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1-15 March 2002   
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UP Elections

Indian Muslim Directory

Business: Muslim 2 Muslim

Must read books:
 By Khwaja Mohd Azam Dedmari

More Information

2. Minorities Commission
Minor Role in Major Affairs
By Tahir Mahmood
More Information

3. What is Riba?
More Information

With bated breath Muslims await UP results Read
Editorial: National insecurity Read
‘Mother Of The World’ revisited Read
Muslim MPs remembered ... Read
Cause for Concern Read
Heritage: A city on the death row Read

Delhi govt may set up madrasa board Read
News in Brief: Terrorist shocked; Israelis attack from air and sea; French FM attacks Israel Read
Special Report: 

Something cooking in Kashmir? Read

Mazahir Uloom raided Read

Attacks on Mysore Church & U.P. pastors Read

The patent illegality of VHP’s demand for Ayodhya land - i Read

Muslim girls’ backward march in Kanpur Read

A voice from America Read

A Sense of alienation Read


Signpost: Shrinking space for dissent Read

Journalism's dangerous patriotism 

In Post-Sept 11 America, Media Is Even More Unfree

Hikmatyar to sue Reuters over ‘fabricated’ interview

National News:

Meerut revisited - iii Read

Sonrise in Srinagar Read

Saffron alliance sweeps Maharastra as 
secular votes stand divided 

Poll Smut Read

Gyanvapi Mosque not BJP’s election issue! Read

Kutch revisited: a voice in the wilderness Read

Dilemma over Valentine day Read

More teeth to POTO Read

Prof. Andrabi remembered Read

RSS fascism echoed in US House of Representatives Read

Ayodhya is only a political stunt Read

The Other side of madrasas in Ayodhya region Read

Madrasas’ predicament Read

Situation of Kashmiri Muslims in Delhi Read

Anjuman Islamia School completes 125 years Read

Exhibition of Indian arts and literary works in Baghdad Read

Show power through unity Read

India’s minority record Read

Bomb explosion in mosque Read

Yatras should be banned Read

Award for killing Sikhs in 1984 Read

Secret documents cast aspersions on Muslims Read

Congress indiscretion Read

Prof. M. Habib Memorial LectureRead

Writing of new history essential Read

Remember TADA victims? Read

WB govt soothes Muslims Read

Interview: Mirwaiz Umar Farooq: ‘Era of militancy is over’ Read

The Colder War

Afraid of going to Muslim areas! Read

Lone Ranger Bush — gungho against World Muslims Read

Indian Muslims: Problems and prospects Read

Analysis of the writings of Maulana Wahiduddin Khan - i Read

Brother, can you spare a tear for Taliban Read

Periscope: Indian Muslims must identify friends and foes Read

Community News Read
Newsmakers Read
Awards Read
Obituaries Read
International News:

Chomsky the savior 

Beards terrorise the US

US gives $100 m Pak madrasa aid 

Zakat to become tax-deductible

Pak asked to repeal laws 

Central Muslim Clerical Department meets

Ex-NATO official blasts U.S. policy 

No information linking Taliban, Al-Qaeda with crime

Israel, US, the Great Game and Iran 

Israel shows United States how not to fight terrorism 

Milosevic accused of 'medieval savagery' 

Muslims need the torch of science: Musharraf

Islamic university a boon to Thai students

Pakistani religious schools under FBI scrutiny Read

First-ever destruction of an Israeli tank by Palestinian Resistance

‘Ban the Koran’ : And while you’re at it, better nix the Talmud and the Bible too

Arabization of jobs gathering pace Read

Taking Stock:  

Who is to be blamed? Read

Focus On Publishing:  

Islamic publishing suffers from outdated modes Read

Urdu book publishing - a field survey Read

Advertorial Read


Tipu was a cut above the rest Read

New Dalit Journal Read

Major contribution to Minor(ities) Affairs Read

WAQI'AT-I-KASHMIR by Khwaja Muhammad Azam Dedmari Read


Realizing One’s Own Shortcomings Read

Literature/Short Story:  

Whose Kashmir? Read

Islamic Perspectives:  

Islam and democracy: the emerging consensus - ii Read

The concept of compassion in Islam- ii Read

Changed times, changed rulings

Honesty in monetary dealings

Hajj - a spiritual journey  Read

Letters to the Editor Read
Health & Behaviour

When it is more than just a cup of tea! Read

Pesticides a threat to food safety 

Limiting TV could help cut obesity

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Must read books: Minorities Commission, Minor Role in Major Affairs, By Prof. Tahir Mahmood More Information
WAQI'AT-I-KASHMIR by Khwaja Muhammad Azam Dedmari
More Information
What is Riba? More Information

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