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Getting published:

A short story about awards and other achievements is published briefly under our newsmakers page. Email us or post us details with relevant picture.

Local News / Community News
No matter how large or small the event, The Milli Gazette is interested in local and community news related to Indian Muslims which has national significance. Something which our readers would like to read. You can send us brief reports along with pictures (jpg format). Don't worry, the report does not have to be professionally written. Just the basic facts are fine. But it should be typed and include a contact name and telephone number in case we have a question.

Obituaries are free of charge. Send us a photo and biographical details. The Milli Gazette reserves the right to edit obituaries and may even reject them. E-mail to edit@milligazette(dot)com.

Letters to the Editor
The Milli Gazette welcomes letters on all issues pertaining to Muslims in India. Please keep letters to 300 words or less. All letters must have complete postal address. The writers' name & email address will be published. The Milli Gazette reserves the right to edit letters for length, clarity and taste and may reject any letter. E-mail to edit@milligazette(dot)com.

The Milli Gazette is open to contributions! Kindly send in your articles at edit[at]milligazette(dot)com. The contributions should not be more than 1000 words and their publication will be decided by our team. Submission of the articles would not automatically guarantee publication.

Attention Freelancers 

The Milli Gazette is looking for solidly reported, hard-hitting, ground-breaking news stories. We're interested in just about anything that will raise our readers' eyebrows, but we focus on stories only if they have any Muslim angle. 

Our readership is worldwide, so please, no local issues unless they have national interest or implications. At the same time, anything that has already been covered extensively in the major national media will probably not work for us, unless you have some unique, new angle. We will look at cultural stories, but not product, movie reviews, nor travel pieces. Not polemical screeds, either. Save yourself and us time and effort by taking a good look at our site before you send a query. 

Best bet is to query us by mail, regular or email. Tell us in no more than a few paragraphs what you plan to cover, why it's important and interesting, and how you will report it. The query should convey your approach, tone, and style, and should answer the following: What are your specific qualifications to write on this topic? What ins do you have with your sources? If other major stories have been done on this topic, how will yours be different (and better)? 

Please also include your resume and two or three of your most relevant clips. If the clips are online, please provide the complete URLs; don't just tell us to search for your name on Google! 

Length: 500-1000 words.