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1-15 February 2005

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»  Latest Indian Muslim Statements & Press Releases

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Calamity demonstrated national unity 
Nellie massacre survivors got Rs 2000 as compensation!
Portrait of an exceptional Muslim lady
Manufacturing explanations for communal agenda
Enough madrasas, we need more schools and colleges 
Mutawalli loots Deoband mosque 
Rehana's fight for the struggle of her life
Salar Jung Museum Library to be digitized
Special Reports: 

» Relief for tsunami victims by the Muslim community 

» Lok Pak Bill: UPA's dangerous move 

» Sangh Parivar creates tension 

» Babri Masjid's revenge on Narasimha Rao 

» Hamdard's 7th convocation 

» Hindutva in funk over a report 

» No evidence to show Muslims persecuted Hindus: Natwar 

Shaikh Qaradawi:
London mayor responds.....

Begum Iqtidar Ali:
Exceptional woman... 


» On devising a Muslim election strategy

» Asghar Ali Engineer's views

» Kashmiri women: weapon of war

» No proof of temple on Babri site

» Disintegration of the Muslim Personal Law Board?

National News:

» IUML demands quota for Muslims in jobs

» Rights body slams Modi's Gujarat

» Muslims marching ahead

» Qazi Foundation inaugurated

» After Barelvis, Shias form their board

» Seminar on Maulana Abdul Majid Daryabadi 

» Hate pamphlets turn Christmas celebrations into low-key affair

» Nigar Cinema carnage accused shot dead

» 35-member goodwill delegation leaves for Haj

» RSS spews venom in Bhopal

» John Dayal is member of NIC

» Salar Jung Museum Library to be digitized

» BSP to distribute axes among Dalits in Rajasthan

» Relief work reflects communal amity

» Andhra CM promises development of minorities

» Ismat Chughtai — her life and ideals

» Muslim traders caught in the veesi vortex

» Fifty percent quota for poor girls in Milli Girls School

» Factionalism in J&K BJP

» MAAS felicitates elderly AMU scientists

» Call for codification of personal laws

Education & Careers:  

» Central & Eastern UP school results

» Careers in Mathematics and Statistics

» Your queries

» Seminar on education and career counseling


» The Maudoodi formula of 1938 - i; Has It Contemporary Significance?

Newsmakers  « 


Awards  «
Obituaries   «



» Western media projecting negative image of Muslims

» LCWU workshop on media ethics

Community News  

Muslim & Arab Perspectives: International Islamic Journal Page 1:  Relief work for tsunami victims by AITMF 
Six centenarians among Indian haj pilgrims 
Urdu Ratn award of Alami Urdu Conference 
Hindi editions of Urdu books released
Dowry deaths increasing among Muslims
Book on Ghalib released 
Mohammad Ali Library 
Polio drops given to 8 lakh children 
Facilities for Ahmadi School for the blind 

Page 2: Directory of hakeems released 
Scholarships to PG students 
Financial scandals
Haj pilgrims die in Saudi Arabia 
Waqf properties free from Rent Control Act
Separate personal law board of Shias
Nadira Babbar’s drama on women 

Page 3: AKAIAC aid to tsunami affected people
Kalyan proud of Babri demolition 
Muslim attitude to army changing
Gyan Vapi Masjid 
No ISI activity in Gorakhpur Zone
Slaughter house attacked
Population of Jammu and Kashmir

International News:

» Extremism and the use of religion in power politics: myth and reality - i

» The Other side of American charity in SE Asia

» Tsunami and the role of the US

» US military operations inside Iran

» Abu-Ghraib Trial: A Means to Legitimize the real war crimes

» London Mayor responds to zionist 'dossier' on Qaradawi

» Iraq war is breeding a new generation of professional terrorists: CIA 

» Annals of outrage

» Some organisations mix missionary work with aid

» Bush, Osama and Israel: Concealing causes and consequences - i

» Target Iran

» Elton attacks 'censorship' in US


» A Page from Freedom Movement

» Muslim Directory

MG's Islamic Bookstore Online


» Report on AIMPLB meeting

» Kerala sex scandals

» Haj subsidy gimmick of political parties

» Bush's dreams

» Assam Muslims and IMDT

» Emperor, Sincere and eloquent

Islamic Perspectives:  

» Prophet Muhammad in Hindu Scriptures  

» Human rights in Islam and our country  

Letters to the Editor

Page 1: MG
Mutassir hoon
MG facing threats 
Capital punishment
Kudos, Engineer saheb!
Sania Mirza
Where Muslims have gone wrong?
Lead peaceful life
Promote human valuess

Page 2: Message of the Eid of Sacrifice 
Rays of love and brotherhood 
Sharon's clout
Practical Lab Of Allah

Page 3: Uprooting and disenfranchising of Indian voters
Bush and his Mien Kampf
Terrorisim vs Heroisim
Bush plan for Iran
Election commission order to political parties for compensating Railways
Bad effects of obscene films and literature

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