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2005: Indian Muslim Statements
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"Modi Escapes Genocide Threat", Security Concern was a pretext

London, 25 March, 2005: Instead of security it was the fear of being arrested and tried for genocide of more than 2000 innocent Muslims in 2002 that made the fascist chief minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi to cancel his trip to UK, Council of Indian Muslims – UK (CIM) claims.

“If there could be any risk to his security that would have been in 2003 when he visited London and when the memories and pain of his crimes were fresh in the minds of Muslims.” CIM’s Chairman Mr Munaf Zeena said in a statement today.

“That there was a threat to Modi’s security is just another attempt to tarnish the image of Muslims.” Zeena added.

“This man is a shame for India and the Central Government must get rid of such an embarrassing character.” Said Zeena.

He also said that in his letter sent to foreign Secretary Mr Jack Straw he had made it clear that if Modi was allowed to come to UK and be welcomed by his fascist supporters, it would have an impact on his election campaign as he has a sizeable number of Gujarati Muslims in his constituency who have been directly or indirectly affected by the pogroms engineered by Modi in 2002.

“After faxing the letter to Mr Straw I phoned his office and was assured that my letter would be seen by the Foreign Secretary himself. I am sure that after the receipt of our letter and the announcement by the known solicitor Imran Khan at a London public meeting that he would get arrest warrants against Modi as soon as he puts his feet on British soil, Foreign office must have advised Delhi to save both the governments from the embarrassment in case Modi was arrested.” Zeena said.

Imran Khan made his plans, to have Modi arrested, knwon in the presence of Chancellor of Exchequer Mr Gordon Brown, Liberal Party leader Charles Kennedy, several ministers and MPs and media representatives on 23 March at The Muslim News Awards For Excellence 2005, after he was awarded Iman Wa Amal (Practice what you say) Special Award for his outstanding contribution to campaign for justice.

Mr Khan, acting for Dawood family, who lost their two sons in the savage riots in 2002, failed in his bid to have Modi arrested on his earlier visit in 2003 for want of what the courts said “direct” evidence.

Since then Mr Khan has prepared strong evidence to prove Modi’s crime.

66c Cazenove Road, Stoke Newington, London N16 6AA UK Tel: 020 8806 1147 Fax: 020 8806 6859, , Email:
For further information please contact Munaf Zeena on 07956335384



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