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How to overcome this situation?
By Dr Sayed Abdul Bari

The terrible flames of hatred and enmity in Ahmadabad and else where in Gujarat for the last three months have not only burnt down shops, houses and human beings but also the remnants of wealth of honour and respect of a country with a long history of humanism, glory and hospitality. The provisions of the Constitution, laid down and preserved in sacred documents as well as the robes of democracy have also been burnt down. In Ahmadabad and different parts of Gujarat, thousands, nay million of people have not only been rendered homeless, unclothed hungry and injured but all those heartless, cruel and selfish persons have also been exposed stark naked who left no stone unturned in turning this great and innocent land into an unholy and bloody one by their unholy political motives, terrible and hateful objectives and fascist and brutish activities during the past few years.

What a great irony it is that these sky-high flames born out of human flesh and blood are rising exactly from the same place and ‘ashram’ where the messenger of peace and non-violence, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born. The political leadership of this country, lethargic society, paralytic, and highly criminal-friendly government has bared the so-called religious leaders who have left no stone unturned in poisoning the whole atmosphere and turning human beings into beasts by raising the unfortunate dispute of the so-called Ram Janmabhoomi and sowing the seeds of hatred for the past so many years. It so appears today that this country did not produce men like Mahatma Budh, Gandhi and Tagore, who were all but shadows. It appears as if the origin of all ferocious men like Jenghiz, Hulagoo, Hitler, Mussolini etc was in this very land from where the banner of peace and non-violence was raised. This banner is also lowered fifty years after the Independence. 

There is no need now to declare Hitler as the worst enemy of humanity and a cruel criminal who had exterminated thousands of Jews by putting them in gas chambers. Now countless Hitlers in saffron, wielding ‘trishuls’ can be seen on every road and highway of Gujarat. In the words of Somnath Chatterjee, they have now got the opportunity of entering the Parliament and occupying ministerial chairs and whose voices and words are in line with those of Hitler and in whose every organ of the body fascism is reigning supreme.

There is no need now to declare Hitler as the worst enemy of humanity and a cruel criminal who had exterminated thousands of Jews by putting them in gas chambers. Now countless Hitlers in saffron and wielding ‘trishuls’ can be seen on every road and highway of Gujarat. In the words of Somnath Chatterjee, they have now got the opportunity of entering the Parliament and occupying ministerial chairs and whose voices and words are in line with those of Hitler and in whose every organ of the body fascism is reigning supreme.

The sky is astonished to see that humanly brutes of Gujarat can tie up the hands and feet of the poor and helpless men, women, children and the old and throw them into the fire. In 1969 too they had indulged in such terrible beastly game though at that time they had not got so much cooperation and encouragement from the police, politicians and bureaucracy as they have had now. The tragedy is that they are giving different interpretations to their black deeds which exposes their shameless intentions. They are repeatedly making excuse of a few deaths in the train incident at Godhra in the same way as George Bush had started the sorrowful chain of destroying the innocent people of Afghanistan on the excuse of destruction of two buildings of New York and which he continued for a long time. 

Facts are now being revealed. By referring to Newton’s third law of motion and describing it as the natural reaction the hateful murderers had pre-planned the large scale pogrom and destruction of Muslims of Gujarat and are acting on it in a planned an organized manner. The proponents of the principle of action and reaction should think how shamelessly they are trying to enforce jungle law in this civilized world. Some wild tribes of the distant past no doubt did follow the practice of killing innocent people in revenge for the death of one of their men. These stupid people do not anticipate the dangerous consequences which, God forbid, may follow i.e. if the oppressed victims, out of sheer desperation, decide to take revenge at the risk of their lives against the oppressors and an unending chain of death and destruction starts. What will be the fate of the country whose image has been badly spoilt before the international community? Suppression of human rights and state sponsorship of bloodshed of innocent people has shocked the world. 

It is highly regretful that the ruling party in Gujarat is not at all ashamed of the heart rending incidents that are going on without break in Ahmadabad. But of course innumerable people of the country who are the standard bearers of human brotherliness and justice even in such circumstance are doing their bit in consoling and expressing their sympathies with the oppressed and afflicted people. But can all their sympathies heal the deep wounds of their hearts. Will two square meals a day, a nominal shelter and healing the wounds of the survivors be sufficient for them. The state of fear and devastation that is haunting their minds will probably not come to an end in this state full of human beasts unless the strong arms of law reach the haven of the murderers and exemplary punishments are given to them. It is no use shedding tears on the pitiable conditions of lifeless bodies and aggrieved souls at a time when the groups of murderers and looters are celebrating their devilish success in their luxurious houses just near the destroyed and burnt houses of the sobbing, helpless and broken-hearted human beings. 

The history of these murderers and beasts in this country has been glorious. Just after independence they first of all tested their bloody claws on the thin and lean body of Gandhiji. After their success in this historic attempt they gave birth to many progenies of oppression and sins. The sick society of India, instead of offering them poison, gave them milk. These beasts, by forming parties and raising attractive slogans, entered the portals of politics. The excited the religious sentiments of the people in society and created and strengthened their leadership. They made educational centres and institutions the special launching pads of their offensive activities and by terribling twisting and metamorphosing history, they made right as wrong and vice-versa. They kindled the fire of hatred in the young and innocent minds of the new generation against a particular section of their countrymen. They opened hundreds of alternative routs of loots in the field of national economy and sold out the country’s interests cheaply to the west. The laws of the country ignored and condoned their undue interferences. The administration and guardians of law became their companions. Political leaders connived at their black deeds. They declared the theory of creation as indispensable and tolerated or ignored all excesses on the plea that all this was quite natural. Some times they placed the oppressors and the oppressed on equal footing in order to maintain a balance. 

Now the Sangh Parivar has carried out a very successful experiment in Ahmadabad and Gujarat, the laboratory of Hindutva. They have compelled the whole Muslim population of this state to bid good bye to their centuries old native place for good and seek shelter somewhere else. They are feeling that no power can now provide them security in Gujarat. Some of them have now started thinking that instead of taking recourse to law and Constitution, which will be in vain, they should risk their lives and come face to face with the oppressors which may probably set the devils of oppression and violence in their right place. Probably the cruel hands of time, by dipping its steel pen in the blood of a lethargic nation in slumber, has imprinted the writing on its forehead that if you want to survive in this critical hour of struggle for existence, learn some lesson from the burnt human corpses of Ahmadabad. If you have to live in the horde of brutes, you will have to arrange for your defence within permissible limits side by side with your prayer carpets, prayers, beads etc and means of living. Without these the indolent and careless state and central governments, police force devoid of conscience, selfish and hypocrite political leaders will probably not be of help to anybody. No one can help any body who cannot stand on his own legs. 

Riots are destined to occur in this country. An important reason for this is that those who spread the poison of hatred and brutality have not been reined in during the last fifty years or so. In almost all the other states of the country authorities responsible for law and administration have been alerted to see to it that no Muslim is allowed to enter it, with the result that agents of fascist groups have sneaked into the police force in large numbers and are working as terrorist groups within the police. Their sole mission is to destroy Muslims and weaker sections of society whenever riots break out. The result is that during the past fifty years so much blood of people of weaker sections and religious and cultural minorities, specially of Muslims, has been spilt that if all those bloods are collected at one place, the entire building of the Parliament House will be drowned in it. 

The interesting thing is that most of the inquiry commissions or persons appointed after such incidents, with a few exceptions, instead of identifying the real culprits, have on the contrary blamed the oppressed and wronged people and made them stand in the witness box. In spite of repeated demands of the opposition parties to appoint a sitting Supreme Court judge to inquire into the Godhra incident and subsequent riots, the central government which is fully backing Modi, remained unmoved and has not so far agreed to their demands. The result will probably be that the inquiry commission set up by Modi government, which has a very bad image, will not be able to pin point even a single person among thousands of killers in the dirty society of Gujarat who could be hanged. People can see, and in fact are seeing that goondas and killers are being welcomed everywhere. These very people are being projected as protectors of law, order and peace and no one has the courage to call them in question. 

But the Muslim community of Gujarat and in fact in the whole country, instead of wasting its time in complaining against the state and central governments, should introspect.

During the reign of Caliph Umar Al-Farooq Muslims used to introduce their Caliph to the Roman and Iranian emperors as ‘Neither he cheats any one nor is cheated by any one’. Unfortunately the condition of Muslims today is such that in spite of being partners in the exercise of power during the past fifty years of independent India, they themselves are putting fetters of slavery in their feet and were being cheated by various political parties who always sacrificed Muslims on the altar of their own racial, sectarian and organizational interests. They never paid serious attention to the practical aspects of power politics. Whenever the time of elections come, they allowed themselves to be drifted in the direction of the wind. They never drew up any plan for their individual or national development. A large number of our senior leaders always considered politics as a useless activity. Now, after seeing the high-handedness and oppression of Advani, Modi & Co as a result of wielding power, probably they may start thinking that every community and nation, besides rosaries and singing hymns, also needs bold actions. 

Our religious leaders are so unmindful of worldly problems of our community that fascist forces are planning all kinds of offensive against our madrasas but they are interested only in preaching easy prescriptions for the achievement of paradise and explaining the difference between ‘we’ and ‘they’. They do not at all feel the necessity of guiding the community about the acquisition and demanding of our legal and constitutional rights and privileges. The result of all this is that a dynamic and lively Ummah or Muslim nation has turned into a crowd of paralysed and helpless people which cannot protect itself properly against the goondas, murderers and cannibals. 

The tragic events of Ahmadabad are clearly and loudly giving us a warning that cowardice, fear and inaction is not the remedy of our pains and sufferings. Those who fan the fires of hatred and enmity and set fire to men and house and evil eyes being cast on our honour and chastity can be destroyed if we join the forces of secularism and justice in the country to face the forces of evil, injustice and oppression. We should always keep in mind that for weaker nations or people their peaceful nature and uprightness sometimes become a source of calamity and disaster but if they are bold and strong enough, the same calamities and disasters dare not come near them. (translated from Urdu)

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