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Published in the 1-15 Jan 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Bush calendar is full

It seems the neo-con cabal had filled Bush events calendar to last at least his full second term and beyond. This week, besides the announcement of Libyan leader ‘volunteering’ to dismantle some of his ‘clandestine’ nuclear facilities under international supervision, now Pakistan is the new target with the news of its famous (now suddenly becoming infamous) nuclear technologists having offered their services to Iran and North Korea, among possibly some others too.( Watch this space). It always starts with an investigative article in either The Washington Post or The New York Times, and all hell is let loose.

The whole world media reverberates with shock, alarm, surprise, outrage, and disbelief, on this bolt from the blue, the shocker, and the utter horror of the news. It is only later that some writers of the same newspapers quietly reveal, again with another investigative piece that the news has been going around for last six months or year or even years. The way the newsbreaks are scheduled back to back like the parked planes on Dulles airport stacked for take-off, it is a strong possibility, that Bush has bought the whole American media and liquidated all his oil stocks and nobody, not even Dick Cheney knows about it. He knows there is more money in them breaking news. 

So now that for years in row that the whole world has been following the travel news about why the famous (now infamous) Pak nuclear technologists are crisscrossing the world, the state of the art broadsheet of the US capital, The Washington Post comes out with the breaking or rather heart-breaking news that Pakistani experts have been providing free (in the cause of Islam of course!) nuclear consultancy to countries near and far, and Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Masood Khan goes on record to break the news with all the solemnity at his command, that it was after all the personal ambition or greed that had driven the culprits to export to Iran. 

So the big news from Pakistan is that it was not Islam, it was big bucks that made all the difference. After all Americans will do anything for the big bucks. That’s their favourite cookie. Every thing is kosher as long as it is not Islam anywhere within hearing range. Because that is the ultimate trigger device that wakes up the whole 290 million Americans from their instant nightmares. 

But the neo-cons have other plans that do not necessarily match with Bush investment ambitions. They want even US to fully disarm and give a private security contract to Israel’s defense industry to take over defense of the world as a turnkey project. So the Pakistanis will either have to seek jobs in Israel or enroll in Osama army. As the stars foretell, they both are the only ones that will outlast everything that breaths in this world.

Ghulam Muhammed

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