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16-31 December 2001

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Must read books:

 By Khwaja Mohd Azam Dedmari

More Information

2. Minorities Commission
Minor Role in Major Affairs
By Tahir Mahmood
More Information

3. What is Riba?
More Information

Taliban to wage ‘guerilla war’ Read
New evidence implicates Sharon and his army Read
Top Italian diplomat embraces Islam Read
Sean Connery to act as ‘Salahuddin’ Read
Editorial: MG, Media and Muslims Read
Taking Stock: Farooqi on Akbar Allahabadi Read
Special Report: 

Why Muslims hate the US? Read

Textbooks are new saffron targets Read

Indian Muslims in America Read

Saiful Islam Gaddafi visits India Read

Afghan Relief delegation meets PM Read

The Clash of Civilizations - a questionable thesisRead


Signpost: An Open Season on Islam Read

Hail to the Chief

Screening Free Speech?

National News:

Eid celebration Read

Iqbal’s vision Read

Teachers slam history changes Read

Censoring history Sangh-style Read

Some examples of history which disturb Sangh

Censorship with a difference Read

Mystifying history Read

Ninth anniversary and ‘inquiry’ goes on... Read

Katiyar gives a new twist to Ayodhya case Read

SIMI bowling on a legal pitch Read

RSS combine to blame: VP Read

Mumbai police: forget ISI, now Muslims are Al-Qaeda agents Read

US multinationals feel the pinch Read

Old J&K law to let migrants return Read

Venom-spitting by eveninger Read

Proper representation to Muslims: Paswan Read

POTO will target small newspapers Read

BJP in two minds over Ayodhya Read

Centre presses Assam Government to control madrasas Read

"Veer" Savarkar: brave by half Read

Best kept secret Read

RSS, Christian leaders meet Read

Interview: Justice HOSPET Suresh: ‘‘POTO aims to gag every voice of dissent’’  Read

Terrorism: the South Asian dimension - II Read

Ground reality of Urdu has changed Read

An Orwellian Plus in the offing in United States Read

Open season of hostility against the World of Islam Read

Media attacks aimed at Muslim holy book: Saudi crown prince

Legal View:  

The War against Afghanistan is illegal  Read

Periscope: The message from Afghanistan Read

Newsmakers Read
Awards Read
Obituaries Read
Community News Read
International News:

After US massacre of Taliban POWs: The stench of death and more media lies

Whatever happened to the Geneva Convention?

How Bush’s Afghan allies applied the Geneva convention: Prisoners massacred, the dead plundered for boots, guns and even gold teeth 

‘We Are the War Criminals Now’

Rumsfeld to be indicted

The truths they never tell us: Behind the jargon about failed states and humanitarian interventions lie thousands of dead...

Unleashing the CIA: When Did They Ever Stop?

More in Hawai'i turn to Islam

Another war on terror. Another proxy army

The story of the Taliban is over, but...


Saudi women receive ID cards

Operation Convert Read

Expert claims oil interests ruined U.S.-Taliban talks


Understanding the Muslim malaise Read

Books received Read

Major contribution to Minor(ities) Affairs Read

WAQI'AT-I-KASHMIR by Khwaja Muhammad Azam Dedmari Read


The US comes out of its closet: Pinter  Read

US a terrorist state: Chomsky  Read

This is a Perpetual War: Vidal  Read


The Psychology of Success Read


Ali Sardar Jafri: the last romantic Read

Islamic Perspectives:  

The concept of compassion in Islam- iRead

Muslims Forbidden to deliver Bin Laden: Fatwa Read

Letters to the Editor Read

Muslim influence in Spain still felt in daily life - ii Read


The Italian occupation and the Libyan resistance Read

Previous Issues Read

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Must read books: Minorities Commission, Minor Role in Major Affairs, By Prof. Tahir Mahmood More Information
WAQI'AT-I-KASHMIR by Khwaja Muhammad Azam Dedmari
More Information
What is Riba? More Information

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