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Oh God! where are we heading towards?

Educating on Kashmir time bomb
Thank you for educating your readers and viewers about "The Kashmir Time Bomb." We are rightfully warned that there is an immediate, serious, and substantial threat of major escalation in the Kashmir conflict that will bring catastrophe over one billion people in the region. There is need to take an active diplomatic initiative to address the Kashmir people's issue. 
As Kashmir born naturalized American citizen I have spent time between the two countries {My current country extraordinarily free [29 years] and old country under op [29 years]}. 
The people of Kashmir hold the crucial key and role in current situation. It is all right that we focus on the governments of India and Pakistan. It is equally important that we need to draw attention to the plight and aspirations of the people of Jammu & Kashmir. 
We need to recognize the rightful and necessary role the people of Kashmir must play in finding a peaceful solution to the Kashmir conflict, let alone the right of the people of Kashmir to shape their own destiny and the fulfillment of the people's aspiration for freedom, peace, and justice along with end of military occupation and oppression. 
We must consider families, friends, faiths, funds, fun, and future in this human endure with fairness and freedom and without fear or favor. It is necessary for the triumph of the evil that concerned people do nothing. 
Col. AM Khajawall, California

We have published a small booklet on how each of us can help reduce communal prejudice and violence in our midst. This booklet, called What kind of India shall we give to our children? has been printed in a trilingual version (Urdu, Hindi and English - together in 90 pages) and is available for Rs.10/- each. The booklet is best suited for parents, teachers and everyone who wants to make a prejudice-free and tolerant India. A list of some topics discussed in the booklet are given at the bottom of this mail. 
We would request all of you to buy a copy and also help us spread it to as many people as you can. If you are in Delhi, kindly pick up a copy from any of the following addresses. Otherwise, send us your postal address and we will send you a copy. 
We would like more people to contribute to our battle against communal prejudice and violence. You could participate in it by some of the following ways: 
- Buy many copies of this booklet and distribute them to your friends, and persuade them to read it.
- Tell us about more people (with their addresses) who might be interested in reading this booklet.
- You could also help us by monetary contributions, or by supplying us postal stamps which we can use to send the book to more and more people. The cheque/DD can be made in favour of Communicators’ Cooperative Ltd. 
Please send your postal address to the following email or fax: 
Phone: 9810379016
Fax: 91-11-6822414
Postal Address: Communicators’ Cooperative Ltd., C-2/1, Church Compound, Sukhdev Vihar, New Delhi-110025 India
Yousuf Saeed

Islamic fundamentalism
I have found the Islamic fundamentalists the biggest hypocrites in the world. A minor example of their hypocrisy is that they criticize Gen. Pervez Musharraf for being pro-USA and describe him US agent, CIA man, Kafir etc. But when the question of General Mohammad Zia-ul-Haq comes their criteria is changed. As a matter of fact, today's General in Pakistan is doing the same things which Gen. Zia did during 1980's in the name of Islam. Gen. Zia followed the U.S. policy during 1980's and worked for the interest of the Western world. During the so-called Jihad in Afghanistan, not only Gen. Zia but all these big names of today's anti-West Jihadis, like Osama Bin Laden, Mullah Omar, worked for the U.S. imperialism. Now when the question of Gen. Zia or any other dictator comes, these hypocrite Islamic fundamentalists have all praise for such category of US agents but General Pervez Musharraf is bad as he is following the US policy against these former US agents. 
Mohammad Khalid 

In search of schools
Kindly provide me list of 92 Muslim colleges in India for the help of my son and Muslims of Gujarat. Due to communal reasons, parents of Muslim students are worried about their wards for the future not only for higher education but at lower level also. In Gujarat the most of the educational trusts are run by either Christian trusts/private persons or Hindu trusts. Now a days it is very difficult to get admission in good schools despite spending money. 
Further, in the current situation of the state particularly in Ahmedabad nobody is ready to give personnel tuition in good institutes. I therefore request you to kindly provide me a list of Muslim colleges/institutes/polytechnics as well as list of schools run by Muslims where both religious as well as modern education is available.
AY Shaikh

Suicide bombing not un-Islamic
Apropos “What is wrong with suicide bombing” (MG-16-31 May). It has been rightly argued that most of the Israeli buses and restaurants are military targets. When a Palestinian bomber attacks such a target and lays down his life for the greater cause of freedom of his country, he definitely becomes a martyr not one who commits suicide. His act is also legitimate from the Islamic point of view, as Palestinian resistant movement is an organized one under the groups like HAMAS and Islamic Jihad and secondly a martyr bomber does not end his life out of despair. So his action does not fall inside the periphery of suicide which is an act of sin. 
Of course the killing of children and other innocent civilians can not be condoned, but if they are not the deliberate target of an attack then killing of some of them during attack is a strategic compulsion and approved by Islam. Its example can be found from the action taken by Mohammad (SAW) during the war of Khaibar. In that war his (SAW) companions told him that during attack on fort many civilians would get killed and asked for his (SAW) command, Mohammad (SAW) told them that until the innocent people were their deliberate target it’s OK and permitted the attack on the fort.
Tauheed Ahmad, Jhansi.

War or No War
Some of the recent indications from across the border are not only ominous but suggestive of the Indian designs of embarking upon some adventurism soon. Somehow, on our side the media and the government are playing it low, probably in the hope that either sanity or international pressure will prevail upon the Indians and diffuse the situation. I think prudence demands that while we hope for 
the best we must prepare for the worst. 
Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd) Rawalpindi 

Kudos to Setalvad
Teesta Satalvad’s special report on Gujarat ‘Genocide’ is a documentary which should be preserved not only in libraries but in every Muslim house as it gives us information of all incidents and it’s backings. (MG 16 May)
I have also contributed lot of information for preparing this extraordinary report which has also been acknowledged by Teestaji in the preface of the report, though our full names and addresses have been withheld due to obvious reason. 
She has visited twice when Gujarat was burning and even MPs or MLAs had to confine themselves in the house and has gathered authentic information. Not only that, Teestaji had also represented herself before concerned officials on behalf of the riot victims. 
If neutral journalists had not brought out the facts, perhaps Gujarat would have become Rawanda or Bosnia. Media persons like Kingsuk Nag of ToI, S Ubaidur Rahman of MG and Siraj Tirmizi of ‘Gujarat Today’ should be credited for their very very risky job in bringing Gujarat truth to open. 
Ilyas Patel

Pak is no match for our power
It is a well known and established fact that we are superior to Pak in every field. Why should we make a fuss about Pakistan. I don’t see any utility in shouting cross border terrorism when our forces are fully capable to give a befitting reply to our enemy. Everybody knows we are a progressing nation and are in queue of being developed ones. We cannot sacrifice our future for the present. Kashmir issue should be resolved through peaceful means. Both Kashmir and Kashmiris are inseparable part of India. 
MU Sharif
Sujarma, Morena-476224 (M.P.)

The facts behind "Mammoth protest against carnage" in MG issue 16-31 May 2002 reveals the anguish of common man. The Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind, has always raised voice against the ill-motivated steps in the country. The Dalit felt the need to join hands with Jamiat Ulama and Dalit Christians too found their interest most protected under Unity Cell by Muslim-Dalit leadership. 
S Shafiq Ahmad (Advocate) 

Attacks on the oppressed!
As reported in Gujarati daily ‘Sandesh’ )Baroda, 4th May, 2002) VHP’s Pravin Togadia while speaking at a public meeting in Bhavnagar, inter alia alleged that "India is the only country in the world where the majority (Hindu) is being attacked" ; that what happened at Godhra can be compared with the World Trade Centre event; that three elements responsible for it were Deoband, Tablik (he cannot even spell it correctly) and Madrasas respectively ; that Deoband is a centre of Taliban; that Tablik has spread upto Gujarat; that Madrasas are pouring poison in the minds of Muslims; that Godhra can be reenacted in Bhavnagar etc etc! Can hatred not go on increasing through such false and poisonous public speeches? Let there be an international machinery to control such mischief in the interest of world peace because this man who is the international secretary of the VHP, has at Bhavnagar, also said that let him be the prime minister of India if Israel type attacks are to be made on Pakistan!
S Akhtar 
Khanpur Deh-392150

All Hindus Wake up 
This book is authored by Dr. R. Singh, a highly educated Hindu fanatic... and was introduced into the London book market for 5 days, before it was withdrawn, due to fear of harassment and discrimination against Hindus in the Arab world. The source of this information comes from the U.A.E Sharjah broadcasting Channel presented by Ra'ad Aman in the program named, "Foreign writings". 
These are 13 of the protocols mentioned: 
1. Hindus must consider the state of Israel as its most friendly ally due to its negative attitude towards Muslims. 
2. Spread sinful acts and values within Muslim communities. 
3. Hindu temples must be built in all places possible and to be visited every day. Also the statue of "Ram" (their god) to be placed in the work place. 
4. Regular meetings are to be held to plan ways in working against Islam. 
5. Distribution of drugs and prostitution to be carried out within Muslim countries and communities. 
6. Sexual relationships with Muslim women to be encouraged to ensure the production of Hindu babies within Muslim communities. 
7.If you are a pharmacist or doctor attending Muslim pregnant women, try at all costs to induce congenital defects in their fetus. 
8. If you are a nurse or doctor, whisper "Ohm" into the Muslim newborn's ear. (like what Muslims say adhan) 
9. Try to spoil or damage goods in Muslim shops if you are employed by them. 
10. Become their friends, gain their trust and stab them in the back. 
11. Be friends to other non-Muslim communities and turn them against Muslims. 
12. If you work in their homes, try to influence their children or wives way of thinking. 
13. Wear a black string around your wrist. 
Aftab Kola, Jeddah

Our research into companies which actively support the zionist state is provided here so that all people of conscience can make an ethical decision when purchasing.
Where ever possible, we have provided references for the source of our information so that you may independently verify its accuracy. We thank all those organizations whose research we have utilised. The research is on-going so the list of guilty companies is in no way complete.
AOL Time Warner 
Apax Partners & Co Ltd 
Delta Galil Disney 
Estée Lauder IBM 
Johnson & Johnson Kimberly-Clark 
Lewis Trust Group Ltd L'Oreal 
Marks & Spencer Nestle 
News Corporation Nokia 
Revlon Sara Lee 
Selfridges The Limited Inc 
Home Depot Intel
James Bond

Gruesome Godhra
The Bajrang-involved Godhra event reminds one and all of the burning alive of a Christian missionary man along with his small children. The readly slapped allegation of ‘terrorism’ cannot minimize the highly inflammatory effect of heart-rending and terribly provocative slogans and words either shouted or penned by Karsevaks. 

Oh God! where are we heading towards?

As Muslims we know how to exploit an occasion-sounds harsh? Yeah but this is true. Milad-e-Nabi was as usual celebrated all over the country with processions, band baaja and then we have our regional publications in Urdu bringing out colourful supplements to mark the Prophet's birthday. Well, the front two pages carried blessings on the Prophet (Pbuh) and then the inside four pages splashed with advertisements of all varieties-while some were sober some atrocious as there were saree ads with scantily clad women as models.Is this the way we want to celebrate or remind people about the Prophet? 
While the publications must have made enough revenue through the ads sadly the spirit and sobriety associated with Milad-e-Nabi has been lost.Then where has the community lost its voice?
Recently Gurumurthy penned three write-ups on madrasas calling them terror factories and all three appeared as a series in The Indian Express. Our community maintained a cool silence while a whole set of non-Muslims sent letters to the Indian Express against
the insensitive articles and defending madrasas-there was not a single Muslim name and not a single Muslim who raised his or her voice against it. Well I myself did not. There was Meena Kandaswamy, Editor of The Dalit who wrote an excellent piece on Gurumurthy's article defending madrasas and speaking for the Muslims. In Karnataka, there is an organisation made up of secularists. Most of them are Hindus and Christians and they have formed an 'Andolan' to counter the Sangh Parivar fascism and are moving from town to town condemning the Gujarat carnage. There was not a single Muslim soul who attended these gatherings nor came on the dais to speak up.
With the clouds gathering over the sky after summer showers, I know I will get loads of brickbats if I say this but I will still say this as to where has our community spirit gone? Where are our voices? Where are our leaders? Where are we heading towards? A dead end? Are we going to continue being like this-passive? I have faith in Allah, but have lost faith in the fact that our community will shake up and wake up!
Nigar Ataulla, Bangalore

Who is behind MG?
I want to know if the MG is owned by a person, or does it belong to any community organization?
Mohammed Shakir Siddiqui, Paterson, USA

Editor: MG is not brought out by any 'organization' or Jamaat as such. It is brought out by me using mostly my own funds. Though some friends and like-minded people have extended a helping hand, still I have to bear the big deficit. The paper has been brought out to meet an acute need of a Muslim voice in English in this country where we constitute a community of around 200 million people but have no stake in the non-Urdu media and our voice goes unheard. Though MG has been appreciated a lot at home and abroad but this has not translated into resources and, as a result, we are unable to progress to a weekly and editions in other areas and languages.

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