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Published in the 1-15 Jan 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Secular political party for Muslims?

Once again media is ripe with rumors that the BJP-think tank is pursuing the North Indian Muslim Clerics to form a ‘secular political party’ and cooperate with the BJP-alliance in the next Loksabha elections in return for certain incentives to a few Muslim bodies in the North. Buoyed with impressive victory in three states, the BJP leadership is exploring a ‘business deal’ to garner the minority support in the ‘cow-belt’ to muster its ‘mission 2004’ goal of crossing the 300 seats milestone in the Loksabha. Some clerics and trustees of certain Muslim bodies are ready to cooperate with the BJP under the pretext of some financial support. After the Congress efforts in last March, the BJP is also chasing the “Muslim Leaders” for the support of the Muslim masses.

Rather than ensuring victory or defeat of BJP or Congress, the Muslim clerics, leaders and other noted personalities must ponder ways to ensure economic and social betterment of the community for the long term. Though belatedly, the present leaders realized that without active political participation the community does not get its due share from the government. All other forms of aids can only be termed as different forms of appeasements for political motivation of certain parties at state and national levels. A few crores to certain ‘darghas or other institutions’ will not help the masses in general, but surely make certain individuals richer.

The Muslim leaders and clerics must seize this opportunity of political awareness among national parties, and convene a wide spectrum of noted Muslim personalities from all walks of life, and form a political party of their own under the provisions of the secular constitution of our country. Critics will always attribute such a political formation to ‘fundamentalist’ credentials. As in the case of the Muslim Leauge of Kerala, over a period of time, and by the democratic political activities within the constitutional parameters the party will overrun the critics and achieve its national status on par with other political parties.

As the elections are round the corner, perhaps next March will be an electioneering month, such a Muslim party has every relevance and must share platforms with like minded secular parties to ensure defeat of the RSS sponsored & BJP led NDA alliance. This is a historical responsibility of the Indian Muslims, especially after the historic humiliation of the minorities in Gujarat. Some Naqvi’s or Shanawas’s may find comfort within the NDA, but surely not any more Khan’s or Bukhari’s join the BJP for comforts since such comforts of a few cost the Muslims in general a lot. Less performance or non-performance of Congress party must not be taken as a route signal to step into the BJP van.

A debate on whether the party must include non-Muslims to project its secularity is really uncalled for. All other political parties are available for non-Muslims to enter into politics as well as enjoy its fruits. In fact they are enjoying to the maximum. Only the Muslim community is lagging behind in every front. Let this issue be put aside and form a party for the Muslim community in all the states of India including the J&K. Then only it will be counted in national politics, and will have a deciding voice in the Parliament. I call upon all respected and noted personalities in the community to come forward to facilitate the formation of a national political party. Let us grab this opportunity to play a main role in governance of our nation. Let the coming Loksabha elections be a historic one in this respect.

Yusuf Muhammad

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