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Published in the 1-15 Jan 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Community News: 

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Changed times: Pakistani Rangers Col. Shair Zaman 
receiving bouquet from BSF’s Col Darbara Singh 
at Waghah on 20 Dec. 03


Jammu: State Department of Tourism has prepared a project of 1.5 crore rupees to develop tourist spots like Achhabal, Kokarnag and Verinag and presented it to the Central Ministry of Tourism for approval.

In reply to a question of BN Sharma in the House, state tourism minister GA Mir said that a project to beautify the famous Mughal gardens including outer walls, fountains and archways has been prepared. He said the department has made an exclusive plan to restore all Mughal gardens their past glory.

Varanasi: Samajwadi Party MLA Abdul Kalam has alleged that the Inspector General of Police has been conspiring to kill him. He has also accused the IG of having links with mafia dons Brajesh Singh and Tribhuvan Singh. In a telephonic conversation to Rashtriya Sahara, the SP MLA said that an armed group of people arrived to attack him on the evening of December 15 and later they chased his Qualis car. He was at his home talking to his colleagues when he saw five armed men approaching. Before he could ask them anything they drove on a car bearing the number UP65M 1805. Later at 8 pm when his Qualis driver was bringing Samajwadi Party Yuva Jan Sabha president Laloo Yadav, the same vehicle again chased his Qualis near Hotel India.

The MLA said when he informed a senior police superintendent, the police instead of chasing the car of goons, searched the area near his house. This was another such sensational incident within 24 hours when a car carrying some suspect people chased the car of state minister Dinanath Bhaskar. When asked IG Manoj Kumar refused to speak to media in this regard and said he would tell only his officers if there is anything to be said regarding the allegation.

New Delhi: The ability to knit a scattered world society in a single unit lies with Muhammad (PBUH), who says there is one Lord, He is alone and all people are children of a single parent. These views were expressed by Maulana Khalilur Rahman Sajjad Nomani. He was speaking at the 22nd annual seerat meeting organised by Seeratun Nabi Committee, ,Delhi here on December 18. Shariah is not meant to create hardships but to make man a true human being, he said. Nomani said that people who believe that Islam was brought by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) are wrong and added that it was brought by Prophet Adam (PBUH) and completed by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). In today’s world of clash of civilisations, peace for people lies in the way of Muhammad (PBUH), he said. Just believing in Allah and His messenger is not enough to be a true Muslim, but following what Allah and His messenger said is, he said.

Maulana Asrarul Haque Qasmi said mutual love and giving preference to others on one’s own necessities is the essence of seerat of the Prophet (PBUH). Inner purification is necessary to influence others. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) brought peace for the entire human kind. We need to spread it, Qasmi said.

Ghaziabad: President APJ Abdul Kalam sent his zakat to the orphaned and poor children through his private secretary. SM Khan, secretary to the President of India went to Ghaziabad with a truck carrying zakat articles and distributed them in Madrasa Falah-e-Darian, Madrasa Faizul Quran, Ihsanul Uloom, etc. along with Sushila and Mother Teresa Home for Children, situated in Dasna. The zakat included 164 blankets, 164 packets of sweets, 175 sacks of rice, 30 packets of ghee, and 80 packets of pulse. Zakats were also distributed in other districts on behalf of the President.

Jaipur: During her Jaipur visit, Congress President Sonia Gandhi released a book written by Syed Asghar Ali advocate about development and welfare works done by the Congress government of Rajasthan at Governor House recently. The book covers the works done for the development of minorities by the Congress regime during 1998 to 2003. The then chief minister Ashok Gehlot, Dr Girja Vyas and other Congress leaders were present on the occasion.

Aligarh: Speaking on the occasion of Minority Rights Day, district mninority development and welfare officer, Bhagwan Das said hat conditions of term loan schemes started by the Uttar Pradesh Minorities Development and Finance Corporation for employment have been made lenient. The scheme will be of great help for youths in establishing their own trade and business for employment, Das said. Margin loan scheme, pre-medical and pre-engineering coaching for minority students, interest-free loans, training camps for employment and many other schemes are being planned, he said. Granting of scholarships to minority students along with payment of salaries to teachers of recognised Arabic and Persian madrasas are part of the scheme.

Dr Ghaiyoor Ahmad said people do not avail of opportunities due to ignorance about these government-run schemes. We should start a campaign to inform people about all such schemes, he said.

Chennai: After setting up their own Darul Ifta in Hyderabad in September end, some Muslim women in another southern state of India have decided to build their own mosque.

According to reports, some Muslim women, under a voluntary organisation ‘Chhaya’, have decided to build a mosque at Parambu village in Pudukottai district of Tamil Nadu. A portion of land has also been acquired for the proposed mosque which will be an all-women affair. Women may seek divorce and solution to other problems by a jamaat, set up for the purpose, Sherifa, convenor of Chhaya said. The bright aspect of the mosque is that it will provide an opportunity to women to seek help of their counterparts in cases of divorce, khula, etc. It will also serve as a centre to create health and educational awareness among women.

Maulana Kalbe Sadiq, vice-president of All India Muslim Personal Law Board said there is nothing wrong in constructing such a mosque where women can offer prayers in congregation.

In view of the fact that such practices are rarely seen specially in India, it is to be seen whether Muslim men bear it silently. Hope they do it.. 

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