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1-15 April 2002   
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Must read books:
 By Khwaja Mohd Azam Dedmari

More Information

2. Minorities Commission
Minor Role in Major Affairs
By Tahir Mahmood
More Information

3. What is Riba?
More Information

Gujarat continues to burn, mobs still rule streets Read
Editorial: Newton Modi and Sardar Poto Read
We will throw shilas in gutter: mahants Read
Jafri rememberedRead
Temple of Ram Read
Time to rethink Read
Special Report: 

Eye witness: Cry, beloved country, cry Read

The patent illegality of VHP’s demand for Ayodhya land - ii Read

Rao snubs BJP stand on Masjid demolition  Read


Covert riots and mediaRead

About bias in the media Read

National News:

The grand conspiracy Read

Fleiro’s letter to Advani Read

Operation Coverup: Modi’s fact and fiction Read

Arrest Modi, ban hate outfits, demands Swami 
Aadhyog Shajanandaji

'The VHP destroyed statues of Shiva and 
Kartik in 1992'

RSS bares its fangs Read

AICC on RSS resolution Read

Riots outside Gujarat: India under Saffron fury Read

Religion and politics Read

Vajpayee government pushes ahead with POTO Read

Manufacturing Faith Read

Babri cases to be expedited Read

Truth about Godhra incident Read

Did Babri demolition plan begin in 1990? Read

Insurance and riotsRead

Dateline Gujarat Read

Damage in Gujarat Read

Golden opportunity, If you're unemployed... Read

Know thy RSS Read

Ayodhya exercise meant to divert media attention Read

BJP denies UP a government Read

Valley gears for elections Read

Court acquits 39 for lack of evidence in Bhagalpur riot case Read

Games the Sangh Parivar plays Read

Kashmir – Sikh carnage and after: Who is shielding the guilty? Read

Interview: Swami Shri Aadhog Shajananda: ‘VHP and RSS are biggest hurdle in the Ayodhya deadlock’ Read

Why the Muslims Rejected the Kanchi Shankaracharya’s Formula? Read

BJP’s riot-free India Read

Avoid communal frenzy and be brothers Read

Periscope: Muslims betwen Gandhi and Godse Read

Community News Read
Newsmakers Read

Syed Manzooruddin: a master calligrapher Read

Awards Read
Obituaries Read
International News:

The US, Israel, and Turkey "The True Axis of Evil" 

34 new settlements since election of war criminal Sharon

Annan denounces Israel's offensive  

Bosnian cops raid offices, homes linked to Muslim charity!

Israeli terrorism is the root cause

The Egyptian committee of the trial of war perpetrators prepares case Read

Open season on US Muslims

Gujarat Pogrom:

The hate train Read

It had to be done, VHP leader says of riotsRead

Report of the CPIM / AIDWA delegation to Gujarat
» Introduction 
» Godhra, Panchmahal district Read
» In the rural areas outside Godhra 
» Officially recognised deaths / Politics 
» Destruction of property, loss of lives, compensation Read
» Ahmedabad Read
» Relief Camps Read
» Voices of anguish / Conclusion Read

The flame of hopeRead

V for Vajpayee=VHP Read

Hidden meanings: symbolic is sinister, secular is anti-BJPRead

The Local roots of India's riotsRead

Taking Stock:  

On the brink of precipice Read


The art of transformation without losing soul Read

Making great strides in educationRead

Home of Islam’s Holy Places Read

IDB scholarships serve 54 countriesRead

A guide to the kingdom Read

Advertorial Read


Apostasy doesn't carry death penalty in IslamRead

Major contribution to Minor(ities) Affairs Read

WAQI'AT-I-KASHMIR by Khwaja Muhammad Azam Dedmari Read


God Helps Those Who Help Themselves Read

Literature/Short Story:  

Whose Kashmir? Read

Islamic Perspectives:  

1422 years ago! Read

Is a child responsible for his sins? Read

Hadith Read

Letters to the Editor Read   

Gujarat Pogrom  Read

Health & Behaviour

When it is more than just a cup of tea! Read

Pesticides a threat to food safety 

Limiting TV could help cut obesity

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Must read books: Minorities Commission, Minor Role in Major Affairs, By Prof. Tahir Mahmood More Information
WAQI'AT-I-KASHMIR by Khwaja Muhammad Azam Dedmari
More Information
What is Riba? More Information

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