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Operation Convert
By A Special Correspondent 

Washington: In the prevailing tense situation Da'wah activities have been altogether shelved or at least taken a back seat in North America. While Muslims harp about unsubstantiated reports about ‘thousands embracing Islam’, they seem to be either ignorant or indifferent to the aggressive campaign by Christian Missionaries targeting them. Also lost on the Muslims are the disturbing cases of apostasy, which are being witnessed all over the country. 

Since September 11th, there have been at least four confirmed cases of whole families renouncing Islam and converting to Christianity. In Wisconsin, a former Muslim became a nun. This story was reported by the Associated Press on October 30th but some how it escaped the “ever vigilant eyes and ears” of our community. These numbers might seem trivial and minute, but these are just the confirmed ones. There are many more. Anyways can we still proudly proclaim that ‘once a Muslim always a Muslim?’ While the real reason behind these conversions cannot be determined, we can deduce that they were motivated by fears about safety and livelihood. Since Muslims despite their million dollar Mosques and Centers do not have any support networks, those who are vulnerable and desperate will eventually go where they will find comfort and refuge namely the Churches. . “Poverty may lead to the brink of disbelief,” the Prophet (saw) said and poverty or at least the fear of it seems to be the prime factor in most of these conversions.

In direct contrast to Muslim lethargy, the Christian Missionaries have significantly stepped up their activities not only in Muslim countries but also in Europe and North America. Word of Hope Mission’s Lee DeYoung told that terrorist attacks of September 11th has weakened the faith of many Muslims making them vulnerable to conversions. “This could be a time of great opportunity,” DeYoung said. 

Answering Islam, a website dedicated to attack Islamic teachings urges the Churches to respond to the September 11th tragedy by rising up to ‘love Muslims by preaching Christ to them and campaigning for their religious freedom.’

‘Make no mistake, how Christians respond at this time will decide the future and nature of mission to the Muslim world in our generation, ’ the site’s Mandate to Church declares. 

The mandate also calls on the Church and politicians to campaign for ‘religious freedom in Muslim countries.’ ‘Let politicians urge Muslim leaders who denounce the attack on the USA to commit themselves to religious freedom, so Christians can preach Christ in the streets of Tehran and Riyadh, just as Muslims can preach Islam in the streets of London and New York,’ it says. 

The Southern Baptist Convention’s International Mission Board publishes prayer books coinciding with religious festivals of other faiths. The Southern Baptists prayer booklet for Muslims released just before last Ramadan clearly expressed their motive. "We Christians want to join together in a concerted prayer effort for the Muslims of the world while their hearts are especially tender to spiritual matters."

Next followed 30 pages with each page giving a brief introduction of various Muslim Countries around the world and a short prayer for the Muslims as well as the missionaries working among them. Many of these communities I think even Muslims have never heard about. For example Bajarese of Southeast Asia, Salar, Hui, Dongxiang of China, Gujar of Central Asia, Jaliliyin of Sudan etc. 

It expressed Huntingtonian fears by writing, "Reaching European Muslims with the gospel is becoming more difficult as Islam grows stronger here. The number of Muslims is increasing rapidly in relation to the total population. Muslim families average four to six children a piece, whereas most non-Muslim European families average fewer than two children."

The above were few examples of the Missionary efforts. But what about the Muslims? Do they have any plan to challenge the Missionaries? And what about our erstwhile Da'wah supremos, who appear to be more skilled in fund raising than actually delivering results. Would anyone please care to answer?

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