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16-28 February 2002   
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Must read books:

 By Khwaja Mohd Azam Dedmari

More Information

2. Minorities Commission
Minor Role in Major Affairs
By Tahir Mahmood
More Information

3. What is Riba?
More Information

Bengal CM bites dust Read
‘USA to attack Iraq in May’ Read
Prisoners or animals? Read
They sold themselves cheap... Read
Editorial: Left turning right? Read
Are We Alive? Read
Heritage: A city on the death row Read
Special Report: 

Is Liberhan Commission really interested in the probe ?Read

Geelani's mother says he's innocent Read

Nushoor Wahedi Remembered Read

Tribute: Syed Ameenul Hasan Rizvi Read

Startling revelations about the demolition of the Babri mosque Read

Internal Security: BJP’s last card in UP Read

Rich tributes paid to a revivalist Read

It’s Temple once again Read

Infighting among secular parties keeps BJP hopes afloat Read


Signpost: Shrinking space for dissent Read

Voice of America steps up propaganda war Read

Why they are protesting against black hawk down? Read

A media war that Muslims must win Read

National News:

Meerut revisited - ii Read 

Ayodhya Act bars Ram Janmabhoomi Nyas from acquiring landRead

Temple work to be completed by June: VHP  Read

Advani says no deadline to solve Ayodhya issue Read

There is no ‘undisputed land’: Banatwala Read

Ram Mandir Project Back on NDA Government Agenda Read

Administrative attempt to communalise Ayodhya Read

Sant yatra or election yatra? Read

The Youth should lead the 'Jehad' Against dowry Read

No construction of temple by force Read

Restoration of internal autonomy in Kashmir demanded Read

Gujrat Police notorious for its anti-Muslim bias has struck again Read

Demolition of minority community’s houses in Agra Read

Seminar on Ulama and freedom movement Read

UP elections to decide BJP fate Read

Spreading hatred against madrasas Read

Madrasa being targeted by communal forces Read

Pakistan probes Advani’s role in plot to ‘kill’ Jinnah Read

Muslim role in UP elections Read

UP elections Read

Arrest of 124 delegates to the Educational Conference at Surat Read

Marakzul Maarif: a shining example Read

Interview: Ustaz Nasharudin Mat Isa: ‘Democracy, press freedom and human rights are fundamental issues’ Read

Charge sheet for commission of religious crimesRead

DF not serious about Srikrishna Commission Report Read

U.S. digging its heels in Central Asia Read

Indian Muslims: Problems and prospects Read

Minority institutions in the grip of educational mafia Read

Periscope: Leadership crisis among Indian Muslims? Read

Newsmakers Read
Awards Read
Obituaries Read
Community News Read
International News:

Ex-Secretary of State Albright blasts Bush 

What is going on at Guantanamo Bay? 

‘Evil Trinity’ has little in common but Soviet-era Scuds 

Turkish water for upgrading tanks

Afghans selling children for food

An Orgy of Defence spending 

The Palestinian Vision of Peace 

Israeli professor accuses his country and himself

Two Islamic soldiers - III : General Akhtar Abdur Rahman (left), Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan Read

Taking Stock:  

Mould the sword into a plough Read


A thorough study on FiqhRead

New Dalit Journal Read

Major contribution to Minor(ities) Affairs Read

WAQI'AT-I-KASHMIR by Khwaja Muhammad Azam Dedmari Read


Planting the Tree of the Nation Read

Literature/Short Story:  

Whose Kashmir? Read

Islamic Perspectives:  

Islam and democracy: the emerging consensus - ii Read

The concept of compassion in Islam- ii Read

Hajj - a spiritual journey  Read

Letters to the Editor Read
Health & Behaviour

When it is more than just a cup of tea!Read

Pesticides a threat to food safety 

Limiting TV could help cut obesity


A Nation in Exile: Afghan Refugees: 1983-2001 Read

Buddha came down out of shame Read

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Must read books: Minorities Commission, Minor Role in Major Affairs, By Prof. Tahir Mahmood More Information
WAQI'AT-I-KASHMIR by Khwaja Muhammad Azam Dedmari
More Information
What is Riba? More Information

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