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1-15 July 2002    Print Edition's Cover Page View

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Cop running saffron terror gang in Saharanpur region Read
Editorial: Muslim Personal Law Board Read
New chief for Muslim Personal Law Board  Read
APJ Abdul Kalam: Three visions for India  Read

Muslim shrines & shops turned into 'pseudo- Hindu' temples  Read
Special Report

Kalam - India's next president  Read

Government plan to drive out Muslims from AyodhyaRead

Crucial issues of Gujarat and Ayodhya: Now you see, now you don’t  Read

Kalam - India's next president

Dr Faridi - a forgotten giant

Swiss Muslims File Suit Over 
"Racist" Fallaci Book

CNN Founder: “The Palestinians are 
fighting with human suicide bombers, 
that’s all they have.” 

Daniel Pipes - the man
who loves to hate Muslims

National News:

US Commission stunned by Gujarat riots  Read

Gujarat camps being closed down  Read

Gujarat carnage Read

Testimony on Gujarat violence to the 
US Commission on International 
Religious Freedom (USCIRF) by 
ex-MP Ahsan Jaffery’s son-in-law

Gujarat: a picture of insanity  Read

Gujarat government cold-shoulders Muslims, prepares for pollsRead

Muslim shrines & shops turned into 'pseudo- Hindu' templesRead

Gujarat: wages of three decades of hate-mongering  Read

Nanavati-Shah Commission is Modi’s Operation Whitewash Read

VHP wants to take out Rathyatra Read

Geelani issues notice to Hindustan Times, Delhi policeRead

Communal violence after rape and death of Dalit girlRead

West Bengal shows solidarity with Gujarat victims Read

Hurriyat for parallel talksRead

Shabbir Shah: ‘Let New-Delhi show sincerity’ Read

Kashmir human rights commission indicts soldiers, says it's helplessRead

When Muslims are targeted in Gujarat, to claim that Dawoodis are not Muslims is sheer betrayal Read

Paper tigers: ‘Shiv Sena didn't pull down Babri’ Read

Gujarat Pogroms:  

Communal violence in Gujarat: implications for the United States Read


Dr Faridi - a forgotten giantRead


Col Gaddafi of Libya: ‘I like Indians’ Read


Sharon and Bush: the twain torment the Muslim World Read

Victims of continuing genocide rot as India is overtaken by jingoism Read

Manipuri Muslims or Meitei-Pangal?Read

Should Muslims follow the Qur’anic modality for Divorce? Read

Law on rights of riot victimsRead

Periscope: A political missile named Kalam  Read

Can we halt the march of religious fascism?Read

Community News

Page 1: Ram Vilas Paswan defends madrasas
Enforce POTA on Arya Sena
Ramz Afaqi remembered 
PhD on Ruhelkhand clerics
Civic amenities denied to Muslim colonies 
MFC Delhi made more flexible
VHP criticised on Darul-Uloom Deoband
Students being harassed at AMU
AMU to board external competitors 
Preserve Urdu cultural heritage

Page 2: Women’s Commission against triple-talaq
Islam disallows killing of innocent
convention of Literature & Science Centre
Muslims, Christians be denied key posts
Fulfill Kashmiri’s legitimate demands
Muslim Federation for 20% reservation

Page 3: Namaz offered after 35 years
People’s League should replace IUML
Jamiat-e-Ahle Hadith calls for Gujarat relief
Compensation for Aligarh victims 
Muslims, stop cow slaughter: VHP
BPL cards for Imams, priests and padris 
No interference In Sikh religious issues
Urdu transcends communal barriers
Imams for salary as per court’s ruling
Tagodia’s diatribe against Deoband flayed
Indo-Arab League stand on Israel
21st century best for Islam’s Propagation
Oust Modi, demands MP chief minister
Kerala Minister on Muslims’ education

Newsmakers Read

A Man With A MissionRead

Awards Read
Obituaries Read

Navayaths of India-an Arabian lake in an Indian ocean  Read

International News:

'Before our own eyes'

‘We denounce 9-11, owe Egypt an apology: Islamic Jama’a

‘Withdraw from Palestinian Land, Dismantle settlements’

Egypt seeks to build nuclear bombs

Young Muslims view Britain negatively

Arab League think tank: U.S. Military behind September 11

Were Israelis detained on Sept. 11 spies?

Jews opposed to Zionism: Neturei Karta maintains its anti-Zionist stance

Taking Stock:  

Afghans bid farewell to armsRead


India's house divided: understanding communal violenceRead

Major contribution to Minor(ities) Affairs Read

WAQI'AT-I-KASHMIR by Khwaja Muhammad Azam Dedmari Read


Muslims in the western world Read

Islamic Perspectives:  

God of Muslims is God of all  Read


Letters to the Editor Read

Print Editions Cover Page view

Previous Issues Read

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