no longer have faith in the law and order machinery as long as it is presided over by LK Advani, of the Jain Hawala case, Rath Yatra and Babri demolition fame, who issues one clean chit after another to his protege, the architect of the anti-Muslim pogroms in Gujarat and sits smugly while his co-citizens are burnt alive as a daily routine, we respectfully offer some recent quotes to the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India with humble request to take sou moto action to stop the hatemongers who have set Gujarat afire and threaten to repeat the same all over India. The government has failed, police has failed, intelligence has failed and mobocracy is ruling the roost. Even judges in Gujarat had to flee their official residences in pursuit of safe havens. It is Gujarat today, India tomorrow. 

* "The speedy construction of the Ram temple is the only befitting reply to Islamic terrorism." 
-- Pravin Togadia, VHP international general secretary, Times of India, 7 February 2002.

* "It was high time the government banned the madrasas in the country as they had been converted into factories manufacturing Islamic militants.” 
- Pravin Togadia, Times of India, 7 Feb. 2002. 

* "I told you, we have had an overdose of these pseudos whom you so fondly call secularists. These self-appointed secularists can no longer fool the Hindus..Take it from me that our level of tolerance can be stretched no more. And those who come our way will be pulverised." 
- Acharya Giriraj Kishore, VHP senior vice-president, interview to, 7 Feb 2002.

* "It will either have to be [attack on] Pakistan or the mandir.... It is necessary for India, Jews and the Western world to come together and fight Islamic militants."
- Pravin Togadia, Mumbai, The Asian Age, 7 Feb. 2002.

* "If our government is ready to finish Pakistan, we are ready to wait. However, our two demands are, take over Pakistan and allow the temple construction. If one is not happening, the other will. Therefore, we have given time to the government till March 12." 
- Pravin Togadia, Mumbai, The Times of India, 7 Feb. 2002.

* "Solution to the Kashmir problem lies through Ayodhya..... The jihadi mindset has to be defeated at all costs." 
- Pravin Togadia, Bhuwaneshwar, PTI, 11 Feb. 2002.
* "We cannot wait for the judiciary to decide the faith of a particular community."
- Pravin Togadia, Viijayawada, Newstime, 
14 February.

* "Today a situation has come when no railway station or bus station is safe from the threat of attack from Islamic terrorists. The only option left before the country is to declare a full-fledged war against Islamic militants and defeat it, roundly and squarely."
- Pravin Togadia, Vijayawada, Deccan Herald, 14 Feb. 2002.

* "No court in the world has the right, moral or legal, to adjudicate on a matter of faith. The birthplace of Lord Ram is a matter of faith just as Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus Christ was of great significance to the Christians. There is no question of shifting the location of the temple, no matter who had the ownership rights to the land."
- Pravin Togadia, Bhopal, 
The Times of India, 19 Feb. 2002.

* “Swayamsevaks [RSS members should] get personal arms and keep them ready at time to deal with any situation.”
- K Sudarshan, RSS Sarsanchalak, Vijayadashmi message, Oct. 2001

* "All Hindus should be armed if India was to be saved from disintegration."
- Ramchandra Paramhans, chairman, Digambar Akhara, Ayodhya, The Pioneer, 
22 Feb 2002.

* "BJP does not need Muslims to form government in UP."
- Atal Bihari Vajpayee, PM, Varanasi, The Asian Age, 22 Feb. 2002.

* “These non-Hindus are not foreigners but ex-Hindus, they are Indians but their faiths will have to be Indianised.”
- KS Sudarshan, The Hindu, 13 March 2000.

* “VHP has given no pledge to obey court orders. Babri masjid cannot be re-built in Ayodhya whatever the court order may be.”
- Acharya Giriraj Kishore, VHP Vice Pres., UNI report, Qaumi Awaz, 7 March 2002

* “We take the land by force”
- Ramchandradas Pramhans, Ramjanmabhoomi Nyas president, Indian Exp., 18 March 2002

* "20 lakh Bajrang Dal activists carrying the trishul would march to Ayodhya. They are ready to face any situation. If any Muslim organisation makes an attempt to rebuild the Babri Masjid at Ayodhya, the Bajrang Dal would chant Hanuman Chalisa at Delhi’s Jama Masjid."
- SK Jain, Bajrang Dal national convenor, The Telegraph, 23 Feb. 2002.

* "The Bajrang Dal has drawn up a list of 3,000 mosques across the country that were built after demolishing temples. If Muslims did not respect the sentiments of millions of Hindus, the Bajrang Dal would not be able to stop a massive upsurge against these mosques."
- SK Jain, Bajrang Dal national convenor, The Telegraph, 23 Feb 2002.

* "This has never happened in the history of independent India. Hindu society will avenge the Godhra killings. Muslims should accept the fact that Hindus are not wearing bangles. We will respond vigorously to all such incidents."
- Pravin Togadia, in an interview to Hotline in Ayodhya.

* "These unarmed kar sevaks, who were merely chanting Ram naam, were peacefully going back to their homes. A reaction to this attack by Islamic jihadis could not be ruled out."
- Ramchandra Paramhans, chairman, Ram Janmabhoomi Nyas, The Telegraph, 28 Feb. 2002.

* "The violence during the bandh was a result of natural outpouring of anger and grief over the Godhra massacre."
- Acharya Giriraj Kishore, The Times of India, 28 Feb. 2002.

* "Whoever stays with us will benefit. You can see the results in UP. In this country whoever stays with the Hindu community and Hindutva, will benefit, or they will suffer."
- Jaideep Patel, VHP Gujarat joint secretary, and an accused in the Naroda Patiya massacre in Ahmedabad, Newshour, Star News, 27 Feb. 2002.

* "Today's papers have quoted previous incidents... this time also, there was private firing at the Gulbarga Society, after private firing, things went out of control."
- Narender Modi, in a statement, 1 Mar 2002

* "What happened is secular violence which happens during communal violence."
- Narender Modi, The Indian Express, Ahmedabad, 6 Mar 2002.

* "I have brought peace to the state in 72 hours." [The violence in the state has entered its third month].
- Narender Modi, The Indian Express, Ahmedabad, 6 Mar 2002.

* "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction."
- Narender Modi, The Times of India, 2 Mar 2002.

* "What is happening in Gujarat is not communal riots but people’s answer to Islamic jihad."
- Pravin Togadia, The Asian Age, 2 April 2002.

* "The violence in Gujarat is a befitting reply to what has been perpetrated on the Hindus in the last 1,000 years."
- Ashok Singhal, VHP international president, The Hindustan Times, 6 May.

* "We are countering anti-national forces on every front, including the field of education, which is very important. We have soldiers (cadres) taking care of every front and it is their responsibility to ensure victory in the struggle."
- KS Sudarshan, The Telegraph, 23 April 2002.

* "The Muslims have to be taught a lesson (once and for all)."
- Pravin Togadia, The Hindustan Times, 22 April 2002.

* "Now that we have our own government we should take proper advantage of it and should get our work done by it."
- From a secret RSS document circulated in February 2000, Communalism Combat magazine (March-April 2002 issue)

* "The main attack on Hindu Samaj is that our sisters of tender age are being abducted and then they are made to sign the marriage register after getting converted by force. Hundreds of Hindu girls are being made Muslims like this in Gujarat state."
- Secret RSS document circulated in February 2000, Communalism Combat , op. cit

* "Often, the girl does not agree and if a habeas corpus petition is filed in court, and there, if the girl changes her mind, we will be let down...these problems are not going to be solved by Law under the protection of the Police or the Court. Hindu Samaj needs to resort to social opposition to find a solution to this and even resort to violent attacks if necessary."
- Secret RSS document circulated in February 2000, Communalism Combat , op. cit.

* “Yeh andar ki baat hai, Police hamare saath hai!" (Its an inside story, the police is with us!)
- Open boast of Sangh Parivar cadres quoted in Gujarat Today: Communalism Combat, op. cit.

* "The present situation (in Gujarat) would be remembered as an era of Hindu awakening...It (Godhra backlash) is a befitting reply to what has been perpetrated on the Hindus in the last 1,000 years...Gujarat has shown us the way and our journey of victory will begin and end on the same path."
- Ashok Singhal, VHP president, Lucknow, The Hindustan Times, 6 May.

* “These [police] are also people; they somehow get carried away by the overall general sentiment. That's the whole trouble. The police is equally influenced by the overall general sentiments."
- PC Pandey, Police Commissioner, Ahmedabad, Star News, 10 March 2002.

* "For an average policeman, collection of intelligence is limited to gathering of information about the activities of communal Muslim organisations."
- Vibhuti Narain Rai, DIG Police, Lucknow, Communalism Combat, op. cit.

* "Let Muslims understand that their real safety lies in the goodwill of the majority. The Muslims would be safe in the country provided they won the goodwill of the majority community. They had to accept the law of the land which they are not doing now. The Hindu lives had no value in India."
- KS Sudarshan, at Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha at Chennenahalli in Bangalore, Communalism Combat, op.cit; repeated in Delhi on 27 March, The Hindu, 28 March 2002

* "When attacks are made on us, we should counter them immediately. We have no dearth of people and should play a more aggressive role."
- KS Sudarshan, The Telegraph, 23 April 2002.

* "Godhra killers are related to Darul Uloom and Tablighi Jamaat, who receive funds from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries to promote Islamic fundamentalism in India..Over one lakh madarsas are involved in spreading fundamentalism and trying their best to Talibanise India."
- Pravin Togadia, Mumbai, Qaumi Awaz, Delhi, 28 April 2002.

* "There will be a Gujarat-like situation in Rajasthan if the State Government did not stop its 'appeasement of Muslims' and 'anti-Hindu' policies."
- Bhairon Singh Shekhawat, former Rajasthan chief minister, Gangapur on 23 April, The Hindu, 30 April 2002.

* "A Hindutva wave is sweeping Gujarat for a 'final settlement' to the communal problem."
- Pravin Togadia, The Hindustan Times, 22 April 2002.

* "Muslims must earn the goodwill of the Hindu majority for their safety. We also ask them to re-interpret some Islamic terms such as kafir (infidel), kufr (the philosophy of infidels) and jihad (holy war against infidels), and condemn all violence being perpetrated against Hindus, rather than playing in the hands of Hindu-baiters."
- MG Vaidya, RSS spokesman, after RSS Bangalore resolution, Communalism Combat .

* “Islam was not a religion but a sect. The basic fundamental of Islam, which says anyone who does not believe in it is a ‘kafir’, results in terrorist ideology.”
- Acharya Giriraj Kishore, The Hindu, 20 Mar 2001

* “..Restaurants, bookshops, gift shops and other commercial establishments selling items or organising events related to the Valentine Day would face the Sangh’s ire.”
- Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad, Asian Age, 12 Feb. 2000

* "The Muslims have to be taught a lesson (once and for all)..Islam as a religion is incompatible with Hinduism. My advice to the Muslim community is simple: Forget about religion. Imbibe Bharat Mata's composite culture."
- Pravin Togadia, Hindustan Times, 22 April 2002.

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