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16-31 January 2002    Print Edition's Cover Page View

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Must read books:

 By Khwaja Mohd Azam Dedmari

More Information

2. Minorities Commission
Minor Role in Major Affairs
By Tahir Mahmood
More Information

3. What is Riba?
More Information

Is VHP backtracking ? Read
‘Why they hate us?’ Read
Communal tension and riots Read
Mandela sorry for support to US terror Read
Editorial: Communal cancer travels South Read
Tribute: Maulana Sayyid Ahmad Hashmi Read
Neighborhood destruction in Palestine
Special Report: 

Shimon Peres arrives in India to sell arms and dreams Read

Prof AR Geelani Read

Moderate Islam—Whose Call Is It ? Read

Change of thought in Muslim countries Read

History as the battleground Read

Why Muslims hate the US? Read

Indian Muslims in America Read


SIGNPOST: Salaam, Shourie Read
The Indian Express refused to publish this rejoinder

A media war that Muslims must win Read

Journalism Panel Discusses Coverage of Afghanistan

CIA, Israel, force PA to close down weekly

Muslims blast CNN's J.Lo blow

National News:

Sena-BJP chances to retain power brighten up Read

New Dept. in Darul Uloom Deoband Read

History congress votes against NCERT deletions Read

Advani’s half truths Read

Kalbe Abid awards Read

India reiterates full support to the Palestinian People Read

Muslim policemen allowed beards Read

‘Mandir at any cost’ Read

Tenure of Liberhan extended Read

Jamaat-e-Islami: where it stands today? Read

Survey on Christians Read

Hurriyat office raided Read

Lone attacked Read

Afghanistan: time for introspection Read

Five Central ministers in cahoots with VHP plan Read

One-to-one contact stops between citizens of India and Pakistan Read

SIMI activists arrested in Surat Read

Fear grips minorities in Surat Read

UP to set up Madrasa Board Read

CHRO fact-finding report on police atrocities against Muslims minority in Peringamala Panchayat, Thiruvananthapuram District. Read

Taking Stock: Kolkata was Kolkata Read
Interview: Maulana Shafi Moonis: ‘‘Nothing has changed in Jamaat’’  Read

Distorted Muslim Liberalism Read

Trying to win the public relations war Read

Periscope: Living under threat of conflagration Read

Uphold Rule Of Law In Ayodhya Read

Urgency of paradigm shift for the West's relationship with Muslims

American Culture Refuses To Recognize U.S. Crimes: Folks out there have a distaste of western civilization and cultural values

Is Israel blackmailing America?

Legal View:  


Newsmakers Read
Awards Read
Obituaries Read
Community News Read
International News:

Muslim MP Threatened

Israel, U.S. Prepare To Attack Iraq Sharon and Bush to attack Iraq together 

Malaysian Islamic Party Leader Says its 'Haram' to Help U.S. 

Afghanistan: ICRC on ill-treatment of prisoners

Dateline Wahington: Muslims in democratic America Read

JINSA Behind Drive To Cover-Up Israeli Spy Scandal 

Sudan Rejects Dubious U.S. 10 Million Dollar Funding For NDA

Freedom House report

‘U.S. forces used depleted uranium in Afghan war’

Secret calls to al-Qaeda parents

Throughout the Arab world, the fallout from the military action in Afghanistan is reflected in a steady trickle of death notices, occasional open- house condolence sessions, and confusion and worry in families about what happened to the men who went to fight with bin Laden, accused by the United States of launching the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks..........

'US move to strike targets in Islamic world'

Who is world’s rogue No.1 ?

Once, there was Chechnya...

He is proud of his roots

Two Islamic soldiers - I : General Akhtar Abdur Rahman (left), Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan

Look who benefits from war on terror?.

Heroin producing factories re-established in Afghanistan

The War in Afghanistan: A Hidden Agenda?

Changing world, unchanged worldview

Former Head of Shin Bet advocates ‘Unilateral Withdrawal’!

Interview with Ami Ayalon, former head of Israeli shin bet

The Tape:  

The Camera that couldn't shoot straight Read

Smoking gun or fake? Read

Bin Laden Tape is Insufficient Evidence Read


Who is responsible for Untouchability Read

Turkestani Sufis Read

Major contribution to Minor(ities) Affairs Read

WAQI'AT-I-KASHMIR by Khwaja Muhammad Azam Dedmari Read


Working on the Individual Read


Ali Sardar Jafri: the last romantic Read

Islamic Perspectives:  

The concept of compassion in Islam- ii Read

Muslims Forbidden to deliver Bin Laden: Fatwa Read

Letters to the Editor Read

Muslim influence in Spain still felt in daily life - ii Read

Health & Behaviour

Anger: the impact on children Read

Winter Depression and prayers

Passive smoking 'thrives' in workplace


A Nation in Exile: Afghan Refugees: 1983-2001 Read

Buddha came down out of shame Read


The Italian occupation and the Libyan resistance Read

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Must read books: Minorities Commission, Minor Role in Major Affairs, By Prof. Tahir Mahmood More Information
WAQI'AT-I-KASHMIR by Khwaja Muhammad Azam Dedmari
More Information
What is Riba? More Information

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