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16-30 September 2004 

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How Awami Front fell flat in UP 
Unani medicine towards a new dawn 
Rama's 'son' surfaces after 1,81,60,105 years!
Learning Qur’anic Arabic made easy
Hindus & Muslims share more than they differ
Youth with a mission
Youth with a mission
Special Reports: 

» BJP back on aggressive Hindutva track 

» Urdu university in a state with no Urdu schools 

» 105 killed, none convicted

» RSS is terrorist:
American Terrorism Research Centre

» Muslims at Olympic Games 

» Reservation — a political agenda?   

» You have shamed a democratic-secular India, Mr. PM! 

» If "interest" is haram, What is the alternative? 

Nationalist or collaborator...  
Hisham erroudj
Hisham Erroudj:
Muslims in sports... 

» Which Muslim group is under-represented?

» Preventive measures: read the writing on the wall

» Awakening among Muslim masses

» Religion, power and violence

» AP reservation bill: a correction

National News:

» Gujarat Christians to appeal against verdict

» TMMK protests against Jayalalitha's remarks on Muslim quota

» AMU round-up 

» JUH delegation goes to US

» Hindu side backs ASI report

» 10 Muslims arrested in AP on ISI charges

» UP ordered to implement Urdu Act

» Demand of imposition of President's rule in Gujarat

» Arun Gandhi to speak at AFMI's Toronto Convention

» Pak foreign minister visits mausoleum of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty  

» Communal clashes in Ahmedabad and Baroda

» Rajasthan HC admits sati petitions

» Import of buffalo meat from India

» Mushawarat appeals to Maharashtra voters

» "Crossing the lines: Kashmir, Pakistan, India"

» Youth with a mission

» Situation returning to normal in Nakod 

» Ebrahim Bawany ITI, Islamic Study Circle  

» The Urs of Khuwaja Garib Nawaz  

Education & Careers:  

» Time-honoured, less chosen, careers–i

» A good teacher is a teacher by choice


» Prospects of Dalit-Muslim alliance

Newsmakers  « 


Awards   « 
Obituaries   « 



» Peer Mohammad Shah Library: a storehouse of culture


» The BBC: Occupation? What occupation! - i

Community News  

Muslim & Arab Perspectives: International Islamic Journal Page 1:  Cenetary of Iqbal’s Tarana-e-HindI
Demand to declare Urdu as second language 
Names of Delhi roads in Urdu being rectified
Prof. Shahryar to visit USA
Institutions exempted from House Tax
Masjid a picture of utter neglect
Mismanagement during Urs in Ajmer
Demand for Urdu university in Najibabad
Post of NCPUL vice chairman vacant
Street named after social worker
Jarkhand madrasa employees’ agitation
Institution to award schools and madrasas

Page 2: Taj Mahal of languages
Learning develops dormant faculties
Tomb of freedom Fighter 
IOS scholarships for law students
1,400 birthday celebration of Hazrat Abbas
Unani physicians’ memorandum 
Prof. Rahman attends Ibn Sina Conference
HES training programme for teachers
Symposium on Khalid bin Suhel’s anthology
Exalted position through learning only
maintaining autonomy
Appeal for protest against America
In Modi’s Gujarat
Social workers sponsor education 

Page 3: Commission member not to take salary 
Reconstruction of UP Urdu Academy
NCPUL’s diploma course popular
Ali Miyan University may be set up in Lucknow
Jamia Millia’s convocation

International News:

» Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails protest

» Terrible collective torture and killings in Chechnya

» Russian bestiality in Chechnya

» Chechen rebels deny links to bombing

» 9/11 was staged to defame Muslims 

» Massacre will haunt Arabs and Muslims

» Iraq's phase II: deadlier than ever

» New 'prime suspect in the mass murders of 9/11'

» White House squashing investigation of Israeli mole

» 36 ways the US is losing the war on terror 

» "The war in Iraq was conceived by 25 neocon intellectuals, most of them Jewish..." - i

» Toward a truce with the Muslim world

» The real Abu Ghraib scandal 


» Political Islam in India

» Islam - Challenges in 21st Century

Secular Horror: 15 years ordeal with Indian secularism Order Now
Dateline Godhra
Order Now
Somalia: From Nation-State to Tribal Mutiny
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Prevention of Communal Violence: Rule of Law and Peace Initiative
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Major contribution to Minor(ities) Affairs Read


» Road to dignity

» Census nonsensus

» For a better deal in UP

» Reservations

» The case for trial of Bush and Blair

» Neighbourhood hero

Islamic Perspectives:  

» Opposing view points  

Letters to the Editor

Rural education alarming
We need MG in Urdu
Presidential awards for Arabic and Persian
If Karnataka can do it why not Bihar?
India protests only on behalf of Sikhs
Increase of job opportunities through potholes
UCC against national interest

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