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16-30 June 2002    Print Edition's Cover Page View

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"I have been reading MG for 2 years. It is coming regularly. It is touching and informative."
 - Prof Noorul Islam, W Bengal

:: Gujarat riots in pictures ::

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Gaddafi tries his hand with Indian issues Read
Editorial: Mutual destruction itch Read
Senegal Football Coach Embraces Islam Read
'Muslims victimised in India after September 11, December 13': Amnesty International  Read
Thinking loud: Choice before Muslim leadership:
Community service or Parliamentary seat 

People’s list of wanted terrorists in India Read
Special Report

Tension bolsters Israel-India cooperation Read

Life goes on in Gujarat relief camps Read

People’s list of wanted terrorists in India Read

Lone’s assassination: Hurriyat Conference is the target Read 

Flames of Hate: How to overcome this situation?

Iqbal A Ansari: Portrait of an activist

Muslim Internet sites to be latest target in war on terror!  Read

Media spin revolves around the word "terrorist"

Modi's legal notice to Outlook magazine Read

National News:

Gujarat government indicted by NHRC  Read

'It's a travesty of justice if cases not 
given to CBI'

Riots revisit AhmedabadRead

Gujarat pogrom aimed at reducing Muslims to ‘second class citizens’ Read

BJP opponents in Gujarat being implicated in false cases Read

Gulbarg charge-sheet filed Read

Modi keeps tension alive: IB Read

Centre funding separatists to weaken NC: Sagar Read

State govts to give special consideration to minorities Read

Police ex-chief blames VHP, Bajrang Dal for riots  Read

Mental disorders plague Gujarat victims  Read

Mayawati gaining ground in UP Read

Centre funding separatists: Sagar Read

Amnesty blames police, armed groups Read

Kashmir: Can roads bring happiness? Read

Sayyaan bhaye kotwal to dar kaahe ka?
VHP leader praises Dec 6 events

VHP to test war on jihad in UP Read

War off screen as West calls bluff Read

Poorn Ahuti : a flop show Read

Hurriyat Conference dares New Delhi to conduct plebiscite in Kashmir  Read

Full text of Mori survey on Kashmir 2002 Read

Who commissioned the MORI survey?Read

Geelani imprisoned under POTA Read

Political turmoil in Maharashtra Read

Rapes go unpunished in Indian mob attacks: Muslim women say 

Series of blasts in Ahmedabad, ten injured Read

Educational Survey Report : 2002 Read


Abdul Ghani Lone Read


Iqbal A Ansari: Portrait of an activist Read


The Musharraf factor in India-Pakistan Imbroglio Read

Flames of Hate: How to overcome this situation? Read

Post-Gujarat dilemmas of Muslim Indians Read

Time to think: One rupee per head can generate relief amount worth billions Read

BJP-ruled Gujarat state’s naked glory Read

Periscope: The cruel intolerance of diversity Read

True devotees of Ram do not demolish mosques Read

Community News

Page 1: Khuda Bakhsh hosts intl. conference
Self employment scheme for minorities’ women
NCM recommendations 
Govt refuses permission for Urdu D. Ed. College
Mumbai Central Haj Committee office unjustified
Salar Ghazi Mela commences
Temple at Gujarat victim’s house
Step-motherly treatment for Urdu

Page 2: MP Sadbhavna Foundation formed
‘Minorities’ development programmes MUST’ 
New chairman for Hurriyat in July
Ladakhi translation of Holy Quran
10 Muslims clear UPSC
Eid milad celebrated in AMU
Agnivesh ON Prophet Mohammed
All India Azan competition

Page 3: Bihar Urdu Academy 
Wood-carving industry
Communal tension in Bangalore
‘Islam more practical than Hinduism’: Govt Guide
Urdu schools’ result disappointing
ML irked by kerala police policy
Minorities help Soren elected

Newsmakers Read
Awards Read
Obituaries Read

Syed Ali Asghar Abedi: Benefactor of a thankless community  Read


Delhi’s oldest running institution: Anglo Arabic School: a three-century old academic  Read


A story of every household: Departure Read

International News:

Abdul gets a job with the FBI

From the Israeli press: Between Jenin and Deir Yassin

US. could remove libya, sudan from terror list
US uses Qatar for intelligence missions
CNN Dobbs calls for war on 'Islamists'
US lawyer urges death for families of bombers
All-American Osamas
Amnesty: Pak failure to protect minorities 

Tariq Ali Interview : ‘The word 'blow-back' was invented by the CIA’

Arab think tank: U.S. Military behind September 11

Prosecute Israeli crimes at Jenin: take Sharon to The Hague!

Dan Rather was ‘duped' on slavery in Sudan

‘My American jihad’

Taking Stock:  

Progressive Movement in Urdu Read


Pakistan and India – a conflict unending Read

Major contribution to Minor(ities) Affairs Read

WAQI'AT-I-KASHMIR by Khwaja Muhammad Azam Dedmari Read


Muslims in the western world Read

Islamic Perspectives:  

Da‘wah or dialogue?  Read

Letters to the Editor Read

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Previous Issues Read

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