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Posted Online on Saturday, 17 October 2009 18:59 IST

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Muslim Islamic NewsBook smashes "Islamic terrorism" myth in India

A book by a very senior retired police officer, who knows the system inside out, says it all in black and white: who started terrorism in India, who created and sustains the terrorism libel against the Indian Muslims, how investigations are manipulated by agencies which not only play blind to the Hindutva terror but even encourage it, how innocents are picked up with no proof and how evidence is cooked up to implicate them in crimes they never committed, only to keep the myth of "Islamic terrorism" alive, how the Hindutvites with the help of their supporters in the system used the 26-11 Mumbai terrorist attack to kill ATS chief Hemant Karkare in a side operation? This and many other questions nagging the country in general and the Muslim community in particular will be answered by this first of its kind book on the phenomenon of "Islamic terrorism, rather terrorism against the Muslim community in India.

New Book on "Islamic Terrorism" in India — Who Killed Karkare?To order your copy click here.

This 320 page book is currently available in English. Soon Urdu and Hindi editions will be published by the same publisher.








Table of Contents

I: Hindu-Muslim riots

 II: Switching gears — from Communalism to the bogey of  “Muslim terrorism”

 III: Bomb blast investigations          

i) Mumbai Train bomb blast case of 2006 (11 July 2006)

ii) Malegaon bomb blast case (8 September 2006)

iii) Ahmedabad bomb blasts & Surat unexploded bombs (26 July 2008)

iv) Delhi bomb blast 2008 (13 September 2008)

v) Samjhauta Express bomb blast case (19 February 2007)

vi) Hyderabad Mecca Masjid Blast (18 May 2007)

vii) Ajmer Sharif Dargah Blast (11 October 2007)

viii) Serial Blasts in U.P. courts (23 November 2007)

ix) Jaipur Blasts (13 May 2008)


IV: Nanded bomb blast (5 April 2006)

 V: Malegaon Bomb Blast 2008


VI: Who Killed Karkare?

Part I: The Brahminist elements in the IB and in the Naval Intelligence Directorate deliberately blocked the hot intelligence given by the U.S. and the RAW

Part II: 16 CCTVs at the CST were tampered with

Part III: The “terrorists” at CST used SIM cards which had Satara connections

Part IV: Out of the 284 calls received by the terrorists from their handlers in Pakistan by using VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol Technology), not a single call was received by Kasab and Ismail Khan

Part V: The Terrorists spoke fluent Marathi

Part VI: Out of 46 persons killed at CST, 22 were Muslims

Part VII: Karkare led to the trap

Part VIII: Ajmal Kasab was arrested in Kathmandu (Nepal) before 2006 by Indian agencies

Part IX: Much-publicised photograph of Ajmal Kasab

Part X: A woman witness forcibly taken to the U.S. for interrogation and recording her statement, but she did not budge

Part XI: Holes galore in the Mumbai Crime Branch story

A) The timing of firing at CST-CAMA

B) The number of terrorists at CST

C) The exit of the terrorists from the CST

D) The “Skoda” theory

E) The number of terrorists killed in the Girgaum Chowpatty

An alternative theory of Mumbai terror attack

I) The mystery of taxi blasts at Vile Parle and Wadi Bundar

II) An offence under the Official Secrets Act

III) The government’s anxiety to keep the Pradhan Panel report under wraps — the selective leakage of the report is a red herring

Perfect case for reinvestigation


VII: The Investigation of the Mumbai Attack case

 VIII: Malegaon blast case of 2008 — Post-Mumbai attack investigation

Abhinav Bharat

Bhonsala Military School

Akanksha Resort

“Mithun Chakravorty”

Many suspects spared: Himani Savarkar, VHP leader Praveen Togadia, Three “VHP leaders” from Gujarat, A top Delhi-based leader of VHP, Dr. Sharad Kunte, Prof. Deo, Shamrao Apte, Two “well-known historians” from Pune, Milind Ekbote, former BJP Corporator, Pune , Jayant Chitale, Retd. Col

Wider network ignored

MCOCA not for Purohit & Co.

What will happen to Malegaon case next?


IX: Dubious role of Maharashtrian Brahminists

Maharashtra, the Hindutva (Brahminist) laboratory

No political leader of Maharashtra dares take on Brahminists


X: The Chargesheet against the IB


XI: Urgent measures needed to save country & society


Annexure A: Important points in respect of the specific intelligence about the Mumbai terror attack


Annexure B: The transcript of the wireless conversation


Map: A sketch of the area which witnessed major terror incidents and Hemant Karkare’s murder




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