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Time to think: 
One rupee per head can generate relief amount worth billions
By C.Y.S. Khan

Bangalore: Whenever and wherever there are riots, there is suffering and it is mostly ordinary people who suffer because they are the people who are very soon led away by emotions. They become so rash and crazy that they forget that they have a family which depends upon their earnings. If something happens to this bread earner, do we have any association or organization which can provide some help to these helpless people in their hours of need? Is there any institution to help these needy people in such a condition? 

Today we find that whenever a riot takes place and there is widespread suffering some kind and sympathetic people arrange to collect some money from here and there but such assistance is too meagre to provide relief. Shall we ever be able to think as to how riot-hit people can be helped under such conditions? Can we feel their pain and sufferings in the nick of time or even during or after the riots?

Suppose, such conditions prevail again and again and people suffer losses again and again, what can we do? Whenever we are moved by their sufferings, we give away some money but soon thereafter we forget everything. Is there no way by which relief could be provided any time and every time such necessity arises? There are many intellectuals and experienced people in our community. If all such intelligent people join together and find a way out, they should start thinking and draw up a plan to provide relief to such people without delay. Even now it is not too late and something can definitely be done. 

Today my mind there is a way which neither can be pinching nor can put any inconvenience to people and a fairly large amount can also be kept in reserve for such emergencies. Let the intelligent and experienced people think over it and give it a concrete and final shape or suggest some more appropriate course. If they do so, we can have a large amount.

There are at least one or two mosques in every locality or mohalla and in addition to normal prayers, there is a large number of people who come to pray on Fridays. On an average there are roughly six hundred people in every mosque on Fridays. If each one of them contributes one rupee for this relief fund, on an average five hundred rupees can be collected every Friday in every mosque. In this way an amount of roughly two thousand five hundred rupees every month can be easily collected with little effort. If we take on an average five hundred mosques, we can have twelve-and-a-half lakh rupees every month and in a year the amount thus collected will be Rs 7500 million.

A group of 500 mosques could be made. Hence every such group of 500 mosques can have billions of rupees. No one should have any right to such amounts. The locality collecting this amount should also have the right to spend and keep an account of such amounts. If we act upon this scheme, there will be no need for us to beg before any one. You can now realise the power of one rupee!

In this way we find that one rupee of every person who comes for offering prayers on Fridays can become billions of rupees. I request the intellectuals, scholars, ulama and experienced people with folded hands to think over this plan or devise any better scheme for this purpose. If all of us so wish, our community or nation can be reformed and helped to improve its lot. If every one sits and rests like lotus eaters, nothing can be achieved. Some one has in any case to stand up and take the lead so that others may follow. Leave aside the great leaders and let them do whatever they want do. This is the problem of our community and nation and therefore let us all stand up. Even now there is time to stand on our own legs and improve our lot or the lot of the affected people. Do not forget the worth and power of one rupee. (translated from Urdu)

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