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I pray the MG continue its forward march. I do have a few suggestions regarding MG. I disagree with Mr.Kaleem Khwaja who wants the inclusion of more non-Muslim writers. Muslim readers can read the articles by non-Muslims in all the other newspapers. There is no need for them. With regard to the website, I hope you will put the whole paper on the net for subscribers. 
Ayub Khan, Washington

MG is so popular. It represents the true aspirations of the Ummah, bold and realistic.
Dr SR Khan E/IV/M/23, Aliganj, Lucknow

Bringing Realities
What an issue! The recent issue of MG (1-15 Dec.) is simply superb in all respects. The editorial is the best and most importantly thought-provoking and articles like "Why Muslims hate US", "US planned war in Afghanistan long before Sep 11" etc.added charms to the issue.
It seems nice that MG is bringing the ground realities of the happenings after Sep 11.This is in total contrast to what the so-called democratic media portrays before the general masses. In Indian context MG is real ray of hope, as it seems the only authoritative means of getting true facts as opposed to the national dailies (such as TOI, HT etc.) that are progressing at a phenomenal rate in campaigning against the Muslims. That's why MG gets the special attention.
The efforts from MG so far have been honest and sincere and I wish it continues as such and blossoms not just for the Indian Muslims but for the Muslims all over the world, Insha-Allah.
Ajaz Khan, Srinagar(J&K)

We are highly impressed by your prestigious Milli Gazette.
Qasim Sajjad, editor, Rahmat-e Alam
Sarnal Bala, Anantnag, J&K

May Allah bless everyone at the Milli Gazette for the great and very much needed work for Islam and the Muslim Ummah. We are living in the worst time in Muslim history - Muslim governments and Muslim armies are fighting Islam and Muslims for the ungodly and bloody west. We have lost Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem to the Crusaders. All they left for us is our praying in Ramadan and Eid.
A reader in the US.

MG is our hope but...
I am a regular reader of the Milli Gazette for the last few months. As I am interested in the area covered by your excellent fortnightly, I go through the paper from page one to the last. It’s really rather a laudable mission. 
But we expect more from an illustrious Muslim journalist of Zafarul Islam Khan’s eminence. MG’s coverage of world news is matchless, but its focus on India is more or less Sangh Parivar centred and endless complaining of the injustice meted out to the Muslims by the government or other agencies and organisations. I am not against it, but instead of sharing only grievances please try to highlight the great achievements of Muslims and their unique contribution to different fields of nation building with fellow Muslims of the country. This could help them not to be hopeless in future. Morale boosting is the much-needed treatment for the present day ailments of Muslim community in India. What are the advantages if a plethora of violence related news are being served?
In Kerala even non-Muslim communities are the beneficiaries of the social services undertaken by Muslim organisations and individuals, AWH (Association for Welfare of Handicapped) and Pain and Palliative Clinics under Islamic Medical Brotherhood are a few to name. I am sure Muslims are advanced in many fields ranging from health to business to social institutions. Instances can be cited from other parts of India also.
Another shortcoming of the paper is the conspicuous absence of correspondents in important cities like Hyderabad, Kolkota, Patna, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and other famous capitals in India. All these cities have a considerable number of Muslim populations and are having Islamic heritage.
With all these shortcomings MG is our hope, let it be a firm step to become a long cherished dream of launching a Muslim newspaper in English a reality.
Jawharussadaat AP, Malappuram

Editor: I welcome your views and will try to take care to be more 'positive' in future. In fact, we do try to be positive and bring out encouraging reports (in the last issue you have a piece about the progress in South, two pieces about Dr Abdul Kalam, Indian Muslims in the US, in addition to the permanent column of 'Newsmakers'. We have also introduced pages on literature and health now. But the situation normally is very bleak. To serve our very purpose of chronicling Muslim news and issues in the country, which are otherwise blacked out by the mainstream media, we have to include pieces on Babri developments, riots, Sangh parivar intrigues and so on. Every time there is new development which cannot be ignored. Last fortnight it was POTO which all the critics agree will be used against the minorities and weaker sections. This fortnight it is changes in textbooks and so on. These are issues which will influence our lives for many years, or even decades to come, and so cannot be ignored. 
As regards reports from some important cities, we regret that we do try to get correspondents in these places but have not been very successful until now.

Lessons from Al-Jazeera
With reference to Mr A U Asif’s piece “Al Jazeera: Is there a lesson for the Indian Muslim community?”, I have following points to express:
It is really a shame for a community constituting about one-fourth of India’s total population. The man, Mr Asif has referred to in his piece as “the richest man of India” is Wipro’s Azim Premji. Besides him, there are many others who are also mentionworthy so far as the Muslim wealthy men are concerned. Some show their concern for community’s media while others have got no interest. Even those who show their concern end in desperation and hopelessness. 
It is said that the board of directors for the Indian Publications Limited, which publishes “Nation and the World” comprises most of the top Muslim businessmen and capitalists. The list once included some big names like Mr B S Abdur Rehman of Chennai, Mr Khalilur Rehman of Bhatkal, Mr Hoshdar Khan of Hyderabad, Mr Kamaluddin Ahmed of Kerala, and Mr Yunus Dehlavi of Delhi. Now most of them have either left or stopped taking interest.
It proves Mr Asif’s assertions right that wealth is not everything. It is really shocking to mention here that a senior journalist, who as its editorial consultant, had given it a professional touch, had to go just for the reason that he was not ready to follow the tips forwarded by a former bureaucrat, Mr Moosa Raza, who then happened to be a director of the IPL board, while editing the fortnightly.
Amidst this confusing situation, there is news that Mr B S Abdur Rehman, who was like a back-bone to the fortnightly, has left it in desperation. The fortnightly is now passing through its critical phase.
So far as Radiance Viewsweekly is concerned, I am of the view that its downfall started with Mr S A H Rizvi’s “resignation” in late 1985. Although he was its honorary editor, he worked full-time with devotion, dedication and missionary zeal. After him Radiance could not get a full-fledged editor. His successors---late Syed Yusuf and Mr F R Faridi---were engaged more with Jamaat-e-Islami Hind’s other responsibilities. The present incumbent Mr Ejaz Ahmed Aslam, an assistant secretary general of Jamaat, has also little time to look after it.
In my view, the only remedy now for the 38 year-old viewsweekly is that Mr Rizvi should be called back to take over and help it regain its lost glory. Some people may argue that while approaching 80s, he is too old to stage a come-back. But the question is: When the 87-year old former Afghan king Zahir Shah is fit to take over again the reins of a country, why not Mr Rizvi?
Khursheed A 

Where is Muslim India?
I have seen the article by AU Asif on Muslim India in the issue of 1 December. I am surprised to find that he has completely ignored the publication of Muslim India monthly for the last 19 years. I do not understand why?
Syed Shahabuddin
Editor, Muslim India
N-44 Abul Fazl Enclave, New Delhi 110 025

AU Asif replies: No doubt, the 19-year-old Monthly Muslim India has carved a niche for itself as a very serious tool for researchers interested in the Indian Muslim issues. Its editor has proved it that what was the job of a full-fledged institution, is being performed consistently by a single individual. I wish the one-man show must continue for ever. There is certainly a lesson for other English periodicals in it. But so far as its omission in my piece is concerned, it is also surprising to me. I am sorry for the omission by mistake but certainly, it was not due to ignorance.

Zakat collection
AICMEU is a well recognized Social service organization working for the cause of economic upliftment of the Ummah of course under the principles and guidlines provided the holy Quran and Sunnah. During the month of holy Ramadhan we intend to have your kind attention toward the organization of Zakat managemnet. We are appealing to the devoted group of the community to work for the establishment of centralized Zakat system. We also request you to kindly deposit your Zakat fund to AICMEU'S Bait Al Zakat for better utilisation of the fund through planned and systematic approach. 
Syed Zahid Ahmad

Qur’an Translations
This has a reference to the review of Mr S A H Rizvi’s book “Three Major Errors in Twelve English Translations of the Qur’an” by Mr A U Asif, appearing in MG ( Issue No: 22, dated 16-30 November, 2001). I agree with Mr Asif and hold the view that some time a person not well versed with the language concerned has done a masterpiece. It is to point out that Mr Rizvi was also not a qualified journalist but during his time “Radiance Viewsweekly” continued to be the best organ of Muslims. It was only after his “resignation” in late 1985 that the viewsweekly started declining. 
He is known for his bold and frank views. His several pieces like some on “Baitul Hikmat” and Iran’s Islamic revolution in Radiance are still remembered. As an editor in Radiance, he always stood for truth. When news about Neil Armstrong’s embrace of Islam came, it was he who first of all contacted and talked on hotline to the first man to land on the moon and enquired about his change of religion. The world came to know about Armstrong’s denial through him. 
Allah has endowed Mr Rizvi with so much dedication, dovotion and insight into the understanding of “deen”, particularly Qur’an that he showed a courage to speak out against some major mistakes in English translations of the Holy Qur’an. This is just a ‘taufique’ (opportunity) granted by Allah. However, I don’t disagree with Mr Asif that some difficulties which the writer faced while editing Radiance Viewsweekly, have actually led Mr Rizvi to ponder over the words of Allah. 
Otherwise, there is no dearth of research works on the Qur’an. I have come to know that there is one Mr A Nihamathullah, who has been awarded Ph D (Doctor of Philosophy) for his doctoral thesis entitled “A Critical Study of Selected of English Translations of the Holy Qur’an”. The study covers 13 English translations of the Holy Qur’an by Sale, Rodwell, Palmer, Mohammed Ali, Pickthall, Yusuf Ali, Bell, Asad, Arberry, Dawood, Ahmed Ali, Irving and Khatib. The scholar, who teaches English language and literature at Sadakathullah Appa College, Tirunelveli (Tamil Nadu), has covered topics like the role of the translators, principles, problems and procedures of translating the Qur’an and the stylistic aspects in his book. 
But I have been told that even this study does not discuss the exactness of the translation of the Holy Qur’an in the way Mr Rizvi wants to make us comprehend. Mr Rizvi might not be a qualified doctor of philosophy on the topic concerned, but the fact is that he has excelled in his research on some aspects of the English translation of the Qur’an. Nihamathullah’s thesis might have been placed under the “highly commended” category by his all the three examiners, due to its being a high class academic work, but Mr Rizvi’s points deal with the spirit of Qur’an. It is true that some time due to incorrect translation, the meaning and spirit appear to have changed. 
Sabiha Naheed 

Not proud to be American
As an American interested in world events I happened upon your interesting web site and the article 'The United Orwellian States'. 
I wish all Americans would read this! The only problem I have is with the author's view of McCarthy and his work which has been very much
maligned by the press and 'official' reports. I actually believe that if McCarthy had succeeded in routing his 'victims', the world would not be in the sad shape it is in!
I am truly sorry about the atrocities carried out in Afghanistan and Iraq by my government and the Foreign Policy in general. Not proud to be American.
Heidi Pritchard,USA

The demonstrably prompt application of POTO, in J&K, where a house of a suspected supporter of 'terrorists', alleged to be used as a hideout, was sealed, clearly points to symbolic message of the prejudiced intent and unthinkingly borrowed methodology of BJP's L. K. Advani, who is the prime mover of this draconian ordinance that is now being unitedly and forcefully opposed by the full cross-section of all political opposition.
The most damaging objection against POTO, as it was against TADA too, is the overwhelming certitude of its misuse against minorities. The case of sealing of a `Muslim' house in J&K, the first ever well-publicised operation under POTO ordinance, is precursor of that very dread of minority-bashing coming to light. As there is no ground for any process of law to verify the allegations made by the authorities, the general presumption of communal face of POTO manifestly and shamefacedly showing itself, can not be easily ruled out. This does not augur well for the communal harmony of the country as a whole.
Secondly, the methodology of sealing of the house itself, is directly borrowed from Israeli practice of demolishing of houses of suspected `terrorists' in Palestine and not necessarily the best option available. It is no secret, that L. K. Advani is immensely besotted with all things Israeli, in as much as there is no group in the world that is as anti-Muslim and anti-Islamic as the Zionists are, and they had been in the business fighting Palestinians for over half a century now. Thus the Zionists are Sangh Parivar's ideal role model. However, Advani is under gross misjudgement, if he feels that Israeli brand of aggression against Palestinians is relevant and suitable to the conditions prevailing in India. One cannot forget that Israel has deeply entrenched leverages with the world super power, the US and it is due to US indulgences that such blatant aggression has not been addressed by world community. If we had similar leverage, would we have not used the alternative of hot pursuit that is so routinely available to Israelis. India is on a different footing with the world at large and it is rightfully proud of its constitutional foundations of democratic rights and secular principles, especially when it directly concerns its 150 million strong Muslim minority. By making such blatant communal attacks on Muslim minorities, under one pretext or other, the BJP government is bound to invite most adverse reactions from the world at large and Muslim world in particular. In the best tradition of Brajesh Mishra travelling to Dhaka, in the aftermath of atrocities on Hindu minorities, we too may expect a bevy of OIC dignitaries paying us `friendly' visits when the full force of POTO is unleashed. Thirdly, the issue of POTO has been taken up, at such a crucial juncture, when India is seeking US help in fighting terrorism in J&K. This act is like jumping the gun on the US area of co-operation. While US is working for the first time in 50 years to give full priority in solving the Israel-Palestinian conflict, BJP's move amounts to an attempt to create more problems before US can come in to help in any possible resolution of the long standing problem. This quivering of the pitch can be interpreted as building roadblocks to sabotage the cause of peace, under the imminent intervention of the US.
Fourthly, the complete immunity to security authorities against any accountability for their arbitrary actions in the name of POTO, cannot but wreck havoc when cases of rampant injustice will come to the fore. As it is, the law and order authorities in most of the northern, central and western states are thoroughly communalised and the heavy-handed approach is bound to create fear and ill-will with majority of peace-loving minorities. 
Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai


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