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1-15 September 2004 

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Road to Muslim dignity 
President taken for a ride 
Survey reveals rise in polygamy
Mulayam Singh's minority blues
The House Jinnah built
The House Jinnah built
Special Reports: 

» HRD ministry’ committee for minorities' education 

» One dead, 40 injured in AP riot 

» Muslim organisations appeal 
for the release of Indians held in Iraq

» K. Rahman Khan 

» Sonia’s sacrifice revisited 

» Real life stories: Jamila's death   

» On reservation for Muslims 

» Uncle Sam woos Indian Muslims 

K Rahman khan: An appreciation...
K Rahman khan: 
An appreciation...  
AZIM PREMJI: Lessons of lifetime...
Azim Premji: 
Lessons of lifetime... 

» The Constitution & reservations for minorities - ii

» RSS and Gandhi's assassination

» UP Muslims deserve more than just cosmetic gestures

» Reservation issue and Karnataka Muslims

» Unending debate on reservation policy

National News:

» Urdu university: UP to issue ordinance

» Iqra’ to train AP Muslims for civil services

» Award for Kaleem Kawaja 

» Fifteen arrested for boycotting Dalits

» Most child labour in Bangalore is Muslim

» Government appoints new adviser

» IMC-USA's 2nd annual convention

» Seminar on Dr. Hameedullah

» Quota issue in AP high court

» Gujarat police was “helpless against frenzied mob”

» Togadia to go scot free

» Muslim meeting in Bangalore  

» Lalu preparing ground to jail Modi

» Film on Gujarat violence banned

» Bias in govt decisions

» RSS active in Jharkhand

» AMU not responsible for Partition

» AP CM should head Urdu Academy

» Ahmed Patel: UPA govt is sincere

» 650 million rupees offered for temple construction 

» Institute of Integral Technology elevated to university  

» Indira-loyalist, shunned under Sonia: Abdur Rahman Antulay  

Education & Careers:  

» Courses in rolling, steel & railways

» Azim Premji: My lessons in life

» Ten great computer careers 


» A New World Order in the making

Newsmakers  « 


Awards   « 
Obituaries   « 



» The House Jinnah built


» Western Media biased against Islam

» Control room inside Al Jazeera

» US media killed a troubling story that the rest of the world saw

Community News  

Muslim & Arab Perspectives: International Islamic Journal Page 1:  UGC sanctions Rs 4 crore for Jamia’s school
Minority status to 76 schools in UP
AMU issues notice to 35 teachers
Foundation stone of Masjid laid in Meerut
Urdu Academy to award students
Meeting of UDO held in Delhi
Expansion of mosque in Gaya
Jamia students demand union
Community marriage on 10 Sept
Urdu growing fast in UK
Benefit for UP madrasa teachers
Reduction in university’s fees
UP govt. ordinance on Urdu university
‘Iqbal preferred action to thought’
Pakistan pilgrims in Ajmer for ‘Urs’

Page 2: Controversy over namaz
Islam’s message to modern world
Presentation of the teachings of Islam
Seminar on problems of women
Conference of Al-Nadi Al-Adabi in Doband
No injustice to minority institutions
Services of Urdu crusader remembered
Expelled from school for growing beard
Communal tension in Mau 

Page 3: HES Organises Training programme
Decline in numbers of foreign students in AMU
Muslims asked to approach Darul Quzas 
Saiyid Hamid inaugurates coaching at AMU
Urdu Academy holds mushaira

International News:

» Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails protest

» Open letter to peace-loving Americans

» General's anti-Islam remarks to be probed

» U.S. struggles to win hearts, minds in the Muslim World

» "Our interaction must be a conversation, not a monologue," said Rice 

» 800 years of freedom sunk in Guantanamo Bay

» Destruction of the Imam Ali Shrine: part of the Bushcon plan for total war 

» War on terror: a ploy to dominate the world

» The Gulf of Tonkin incident

» The Israeli Connection: America’s bought and paid for Government

» The rising Evangelical foreign policy of the US

» Israeli prison authorities display their true vulgarity

» 'For generations to come'


» Regional identity of Kashmir

Secular Horror: 15 years ordeal with Indian secularism Order Now
Dateline Godhra
Order Now
Somalia: From Nation-State to Tribal Mutiny
Order Now
Prevention of Communal Violence: Rule of Law and Peace Initiative
Order Now

Major contribution to Minor(ities) Affairs Read


» Triple talaq

» Triple talaq and polygamy

» Second husband

» Zaat and Biradari

» Reservations for Indian Muslims

Islamic Perspectives:  

» Reversion through architecture  

Letters to the Editor

Page 1:  Modi violated Constitution
Urdu University
Muslims should assert politically 
Advani after Uma?
Control use of loud speakers
Israel, Amercia real terrorist
Gulf between Muslim and Hindus 
Any clues?
Hang murderers and rapists 
Prisoner’s copy of Holy Quran snatched
Open letter to misguided Muslims
Position re-explained
The beast is USA
The IAEA and Iran's nuclear program

Page 2: Reservation to Muslims
Pleasure-hungry Arabs
Why Bush attacked Iraq?
A New Security Council
Reservation for Muslims is shocking

Page 3:  Political will required to conquer AIDS
Zionist Dialectics
Arabs in Sudan!
US in Iraq
A WILL to Deprive the Heirs ?
Divorce in Islam
West and Islam: Beyond the Apparent Clash of Civilisations

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